My 7 Favourite TV Shows

It’s a cliché that students find themselves getting addicted to TV series when deadlines are looming. Unfortunately it’s a cliché that happens to be pretty accurate. Fortunately, I’m an enabler, so I’ll help you out a bit.

Before I was a student I didn’t really think that I enjoyed television shows. I only realised how much I really did like TV shows when I was sitting at my laptop with a stack of essays to write. Below are my seven favourites, in no particular order:


Everything that you’ve heard about Breaking Bad is true. It’s clever, it’s addictive and it’s the perfect combination of dark and witty. If you haven’t seen it yet make sure that you do!


You may love it, you may hate it, but you need to watch American Horror Story. Each series is a different story with different characters, set in a different time, but with all the same actors. It’s bizarre and definitely not one to watch with your parents, but it’s definitely entertaining. Just be prepared; the show’s pretty terrifying, and the opening credits are ten times scarier!


Dexter is just brilliant throughout, although the first few series are the ones to get excited about. Any show that can make an audience empathise with a serial killer is onto something. Each series has a different gripping storyline. My favourite is definitely ‘The Ice Truck Killer’ storyline of the first series.


There’s just enough political satire in American Dad to make it count as revision for Politics students (probably). And it’s hilarious.


The same applies to Suits, but for law students. I feel like I’ve learned lots of legal lingo by watching it.


The Walking dead. Because… Zombies…


Surely a series of House is better than any medical degree? Okay, maybe not, but it’s brilliant, funny, incredibly clever, and in my opinion the best TV series ever to be made.

There’s so much to do during the uni term, but there’s also time to spend relaxing, and what better way to relax than to cuddle up in bed with a cup of coffee and a good TV series?