Getting Your Results

Hi everyone, if you have already got your results and been accepted then congratulations and good on you. For those still waiting I think it’s just A-Level people at this point I want to give a few ideas of what to expect and how to move forward once you receive your grades,

Waiting for results day can be an annoying time, you google what’s going to happen, you talk with people about what they think they will get, you imagine how you will feel if you do well and also if you don’t do so well. Basically you might overthink it a bit but that’s fine, it’s what almost every student does. The important thing is to be ready for any outcome and this is best done by researching other options before the day in case you do worse or even better than expected.

You might have settled for your insurance and just been accepted for your firm, now what? If you research both your university choices well before the day you will know exactly what your choosing between rather than having to look up things like ‘what kind of accommodation is available’? Alternatively you may not get the grades you wanted and now you don’t know what to do. Take it from someone who messed up their AS levels big time, it is not the end of the world! There are other options available to you, maybe your insurance choice uni will end up being brilliant, or this might be the wake up call you need to change what or where your studying. For me after not doing well in my A levels, I realised straight away going that route was never going to be the way forward for me, so I took the plunge and dropped out from school and went to my local college instead to do a BTEC in ‘Creative Media Production’ and those two years turned out to be two of the best, I got into Edge Hill with more practical skills I could apply to my degree and even a high achievers scholarship to boot.

Personal life story aside, results day is an important day but it’s also not judgement day either, just try to take it in your stride and know that whatever results you achieve there’s always options available to you.


A-Level Results Day

Receiving your A-level results can be a stressful day for anybody. I remember that day for me a couple of years ago and nerves were flying everywhere! It might work differently for different courses or colleges, however I will share my experiences and try to give any advice that might help! If you have any questions/worries, feel free to comment below and I will do my best to answer!

1. Check UCAS before going into your college/sixth form.

I have always liked to have a good lie-in… so when people were waking up in the early hours of the morning I decided just to wake up a little bit later! Unless I happened to wake up earlier, I didn’t feel the need to rush to sixth form immediately to collect the results, as this would make me even more nervous. But obviously, this is a personal thing and going to collect your results as soon as you can may be the best thing for you! The main point however, is to check your UCAS account first. This is where you can see if you have gotten into your first choice university. This will put less pressure on you (hopefully) when you come to opening your results!

2. Think about where you want to open your results.

Do you mind if you find out your grades in the middle of rush and panic? Or do you prefer to find a quieter space with a family member? Maybe consider opening them once you have gotten back to the car! Whatever you do… stay calm and focus on yourself.

3. Life goes on.

If you do not receive what you expected or what you would have liked, that is OKAY. How can we celebrate achievements if we never get drawbacks right? Wherever your university or career path leads you, you will realise the importance of focusing on your next steps rather than dwelling on the past. Be resilient and be proud of your grades without comparing yourself to others.

I hope these few tips will make you feel more at ease. Don’t let anything or anyone dishearten you – you are brilliant! Most of all… GOOD LUCK!

Anna 🙂

Preparing for Results Day

Results day is right around the corner and I’m sure that reminder will be met with a mixture of nerves and relief. Soon you will know for sure whether you have got a place at your chosen university and you’ll be able to make your last preparations before you start in September! However, the anticipation can make you feel a little uneasy, so I’ve compiled a few tips to help you prepare and enjoy results day.

Have a good night’s sleep

I cannot stress this enough! I know it will be difficult, you’ll be nervous and excited, but you must try to get an early night. There’s no point going to sleep at 4am and then missing your alarm to go pick your results up. That kind of stress is the last thing you need. You could try to wake up early the morning before, that way you will be so tired by the evening that you will naturally fall asleep earlier.

Keep occupied the day before

You may spend the day before worrying, it’s completely natural. Try to keep yourself occupied the day before. Maybe spend some time with your friends and family? I went paintballing for a friend’s birthday the day before I got my results. It really helped to distract us all and keep us from being too nervous – trying to avoid people shooting at you with paint has that effect.

Co-ordinate with friends

You know what they say: ‘There’s strength in numbers’ – I’m not sure who They are but it’s definitely true. Perhaps liaise with your friends so you all turn up at the same time. This way you can all support each other and share in the relief that your hard work has paid off!


Perhaps most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself. Make sure you find some time to relax during what will be, probably, a very busy day and recharge your batteries before celebrating. Whatever way you celebrate, whether its hardcore partying or a nice quiet meal with your family, give yourself time to have fun, you deserve it!

Good Luck everybody! 🙂


Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying August, I can’t believe we’re halfway through already!

There’s a big day coming up this week which I’m sure you are all waiting for: Results Day.

I wish you all the best of luck and hope you all get the grades that you want to continue on the next part of your adventure.

Unfortunately sometimes there are disappointments and life doesn’t quite go to plan.

For anyone who doesn’t quite manage to get the grades they need to meet their offer conditions, it isn’t the end of the road!

