Things to do now exams are over!

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all enjoying some well deserved time off, now that you have as much free time as you please I thought I would mention a few nice things to do to fill your time and enjoy your summer!

Open day

  1. Go to the Beach!

Me and my friends have made a bit of a tradition of going to the beach every year – its really easy to get to Crosby beach by train and then its only a short walk to the seafront. Its such a nice beach to sit and chill and just enjoy some summer weather!

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2.  Explore Ormskirk

Now is the perfect time to explore Ormskirk and you could maybe visit somewhere that you haven’t been to before. Maybe visit a new cafe or go to a nice bar. Even go for a walk round Ruff Woods and through the countryside!

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3. Crazy Golf

I absolutely love crazy golf and in Liverpool you have both Junkyard golf and Ghetto golf which both are amazing and so much fun. They are both so different and offer some amazing food and drinks including different cocktails!

Image result for junkyard golf liverpool

Image result for junkyard golf liverpool

4. Chill

We all worked so hard in the lead up to assessment period that we all definitely deserve a break! Enjoy being able to do nothing and have no deadlines for at least a few more months!



Going to the Cinema

Hi everyone, if like me your a big film fan then getting to the cinema to see the latest big film is a must, so here’s a few different things to keep in mind if your looking for a movie fix while living in the Ormskirk area.

The arts center within Edge Hill does show films year round, they don’t have as much choice but occasionally you might find something that isn’t out on DVD and you haven’t seen yet, for a few pound, additionally there is a free film Friday that runs most of the academic year that runs a selection of classic films and  newer films like Deadpool 2, and again it’s free so what’s not to like.

Southport is another option from Ormskirk via bus for cheap, the VUE cinema there is good value for money at around £5 a ticket so definitely a good option if you want to see the latest films.

On the other hand I most frequent the Liverpool One Odeon cinema, while it can be expensive, prices have dropped to a more reasonable level across the board with a student ticket now costing between £7 or £8. The cinema itself has nice big screens and comfy chairs and its location means it is a great place to visit after shopping or before eating out.

It’s also worth remembering that there are various deals on cinema tickets to be had as a student. On Vodafone, my rewards membership offers me two Odeon tickets for £7 which is a total bargain and great for a significant other or a mate. So there you go even though there isn’t a cinema in Ormskirk which is a shame there’s still definitely options if your itching to see the newest thriller, horror or Disney film. Till next time.



My University Highlights

Hi everyone,

As I enter my penultimate week of lectures as I am in my last year I thought it would be nice to look at my highlights of being at Edge Hill over the last three years! I have had a great time and I am definitely going to miss it!

Celebrating 21!

This year all my friends are turning 21, and whilst my birthday isn’t until June, it has been amazing celebrating with my friends! For example, we have been for meals, attended parties and even just had a sleepover and film night!t! 




Ghetto Golf!

This year I went to Ghetto Golf for the first time! This is located in the heart of Liverpool next to the baltic market, for £10 you can play an 18 hole round of crazy golf, the decorations are incredible and its such a fun night out!



I had been to Liverpool before coming to Edge Hill but I feel that in my time here I have really got to know the city and I love it there its such an exciting and thriving place. In September last year, we went to see the Giants as they returned to the city. They were incredible and it is a day I will never forget.



Days Out! 

In the summer months, me and my friends make the most of our free time and we try to go on as many days out as we can! We have been to Southport a few times, which is just a short train or bus journey away. It is so nice to just walk around the gardens and along the pier, I really love playing on the 2p machines!




Finally, getting to celebrate special occasions with my housemates have been some of my favourite memories of university! I made us a Christmas dinner last year and we all loved it, we even had some bucks fizz! Living one of my friends has definitely been my favourite part of university and I will really miss them when I move home!



I hope you enjoyed this post!

Ellie 🙂

I need a dollar dollar, a dollar is what I need…

Where would you get a part time job in Ormskirk?

Well, there’s loads. For starters EHU displays all their current vacancies on the student information section on Blackboard (the university portal) and on the main website when you log in with your student ID. Some of these positions could be helping students on moving in days or being a student guide on open days. It’s easy money and doesn’t affect your study timetable, so why not?

You then have job opportunities in Ormskirk, with local pubs and food establishments constantly needing staff. Christmas jobs in supermarkets are common, as well as branded shops like New Look hiring over the festive period.

If you’re willing to use some of your wages up on transport then there is a wider scope of jobs in Liverpool (25 minutes away on the train). I have friends who managed to get Christmas temp jobs easily (and some have been kept on and made permanent staff). Likewise to Liverpool, Southport is 20 minutes away on the bus and can also provide more jobs.

Another option is volunteering. I know for students money can be very tight and the thought of waking up early on a Saturday is bad enough, let alone without getting paid… but if you haven’t got a lot of experience on your CV it’s a good way to get some. It’s also nice to give back to your local community, gain some self esteem and it keeps you busy on boring weekends. You wouldn’t need to travel to Liverpool or Southport, as Ormskirk has plenty of charity shops- which are constantly looking for help- some of which are YMCA, Cancer Research and Barnardos.

Until next time…

Southport Food and Drink Festival

I currently live in Southport and drive 30 minutes each day to get to Edge Hill. Southport is a seaside town and, as I’ve lived in Southport for so long I often just see it as home and forget that it’s actually also a popular destination for tourists and often hosts events to cater for this, like the Southport Flower Show (the largest independent flower show in the UK) and The British Musical Fireworks Championship.

On Saturday I attended The Southport Food and Drink festival. The festival was in Victoria Park which was a fifteen minute walk from where I parked. Fortunately, it was warm and sunny, so the walk was really pleasant. On the way we walked passed Pleasureland, Southport’s small amusement park.


The walk into the festival was lovely. We went just after midday so there were people leaving as well as arriving.


The park was really busy. There were stalls all around the edges selling food. There was also live music and people were all over the grass on picnic blankets. We walked around the park to see what was on offer before we decided what to get. There were so many different varieties of food, even a couple of stalls selling ‘unusual’ burgers.


My friend got a Kangaroo Burger and I found a stall selling Vegetarian Noodles for myself. We sat on the grass to eat and throughout the park there was a really relaxed atmosphere. After we’d finished our food we basked in the sun for a bit before walking around the stalls that were selling things that weren’t food. We found a stall that sold fancy, hand-baked dog treats and I bought a treat that looked like a cupcake for my dog, Pepsi. Overall it was a lovely day, made even better by the glorious weather. I’ll definitely be attending again next year.