• A-Level Results Day

    Receiving your A-level results can be a stressful day for anybody. I remember that day for me a couple of years ago and nerves were flying everywhere! It might work differently for different courses or colleges, however I will share my experiences and try to give any advice that might help! If you have any […]

  • Results Day

    Hey everyone! As August is here that means there is a very important day on the horizon: Results Day. Some of you out there may have already received you results and know that you’ll be heading to uni in September. For some of you though there’s still a little waiting involved before you know if […]

  • You did it!

    CONGRATULATIONS! So I believe that yesterday you EVENTUALLY found out exactly what you’ve been waiting for since… well ages! I hope you got onto the course you wanted and you’re still buzzed… and not hungover from celebrating! One thing about finding out your results is you’ll no longer have to check UCAS which can sometimes […]

  • It’s Nearly Here….

    So it’s less than a week! I hope you’re just as excited as a kid at Christmas because this time next week you’ll know exactly what’s in-store for you for the next three years! Or if you’ve just completed your AS Levels, congrats! This time next year you’ll be dead pleased with yourself, starting a […]

  • Results Results Results

    So it’s nearing to that all important results day that we’ve all been waiting for! Your summer seems to center around it: buying things for uni, waiting to see if you’ve got in, waiting to see which accommodation you’ve been placed in… and of course ACTUALLY going to uni! But honestly, don’t let it get […]

  • Waiting for Results Day

    Well I’ve officially finished second year! It’s been such a busy year and second year is certainly harder than the first but it is also very rewarding. Results day is on Friday for first and second years, you log into your uni account online and you can view a breakdown of the results you’ve got […]

  • It’s All Coming Around So Quickly

    I am still consumed by happiness from receiving my results last week – updating my CV with my final grade felt so surreal! And I can’t believe that I graduate next week; it’s all come around so quickly! I’ve found that quite a few of my family members have been getting quite nostalgic lately whenever […]

  • Results Day 2015

    On Friday the results for everyone graduating from Edge Hill this summer were finally released and I am so happy to share with you all that I will be graduating with a 2:1 BA (Hons) English Literature! I am so glad that all the hard work I’ve put in over the past three years has […]

  • Results time and what it means to me.

    Earlier this week I learnt that I have passed my dissertation with a mark of 51.70% (a 2:2) (not the best, but still a pass!) This means that the only grade left to be released is my overall degree classification. At the time of writing this entry (I am writing this week’s blog entry on […]

  • Exams are approaching… STAY CALM!

    So exams are fast approaching (like scary fast if we’re being honest) and it’s time to focus. Some of you might have already finished a few of your exams and others are just beginning, but I bet everyone is nervous/scared/anxious about not only the exams themselves, but also the results. Everyone has different goals and targets… and that’s […]