If you don’t reach the conditions of your Firm or Insurance choice it can be quite a stressful situation.

Clearing is a service offered by UCAS that allows people who don’t have a confirmed uni place to find a course and start in September.

Clearing is open from Results Day and you can find out more on the UCAS website here.

You’ll be able to search vacancies at different universities and different courses, and it gives you the opportunity to start uni this year, even if your results are a little different than expected.

Once you find a course and university that you like the look of you can contact them straight away.

They will be able to answer any questions you might have, give advice on your choices and make you an offer to study there.

Clearing is a great service and allows many students each year to continue on to uni.

If you go through Clearing I would suggest you still research a little into the university, accommodation and course you want to study before you accept any offers.

Once you’ve done your research you’ll be more confident when you head off to uni in a month’s time, and be able to fully enjoy the experience.

If you need any help or advice with clearing the UCAS website is a great place to start, and your college or sixth form will probably be able to point you in the right direction too.


Quote for the day: ‘New beginnings are often disguised as painful endings.’ – Lao Tzu

Best of luck to you all! 

Until next time

-Becki 🙂

How to fill the rest of your summer

So, exams are drawing to a close. Results day is in August. You’re terrified about your grades and getting into university and need something to take your mind off the calendar for the next few months. So what can you do?

  • Get a summer job. We’ve spoken a lot about budgeting and student finance, but being able to get some money under your belt before you start in September will benefit you massively. Of course, getting a summer job will also help you gain and develop lots of transferable skills.
  • Leading on from gaining transferable skills… volunteering is another great way to spend the summer. Although you won’t be earning any money, you will benefit a lot from working with a charity or organisation. They’re brilliant for getting references in the future, and it’s also a nice feeling to know you’ve been helping someone out!
  • Start reading books in your chosen field. This may sound super geeky, but getting a head start can really help you later in the year when it comes to writing assignments.
  • Get a hobby! It doesn’t have to be something expensive, it might simply be that you take up running. This can be a great way of making friends when you start at university, as there’s usually a society at most universities for most things, so it gives you a great place to start!
  • Spend time with people you care about. This sounds very dramatic, and after all, you are going to be coming back home – it’s not as if you’re moving out forever! However, whilst at university, it’s likely that you won’t get to spend as much time with people as you do now, and it may be that you miss out on some of the big events you’ve been used to being involved with, such as birthdays. This may be parents and grandparents, or friends that you know are planning to be the other side of the country to you come September.

Whatever you do with your summer, make sure to make the most of it and enjoy it whilst you can!

Until next time!

Results Day!

Hey everyone!

Hope you are all doing extremely well today. For those of you who want to go to uni this year then a very important day is on it’s way.

Many of you will be looking forward to (or slightly dreading) results day and now the waiting is almost over!

Good luck to all of you who are getting your results next week, I wish you every success.

Results day can come with a lot of pressure, everyone wants to get the grades they need to get into their firm or insurance university. And, after that, the reality that you will be headed away to uni will soon sink in.

The main piece of advice I can give here is don’t worry! With a little bit of preparation and organisation the steps from results day to your first day of uni will be a complete breeze, I guarantee it.

The main question you will be asking when you get your results is what happens now?

The universities you have chosen will have your results, and they will update your offer status on UCAS throughout the morning of results day.

Receiving an unconditional offer from your Firm Choice University – Well done! This means you have met the terms of your conditional offer and your first choice university is ready to welcome you in September.

Receiving an unconditional offer from your Insurance Choice University – The great thing about an insurance offer is that you have a backup university if you don’t quite get the results you needed for your Firm University. If you miss out on your first choice but receive an offer from your Insurance then you will be off to university before you know it!

Clearing –  Sometimes a university will not accept you if the results you received were not equal to the offer that was made. Thankfully this doesn’t mean that you have to give up your university dream! Clearing is a great service that allows students without an offer to look for course places at different universities, and you can still go on to start your degree in September. For more information about clearing click here.

Results day is when you find out if all your hard work paid off, so although it may have been a stressful year you can say you made it through, and the end results will be worth it!

Quote for the day: “It’s hard to beat a person who never gives up.” – Babe Ruth

Hope you all have a good week and good luck with your results!

-Becki 🙂

Results Results Results

So it’s nearing to that all important results day that we’ve all been waiting for! Your summer seems to center around it: buying things for uni, waiting to see if you’ve got in, waiting to see which accommodation you’ve been placed in… and of course ACTUALLY going to uni!

But honestly, don’t let it get to you… it’ll be here soon enough so don’t wish your summer away when you’ve got a year of hard work and pressures! The summer inbetween college and uni for me was one of the best as you have no real summer work to do (maybe some pre-course reading or task you’ve been set by a uni tutor) and I just caught up and enjoyed the time I had with my friends and family before I moved out and the work kicked in.

