The Arts Centre

Located right near the front of campus is The Arts Centre. It’s big and red so it’s pretty hard to miss which is great since doing so would be an awful shame. During my first year I spent a lot of evenings down at The Arts Centre, and still visit now whenever I can.


The Arts Centre is open to the public, but Edge Hill students get a discount on ticket prices, which is always a bonus! Inside The Arts Centre is the Rose Theatre, The Studio Theatre and The Red Bar. The Rose Theatre normally features plays, dance shows, literature readings, music performances and, my favourite, stand up comedy nights. There is always such a wide range of things going on that everyone is bound to find something that interests them and you’re always guaranteed to have a great night.

The Studio Theatre is home to Short Cuts Cinema which shows a great range of films, normally those that have recently been released on DVD.  Since there’s no cinema in Ormskirk, it’s fantastic having one on campus.

The Red Bar is a really lovely restaurant and bar. It’s open pretty much all day and serves hot and cold food. In the evenings, it’s a nice, sophisticated place to go for a drink if you want to escape the more clubby atmosphere of The Quad.

One of my favourite things about The Arts Centre is that it gives me the opportunity to appreciate all of the talented students that I attend university with. There’s a lot of student productions on in the Rose Theatre, including dance shows and plays. I have seen some student made films there before and was very impressed. I’ve also been to Open Mic Nights where everyone got to show off their talents – at one I recently attended there was even a mime!

To check out what’s on currently at The Arts Centre, you can click here.