• End of Year 2 Review

    Just like that I’ve come to the end of my second year at Edge Hill University, something which I can’t quite believe yet, no idea where all the time has gone. As i finished up the last of my work for the year it suddenly occurred to me that I only have one year left […]

  • The Arts Centre Box Office and the Red Carpet Review!

    Hello all! I hope you’ve had a good start to October and are enjoying this spooky season (I know I am!). I am writing this after going to one of the many theatre shows that are performed within Edge Hill itself in the Arts Centre! As a Performing Arts student, I practically live within the […]

  • Semester One Biology Highlights

    Since semester one has essentially finished (bar a few exams and reports being due), I thought I’d take this time to look back on my favourite parts of the modulesĀ I’ve experiences on the second year of my undergrad Biology degree. Life On The Edge Life On The Edge (LOTE) is the new and improved version […]