A-Level Results Day

Receiving your A-level results can be a stressful day for anybody. I remember that day for me a couple of years ago and nerves were flying everywhere! It might work differently for different courses or colleges, however I will share my experiences and try to give any advice that might help! If you have any questions/worries, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer!

1. Check UCAS before going into your college/sixth form.

I have always liked to have a good lie-in… so when people were waking up in the early hours of the morning I decided just to wake up a little bit later! Unless I happened to wake up earlier, I didn’t feel the need to rush to sixth form immediately to collect the results, as this would make me even more nervous. But obviously, this is a personal thing and going to collect your results as soon as you can may be the best thing for you! The main point however, is to check your UCAS account first. This is where you can see if you have gotten into your first choice university. This will put less pressure on you (hopefully) when you come to opening your results!

2. Think about where you want to open your results.

Do you mind if you find out your grades in the middle of rush and panic? Or do you prefer to find a quieter space with a family member? Maybe consider opening them once you have gotten back to the car! Whatever you do… stay calm and focus on yourself.

3. Life goes on.

If you do not receive what you expected or what you would have liked, that is OKAY. How can we celebrate achievements if we never get drawbacks right? Wherever your university or career path leads you, you will realise the importance of focusing on your next steps rather than dwelling on the past. Be resilient and be proud of your grades without comparing yourself to others.

I hope these few tips will make you feel more at ease. Don’t let anything or anyone dishearten you – you are brilliant! Most of all… GOOD LUCK!

Anna 🙂

Results Day

Hey everyone!

As August is here that means there is a very important day on the horizon: Results Day.

Some of you out there may have already received you results and know that you’ll be heading to uni in September.

For some of you though there’s still a little waiting involved before you know if you achieved the results you want to get into uni.

I remember feeling petrified for weeks before results came out. I was constantly worrying about what my results would be, and if I would get the grades I needed to go to uni at all.

It’s a big day, and nerves are high all round.

I remember I couldn’t sleep at all the night before Results Day. Instead me and my sister grabbed some blankets and snacks and held a movie marathon in the living room.

The sugar rush was just about enough to calm my nerves down for a little while.

In the end I had to remember that I had tried my best, and things were out of my control now.

And looking back on it now, I still remember the stress of Results Day but I also remember the great feeling that came when I saw my results were better than I expected and I was officially starting uni in September!

Many of you will start that journey in a couple of months time, and looking back on it two years later I can tell you the nerves are a normal part of the process!

Many of you will receive the results you need for the place at your Firm or Insurance university.

For those of you who don’t, although it can be a little disappointing there are still plenty of options that can still help you start uni in September.

My next blog will be all about Clearing, what that is and how the process works, and I’m hoping that will help some of you realise Results Day isn’t the end of the road.

No matter what the outcome, be proud of yourself for making it this far in the journey and rely on the people around you to help calm your nerves.

As soon as I received my results I had chocolate cake for breakfast to celebrate (I would definitely recommend it to you all!)

Quote for the day: “Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.” -Unknown

Until next time

-Becki 🙂

You did it!


So I believe that yesterday you EVENTUALLY found out exactly what you’ve been waiting for since… well ages! I hope you got onto the course you wanted and you’re still buzzed… and not hungover from celebrating!

One thing about finding out your results is you’ll no longer have to check UCAS which can sometimes be really nerve wracking… you’ll love this and it will soon become a distant memory!

So hopefully you’re psyching yourself up ready for your adventure into the big world of degrees and educational jargon! But before you do this… just in case you want to visit one last time before you come in September, there is an Open Day tomorrow that you can come to from 10am to 3pm, please click here if you’re interested in coming down… it’ll be the last chance you get to ask questions face to face or talk to tutors/students before Welcome Sunday!

It is well worth coming down if you’re unsure of anything and you’d rather ask someone face to face than over the phone or email (which you can do too!). Maybe you want to look at the accommodation which you’ll be staying in for the next year, seeing how much room you’ll have to store you’re things (more information here on this).

Well… we hope to see you soon, whether this is tomorrow or next month!

It’s Nearly Here….

So it’s less than a week! I hope you’re just as excited as a kid at Christmas because this time next week you’ll know exactly what’s in-store for you for the next three years! Or if you’ve just completed your AS Levels, congrats! This time next year you’ll be dead pleased with yourself, starting a new phase in your life… it’ll fly by!

