What Is Ormskirk Like?

I’ve had people ask me before ‘what’s Ormskirk like’ as a town to live in? So I thought I would give my thoughts on this for those of you that are starting in September or moving into off campus accommodation.

For starters Ormskirk is a small town, so if your coming for the city life you aren’t going to get it here, BUT Liverpool City Centre is only around 15 miles away and the transport links for the town are good with both rail and bus travel being regular and conveniently accessible from the in town train/bus stations. Most shops operate around the town centre with housing all over the place. Since the town is small and there is a demand for housing because of the large number of students, and prices will be cheaper the further you go out of Ormskirk but at least it isn’t London eh?.

For the size of the town there is a surprisingly good selection of shops, bars, takeaways etc. suitable for everyone, my personal favourite being the Dixi Chicken and pizza on the Southport road which is an underrated gem.

For things to do obviously it’s not going to have as much as somewhere like Liverpool but there’s still things to do depending on what takes your interest. There’s a few different gyms around the town and a leisure centre to choose from. If your one for outdoorsy stuff then the various walks and bike trails might be for you, and there is also the market in the centre every Thursday and Saturday every week which is always popular among young and old and you can get a good selection of stuff. There was also recently the opening of a cinema in the Chapel Gallery that shows a mix of new and old films.

So there’s just a few things to know about Ormskirk if you were interested, if you have any questions let me know and thanks for reading.


Best things about Ormskirk

Hey all, hope the end to your June has been good and you’re all doing well!

Edge Hill is in the town of Ormskirk; a small but lovely place. Not a lot of people outside of Liverpool that I’ve spoken to are aware of where it is, so I thought I’d let you guys know a little bit about the town!


Ormskirk’s nearest big city is Liverpool; by train it takes between 30 and 40 minutes to get into the Liverpool Central train station. It is also a 15-20 minute train away from Aintree, the home of the Grand National. The trains run fairly regularly, so it’s great if you love going on days out to big cities but don’t like living in one! It’s also great if you’re a fan of night life, because the trains don’t stop until 23:37 at night!

What to do

In Ormskirk there are some really lovely shops. Not only do they have the usual you see on high streets, such as Waterstones and Clarks, but there are also some really lovely local businesses. There are the likes of cafes and pubs, but also gift shops and some shops that sell a unique array of goods.

I also really love the range of food places there are in Ormskirk; there’s a beach-themed restaurant and bar opened up the other month called Dinky Dory (where you get served your fries in a sandcastle bucket!), Wetherspoons, a couple of Bistros of the likes of Barnyard and Nordico Lounge and then takeaways galore!

There’s also the loveliest park called Coronation Park which you can go to if you want a walk or want to sunbathe during Summer!

The atmosphere

I think everyone who you ask about Ormskirk’s atmosphere will agree when I say it is such a lovely town. The people there are lovely and all the shop owners and people you pass in the town centre are so polite and kind. It’s the kind of place that you wouldn’t have to worry about feeling unwelcome in.

Like I said earlier, if you don’t like living in big cities, for example I come from a small town so I would have felt totally unsettled if I’d moved to, say, Liverpool itself, Ormskirk is somewhere that would be good for you.


As I mentioned above, the trains are quite regular to Liverpool, but you can also get trains towards Preston too. The train station itself can easily be found, as can the bus station. When you come down to the town centre from Edge Hill, the bus station is the first thing you see at the end of the road that the University is on! From there, there is a small footpath you can follow to get to the train station. Once you’ve been there once, you’ll easily find it again!

So, Ormskirk has a lot of great things about it! It’s got such lovely scenery, shops, and is easy to travel to and from! If you have any questions about anything specific, let me know in the comments below, you could even ask me if Ormskirk has something that you’re interested in knowing about!


Hello all, I hope you’re having a wonderful start to the week!

Edge Hill resides in a small town that can sometimes cause confusion. People either know it, or they don’t, but it’s a shame for those who don’t because it’s such a wonderful town. There’s something for everyone to enjoy and do:

  • Shops: not only is there a great selection of shops for grocery shopping, but there are also some cool shops around Ormskirk for your enjoyment. Probably the most well known shops are New Look, Superdrug and Waterstones, but there are also some more independent shops such as Aladdin’s Cave, a fancy dress shop, and Sweet Memories, a traditional and American candy shop.
  • Cafés: there are both well known and independent cafés in Ormskirk, so however you like your coffee there’ll be something for you! There’s a Costa and Starbucks, and there’s also Cobble, which do the most incredible hot chocolates and milkshakes.
  • Restaurants/food places: if you fancy eating out one day there are a whole variety of choices. If you’re a fan of European food, there’s lots of places to try; TurQuaz is a Turkish restaurant just on the way out of the town centre, Passage to India is a brilliant Indian restaurant that’s just across from the bus station, and there’s the Peacock Inn Chinese Restaurant. If you’re not a fan of such food, there’s always the good old McDonalds, which is now 24/7 during the weekend, and Subway, which is open till 2am at the weekend! There’s also always lots of takeaways which give you every option you could dream of.
  • Fitness and Gyms: of course, there’s Edge Hill’s own sports centre which not only has a swimming pool and gym, but offers discounted prices for students, but there are also options in town. There’s Unite Health and Fitness which has superb gym equipment, and a brand new gym called Energie Fitness. There’s also the local swimming baths which is in Coronation Park, and Base Dance, which offers dance classes.

So, there’s so much variety in the town centre, not to mention how beautiful it is. Coronation Park has a little lake and forest which are lovely to walk around. The rest of the town is just as nice to walk around, even the shopping areas have such charm! One of my favourite parts of the town is the clock tower that resides in the very centre of the town, which has a beautiful compass in the paving stones around it.

The wonderful town centre