• Why I’m Excited To Go Back To Uni.

    I’m enjoying my summer away from my studies. For the past few months, other than a few small bits and pieces left to tie up for a PPD module due at the end of August, I’ve been enjoying doing effectively nothing. I’m still reading books and trying to learn photo editing software as mentioned in […]

  • Goodbye, Second Year!

    It’s hard to believe that I am writing this with just days remaining of my second year of university and just weeks until my final assignments are due in. The time has flown since I was applying and interviewing for my course two years ago and yet life before my undergraduate degree at Edge Hill […]

  • Moving In – Second Year House

    Hey! So I moved into my second-year house recently and I vlogged the process to share with you guys. Click the link below to check it out! Amy

  • Living off Campus

    Hi guys, since we are coming to the start of a new year a lot of you may be living off campus for the first time. So here’s a few things that in my experience are different from on campus accommodation both good and bad. Having your own washing machine/drier I don’t know about you […]

  • End of Year 2 Review

    Just like that I’ve come to the end of my second year at Edge Hill University, something which I can’t quite believe yet, no idea where all the time has gone. As i finished up the last of my work for the year it suddenly occurred to me that I only have one year left […]

  • Placement Magic

    Hi everyone! With my placement drawing to a close, I am starting to feel quite sad! 6 weeks have flown by and I only have 2 weeks left of teaching my year 4’s… but I hope to visit them again when they’re in year 5! So, here are some of the many reasons why professional practice […]

  • Second year summary: Semester One

    Second year summary: Semester One

    Hi everyone, Over the last couple of days I have been reflecting on how this semester has been going for me. But, now I am halfway through my time at Edge Hill which is so scary as it doesn’t feel as if it was five minutes ago I was moving into halls. So I thought […]

  • Changes: First to Second Year

    End the end of second year, a number of things had changed since the end of first year – surprisingly, time does that. Over the course of the year, many opportunities presented themselves to me. First of all was this, the position as a student blogger! It’s been a worthwhile endeavour not only to contribute […]

  • Things to keep in mind when living with friends

    Living with your friends sounds like the ultimate dream right?! Well, it really can be, but you need to remember that you and your friends are completely different people. You don’t truly know a person until you live with them and you may have a bit of a shock when you move in. Luckily I’ve […]

  • Edge Hill Is Chill

    Most people experience pre-uni jitters, I know I did – a new place where I didn’t know anyone, living on my own and being the sole person responsible for myself. A step in the direction of adulthood! Something I know about myself is that I like feeling safe, and Edge Hill (and Ormskirk in general) definitely […]