So I will try and describe what uni is like, just so you have an idea what it’s like when you come. Everyone always says the jump from GCSE to A-Levels is huge… as you will know- they are right! However be rest assured that although Uni is obviously going to be hard, somehow it is not that big a jump from A-Levels, so you don’t feel like you’re out of your depth and you’re eased into the work as it progressively gets harder!

The first year of uni is like an introductory year if you will, you only need to get 40% overall (passing every module) to progress onto year 2. This sounds easy and it might be in your case, however my advice to you is to try just as hard in year 1 as you will in year 2 and 3 as this will stand you in good stead for the progressive years AND keep you in that mindset that you will definitely need.

So come to uni to have fun, meet new people and create lifelong friends/memories… but don’t forget the real reason you’re there!

Good Luck!

Results Results Results

So it’s nearing to that all important results day that we’ve all been waiting for! Your summer seems to center around it: buying things for uni, waiting to see if you’ve got in, waiting to see which accommodation you’ve been placed in… and of course ACTUALLY going to uni!

But honestly, don’t let it get to you… it’ll be here soon enough so don’t wish your summer away when you’ve got a year of hard work and pressures! The summer inbetween college and uni for me was one of the best as you have no real summer work to do (maybe some pre-course reading or task you’ve been set by a uni tutor) and I just caught up and enjoyed the time I had with my friends and family before I moved out and the work kicked in.

For me the night before/morning of results went as followed:

  • Constant tossing and turning
  • Checking my phone constantly
  • Messaging my college friends discussing EVERY possibility
  • Trying to check UCAS and realising it was down – how annoying!
  • 6am – text from Edge Hill stating I had got in! VERY excited!
  • 10am – Went to college to get my results, now I wasn’t that bothered what I had got as I knew I was in and that was all that mattered.

As you discovered with GCSEs, as long as you got the required grades to get into college, or your C grades, they were soon enough forgotten about. Now I personally have found this is the same with A-Levels. As long as you stick uni out and complete your course, your grades aren’t THAT important as the highest qualification takes over!

Now I’m sure you’re excited to start uni and you should be! Have no worries, no regrets and enjoy every second of it. I’m now going into third year and it’s gone SO quickly it’s scary, I don’t know where time has gone.

Waiting for Results Day

Well I’ve officially finished second year! It’s been such a busy year and second year is certainly harder than the first but it is also very rewarding.

Results day is on Friday for first and second years, you log into your uni account online and you can view a breakdown of the results you’ve got for each module. So you don’t have to go back to uni to get your results like you had to at school or college, so there’s zero commute for all you that will have moved back home for the summer.

You’ll be happy to know that you have less of a wait than waiting for GCSE and A-Level results. There is also an opportunity for resits in August (not that you should need this opportunity) however the most you can achieve is 40%, so this is definitely just a very last resort.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of revision that’s needed at uni, so you’re not entirely out of the woods at this very point in time. But remember the feeling you had on GCSE results day… You’ll feel like that again when you get your A-Level results and find you’ve been accepted into uni! It’s an amazing feeling and you should aim to feel like that at uni too.

So best of luck, not long now until you’ll be logging onto UCAS to see that you’ve been accepted and the journey begins. Fingers crossed everyone gets what they deserve with the hard work and buckets of effort that’s been put in.


It’s All Coming Around So Quickly

I am still consumed by happiness from receiving my results last week – updating my CV with my final grade felt so surreal! And I can’t believe that I graduate next week; it’s all come around so quickly! I’ve found that quite a few of my family members have been getting quite nostalgic lately whenever I talk to them about graduation, claiming that ‘It only felt like yesterday’  that I started and asking ‘Where has the time gone?’. I definitely am feeling the same way; I cannot believe three years has gone so quickly. But when I look back, I really have achieved a lot in that time and I have definitely grown as a person.

I am currently very excited about the fact that by the time you read this, I will hopefully be on my way to Liverpool for a quick visit. I miss it oh so much, and although I will be travelling up north next week for graduation too, I won’t actually get a chance to go to Liverpool so it would be nice to spend a bit of time there beforehand. I’m hoping to catch up with one of my northern friends, and also to show some people who have never been to Liverpool before the touristy places, of which there are many to choose from!

There is also now LESS THAN A MONTH left until A Level results day! Terrifying – I know! However it’s also really exciting! My A Level results days was one of the happiest days of my life. I woke up, checked my results, and then celebrated all day and all night. I hope very much that something similar happens for all of you! But, as I’ve said before, even if things don’t go completely to plan it is not the end of the world and everything will turn out ok in the end, I promise. I will be posting more advice and tips for surviving results day nearer the time, so keep an eye out!

