Keeping up with Edge Hill!

Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful weather!

Whether you’re a prospective student, you’re definitely coming to join us in September or you’re already a student at Edge Hill, one of the best ways to make sure you’re in touch with all the latest news and events that are going on on or around campus is through their social media pages! Even if you don’t use it yourself, you can still view the pages, but if you can give them a like or follow you’ll get all the info you need over Summer!

There are quite a few different pages, so you can follow the ones that you’re interested in, but they are so full of information that you’d be missing so much if you weren’t following them!


There is also a group for Freshers’ Week this year which you can check out for event info; 


These are just the pages for the services the University have to offer, but a lot of the societies also have Facebook/Twitter pages. If you’re interested in any society in particular (click here for the list), just search the name of the society in the search bar of either social media and I’m sure it’ll pop up!

Meeting your Flatmates

When you really stop and think about it, the whole concept is pretty strange. You’re driven by your parents to some random town you hardly know, left in a strange new flat with a group of people you know nothing about and for all you know could be mass murders (catfish anyone?) and then your parents leave you there to fend for yourself. There is no other situation for this other than university, and while it may sound pretty terrifying when you break it down, mine and most people’s experiences are pretty far from that strange scene I just created but why? Because this was definitely something I feared for before the big day!

Firstly, you can visit the campus as many times as you like before. I would definitely recommend going to open days and applicant days to get a feel for the place and town before making the leap to move in September.

Secondly, you can actually meet everyone in your flat before you move in via social media. I met the majority of my flat through Facebook freshers pages, which I shall point you in the right direction of when they go live. I found this really reassuring when I moved because I had already done the awkward introduction online and knew a little bit about everyone already making conversations so much easier.

And thirdly, everyone is in the same boat, which is really hard to remember but so true. The first day really is nothing to worry about, from my experiences, everyone is super friendly and everyone’s trying to make friends just the same as you are, so make sure you go out and introduce yourself to as many people as possible!

Finding Flat Mates?

Summer is fast approaching, exams are nearly over and University life is on the horizon! Whilst I’m sure this summer will be packed with holidays, festivals, working and buying all new university gear, you can also use summer to try and get in touch with your future flat mates and course friends.
The Edge Hill THINK forum is definitely something I used while I was on my summer break to find people in my course and accommodation block. I think the forum was so helpful, because being able to put a face to a name before you get to uni, is really beneficial and makes the whole experience a little less nerve-wracking! I did this and managed to talk to all the girls in my flat before I moved in. I then added a few of them on Facebook, and we all chatted about what we were up to this summer and how excited we were to start University! This meant I knew little things about all of them before I moved in so talking to them all in real life was so easy and we had loads to talk about! Its crazy to think how the Edge Hill Forum was the start of some of my best friendships!
Edge Hill also make freshers’ Facebook and Twitter pages every year, so its definitely worth trying to hunt those down, and get involved in conversations on there. If I come across any I will send them your way to keep posted!!

Happy Socialising!


Edge Hill on the web

As many of you know by now there are a whole array of social networking platforms out there, from Facebook to Instagram. Many individuals and companies have accounts on them as a way of connecting with others and Edge Hill University is no-exception. Edge hill is on the following platforms

  1. Facebook – Pretty self-explanatory, news, events and competitions are posted here
  2. Twitter – Much like their Facebook account, advertise news, events and competitions.
  3. Instagram – Edge Hill post pictures here.
  4. YouTube – Edge Hill’s YouTube channel has videos for specific subjects, graduation ceremonies from the past few years and info videos on accommodation, fire safety in halls, open days, applicant visit days and alumni.
  5. Tumblr – Blog posts on different topics
  6. Audioboom – Audio of interviews with high profile graduates and senior staff.

If you click on those links you’ll be taken straight to Edge Hill’s account and you can follow/subscribe to it if you so wish. As well as connecting to Edge Hill on social media platforms you can also use my blog here as well as the blog posts of the other student bloggers to ask us questions. We will try our best to answer your question and if we can’t we will point you in the direction of someone who can.

All that is left to say is I hope your A-level exams are going well and like I say if you want to ask me anything then just drop me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