• Keeping up with Edge Hill!

    Hey all, I hope you’re enjoying this wonderful weather! Whether you’re a prospective student, you’re definitely coming to join us in September or you’re already a student at Edge Hill, one of the best ways to make sure you’re in touch with all the latest news and events that are going on on or around […]

  • Meeting your Flatmates

    When you really stop and think about it, the whole concept is pretty strange. You’re driven by your parents to some random town you hardly know, left in a strange new flat with a group of people you know nothing about and for all you know could be mass murders (catfish anyone?) and then your […]

  • Finding Flat Mates?

    Summer is fast approaching, exams are nearly over and University life is on the horizon! Whilst I’m sure this summer will be packed with holidays, festivals, working and buying all new university gear, you can also use summer to try and get in touch with your future flat mates and course friends. The Edge Hill […]

  • Edge Hill on the web

    As many of you know by now there are a whole array of social networking platforms out there, from Facebook to Instagram. Many individuals and companies have accounts on them as a way of connecting with others and Edge Hill University is no-exception. Edge hill is on the following platforms Facebook – Pretty self-explanatory, news, events […]