Life as a Secondary Student Teacher

I am a trainee Secondary Mathematics Teacher in my third and final year at Edge Hill. I have four weeks left of my degree before I finish and have my last exam. The graduation date is set (18 July) and the outfit is yet to be bought.

But luckily for you, your journey has yet to begin and hopefully you’re filled with excitement and anticipation for your September start date.

On my course, the main aspects over the last three years have been:

  • Skills Tests- You need to complete an English and Maths Skills Tests for many Education Courses…. Check this out to see if your course requires this from you.
  • DBS Check- Again, any work with children will require you have a DBS check, Uni will complete the administration forms for you, but again make sure that you know whether your course requires it and how it is completed.
  • Placements (Secondary/Primary)- Many courses at Edge Hill require placements be completed which are arranged through Uni for you. These placements are fantastic learning opportunities which mould you into fantastic teachers. Although sometimes they throw you into the deep end it allows you to show off how you can cope and thrive in such an environment… This may even land you a job.
  • Assignments (Coursework)- I have had at least one piece of coursework from each module I have undertaken (6 a year).
  • Exams- some on the modules I have undertaken have been assessed using both coursework and exams, other modules on other courses may have other make ups.

My course involves exams, not all do, so make sure you know this. Unfortunately I didn’t know this was something I should know before I came to university… Good job I don’t mind exams.

Anyway, if you have any questions about being an Edge Hill student or becoming a Secondary Teacher please feel free to comment!

It’s Placement Time!

Currently I am on placement in a school teaching maths. If your course involves a placement then it’s something to look forward to as you can put what you’ve learned all year into practice and show what you’re made of!
The most important thing that you need to know is that you shouldn’t be nervous but excited as it’s a great opportunity to get to grips with the life of a school teacher. It’s also a great time to liaise with the staff, asking them questions about the pupils, challenges of the job and the role in general!
I am on my second placement and there are differences in the teaching practices of my first and second school. Personally I think this is great as it equips you with a vast array of skills to enter the teaching world with!

The lectures help a lot with the teaching placement as you are trained to plan lessons effectively, reflect upon the lesson and improve it! You will also have an array of already planned lessons that you can use on placement, courtesy of yourself and others in your year (if they are willing to share!). This all means that it is not that daunting and ALL new, as you will have seen lesson plans and schemes of work etc before!

Placement also allows you to explore aspects of teaching such as behaviour management, SEND, safeguarding and EAL. This is something that you do touch upon at uni but is put into practice and practiced more in-depth in the real world – again helping you prepare for the life of the teacher!

I hope this is a fairly insightful guide of what to expect on placement and I will keep you updated!