For me the night before/morning of results went as followed:

  • Constant tossing and turning
  • Checking my phone constantly
  • Messaging my college friends discussing EVERY possibility
  • Trying to check UCAS and realising it was down – how annoying!
  • 6am – text from Edge Hill stating I had got in! VERY excited!
  • 10am – Went to college to get my results, now I wasn’t that bothered what I had got as I knew I was in and that was all that mattered.

As you discovered with GCSEs, as long as you got the required grades to get into college, or your C grades, they were soon enough forgotten about. Now I personally have found this is the same with A-Levels. As long as you stick uni out and complete your course, your grades aren’t THAT important as the highest qualification takes over!

Now I’m sure you’re excited to start uni and you should be! Have no worries, no regrets and enjoy every second of it. I’m now going into third year and it’s gone SO quickly it’s scary, I don’t know where time has gone.

Waiting for Results Day

Well I’ve officially finished second year! It’s been such a busy year and second year is certainly harder than the first but it is also very rewarding.

Results day is on Friday for first and second years, you log into your uni account online and you can view a breakdown of the results you’ve got for each module. So you don’t have to go back to uni to get your results like you had to at school or college, so there’s zero commute for all you that will have moved back home for the summer.

You’ll be happy to know that you have less of a wait than waiting for GCSE and A-Level results. There is also an opportunity for resits in August (not that you should need this opportunity) however the most you can achieve is 40%, so this is definitely just a very last resort.

Unfortunately, there is still a lot of revision that’s needed at uni, so you’re not entirely out of the woods at this very point in time. But remember the feeling you had on GCSE results day… You’ll feel like that again when you get your A-Level results and find you’ve been accepted into uni! It’s an amazing feeling and you should aim to feel like that at uni too.

So best of luck, not long now until you’ll be logging onto UCAS to see that you’ve been accepted and the journey begins. Fingers crossed everyone gets what they deserve with the hard work and buckets of effort that’s been put in.


‘Twas the Night Before Results Day…

…When all through the house, not a student was sleeping…because they were all far too nervous!

So tomorrow is the big day. In less than 24 hours Edge Hill University will have a brand new set of students ready to start in September. This is so incredibly exciting! Although I imagine the butterflies are starting set in properly by now! Tomorrow will probably be a day you remember forever, hopefully for the right reasons.

There’s nothing that I can say that will make tomorrow seem less scary, that’s only going to happen when you’ve finally been able to check Track and look at your exam results. But if you have any room in your head right now for something other than worrying about results and university places, it should be that these things are not the end of the world. They don’t define who you are and they don’t necessarily ensure that your life will go a certain way. Don’t get me wrong, getting great results and a place at your university of choice is an amazing achievement that should definitely be celebrated, but when it comes down to it, there’s more to life than some words and numbers on a page.

If you’re looking for any last minute advice from me, I’d say to make sure you’re well aware of all the possible outcomes tomorrow. You can read up on how to understand Track on the UCAS website. UCAS also have a really useful results page. Another tip is that you should have all your login details at hand, because there’s nothing worse than finding that Track is finally open only to realise that you’ve forgotten your username.  You might also want to refresh yourself on the conditions of your offer from your university of choice (if you received a Conditional Offer), so that you know right away whether or not you’ve met it when you see your results .

I am so nervous for you all, but I know that tomorrow will bring so much happiness to so many people which is so wonderful to celebrate. Best of luck!!!


A Level Results Day: What to Expect

It’s just over a week until A Level results day and so I imagine that for a lot of you the nerves are well and truly setting in. I won’t lie to you: it’s a big day, and if you’re waiting to hear whether you’ve got a place at university, it could be a day that changes your life forever. But this doesn’t mean that you have to be terrified; it is also a really exciting day, and regardless of what results you get or which university you get in to, you should be proud of everything you’ve achieved. Making it through A Levels is not an easy thing to accomplish, and I still consider it to be one of the toughest points of my education.

So what’s going to happen on results day? Well, if you’re anything like me you won’t get a lot of sleep the night before and will be up at the crack of dawn refreshing the UCAS results page just in case. They do normally update the results page a little earlier than they say they will, but there’s not much point sitting in front of your computer in the dead of night. Track will be available from around 8:00am, at which point you will be able to see the status of your university application. Hopefully, it’ll be good news all round! But if not,  try to stay calm; this doesn’t mean that you’re definitely not going to university. Clearing is a wonderful option (I have a lot of friends who found their universities through Clearing and they couldn’t be happier). Visit the UCAS page that explains what your status on Track means if you’re unsure.

A few hours later your colleges/Sixth Forms probably open for you to go and collect your envelope containing your final results (although I know some exam boards now publish results online from midnight). This will be a chance to thank your tutors and to celebrate with friends. However it’s also an opportunity to ask any questions or get any help from members of staff who are very in the know and will be able to help you, especially if you find yourself in Clearing.

Results day will probably be stressful, but it should also be joyous! I am keeping my fingers crossed for you all!