I trust that you all are having lovely summers and making the most of your well-earned break!


Results Day 2015

On Friday the results for everyone graduating from Edge Hill this summer were finally released and I am so happy to share with you all that I will be graduating with a 2:1 BA (Hons) English Literature! I am so glad that all the hard work I’ve put in over the past three years has paid off. I know that a few of the other Student Bloggers also got their results last week so congratulations to you guys as well! I can’t believe that in two weeks or so we will all be donning our caps and gowns – it only feels like yesterday that I found out that I’d got my place at Edge Hill!

If you’re interested in what results day is like at university, it’s pretty different to what I experienced at school and Sixth Form. Everyone doesn’t turn up at the university and collect envelopes with their results in; it’s all done online. To collect my results, I logged in to the student portal and just clicked a link to view my transcript! A copy also arrived in the post later that day. It’s a bit less exciting than celebrating with everyone else, but that’s what graduation is for!

I am so excited to go back to Edge Hill for one last time (for now, anyway – I’m sure I’ll be back for reunions and such in the future!). It’ll be great to see my friends again, and to celebrate the last three years of lots of hard work, fun and amazing memories. Graduation will also be the last time I visit my beloved North West before I move up there in Autumn 2016 (if all goes to plan!). I’ve never been to a place that I’ve felt instantly at home until I discovered Liverpool and Ormskirk, which is why I am so desperate to one day return for good. But my future is so undetermined at the moment, and my degree has opened so many doors for me, so who knows what’ll happen!

Results time and what it means to me.

Earlier this week I learnt that I have passed my dissertation with a mark of 51.70% (a 2:2) (not the best, but still a pass!) This means that the only grade left to be released is my overall degree classification. At the time of writing this entry (I am writing this week’s blog entry on a Friday because I am otherwise engaged at the weekend seeing as I’m doing a 24 hour charity event – more on that next week!) there is exactly two weeks to go until I get my final overall result which signifies what degree classification I’ll be graduating with. Degree Classifications are as follows

  1. 1st – 70-100% is a 1st class mark
  2. 2:1 – 60-69% is a 2:1,
  3. 2:2 – 50-59% is a 2:2
  4. 3rd- 40-49% is a 3rd.

How results are calculated 

My results are worked out by using Average Percentage Mark (APM). This is my overall mark when my overall individual module marks are averaged out once the lowest overall mark from a 20 credit module has been discounted (ignored).

2nd year vs 3rd year 

The team responsible for working out everyone’s degree classifications take into consideration the overall individual module marks from 2nd year (which counts as 40% of my overall degree) and 3rd year (this year, which counts as 60% of my overall degree). So as you might imagine I’m rather nervous for results day as some of this years marks haven’t been as good as last years..

Upper or Lower Class Honours

I know for a fact that I won’t be coming out with a 3rd or a 1st so my degree classification is likely to be a 2:1 or 2:2. Now a 2:1 is what I’d be over the moon with because I still have aspirations to do a post-graduate degree in health psychology, and most post-graduate courses in psychology require an individual to have a 2:1 minimum in order to even apply for it. However, a 2:2 is still a pass, and if I get this I will still have passed my degree and thus qualify for graduation (and graduating with a degree of my own has been a dream of mine since I was 11!)

Anyway, I don’t know what I’ve got for sure because the calculations my dad and I did after finding out my dissertation grade may not be right, so it’s the hands of the assessment team what I get.

Exams are approaching… STAY CALM!

So exams are fast approaching (like scary fast if we’re being honest) and it’s time to focus. Some of you might have already finished a few of your exams and others are just beginning, but I bet everyone is nervous/scared/anxious about not only the exams themselves, but also the results.

Everyone has different goals and targets… and that’s okay. It doesn’t really matter if you’re hoping for 3 As or 3 Bs, as long as you try your best and aim high, that’s all you can do!

Exams are stressful. You can’t control the questions that the examiner is going to ask, but you can control how much effort you put in to trying to succeed.

Revision is key. Make a plan of when you are going to revise different topics and stick to it. Add social time to that plan so you don’t feel swamped 24/7. Make flash-cards and put post-it-notes all around your room. If you feel that you can study in a group without getting distracted, have group sessions. Ask your teachers for extra work and sample exam questions. Colour code sheets and keep everything organised! Before the exam, make sure you eat. Collect all your resources that you need and keep calm!

We know you’ll do amazing and hopefully you’ll get the results you want, have an amazing summer and we hope to see you in September. GOOD LUCK!

Until next time…:)