Food and Drink in Ormskirk

Well this is it. This weekend I will be moving out of Ormskirk…forever. I’m absolutely gutted about it. I thought for this blog I’d make myself cry some more and tell you about some of my favourite food and drink places in Ormskirk and why I’m going to miss it so much.

I’ve said already that Ormskirk is quiet, and compared to a lot of places it most definitely is, but it is also full of hidden gems that make it truly unique and exciting. There’s lots of independent cafes, bars and restaurants, and pretty much every single one that I’ve tried has been amazing. But there’s a few places I’d totally recommend visiting. First is Bramley’s, a cafe that I discovered in my first year. It serves the best iced coffee in the entire world and nothing else will ever compare. Next is Blue Juice and Java, which I only tried for the first time this year, but I’ve been there so many times since, always for their absolutely delicious, freshly-made juices that come in little jars with handles. It’s a healthy alternative  for when you fancy going out for a drink with friends, and the staff there are so lovely.

Juice at Blue Juice and Java
Juice at Blue Juice and Java

Restaurant wise my number one pick is Salt and Liquor, because the food there is absolutely incredible. It’s also my favourite bar in Ormskirk because their cocktails are so yummy but also reasonably priced. I really wish I could pack it up and take it home with me. I’m also going to really miss the SU bar on campus, because the food there is really good despite the cheap price (I find myself constantly craving the nachos!) and the drinks are cheap too! The Fat Olive has also been a favourite of mine since first year, and I’ve been way more times than I care to admit because of the great deals they offer on such high quality food.

Next week when you hear for me I will be back down South (much to my despair!) but I will continue to write some (probably very sad) blogs about reasons why I miss Ormskirk and why Edge Hill is the most amazing university in the world whilst I try and come to terms with the fact that I have to be a proper adult now.

Birthday Celebrations!!!

Last weekend I celebrated my 21st birthday (and am now feeling extremely old!). I had the most amazing day, which I spent in the local area, trying out some new places and some old favourites. It was really busy but I enjoyed every minute.

In the morning (after I was spoilt rotten with presents!) I went into Liverpool with my housemates. We went to Central Perk (yes – like in Friends!) on Bold Street. I normally visit the Hatton Garden Central Perk, which looks so much like the set of Friends it’s insane! The Bold Street cafe wasn’t as accurate, but it was more spacious which was good because there was quite a few of us. I love that they have episodes of Friends playing all day, and I was even given my coffee for free as a special birthday treat which was really nice!

Us at Central Perk!
Us at Central Perk!

After Central Perk we went to YO! Sushi in Liverpool One. I’ve only had sushi once before, and it’s definitely an acquired taste, but I really enjoyed it and I just love the feel of the restaurant with all the dishes going round on a conveyer belt!

YO! Sushi
YO! Sushi

We then came back to Ormskirk where I relaxed for a bit before my parents arrived. It was great to see them, especially after they travelled for eight hours to get here! That evening, I went out to dinner with my family to Salt and Liquor in Ormskirk. I have to say, the food is absolutely amazing and I wholeheartedly recommend it if you want some seriously tasty food.  Also, the service was really great!

Salt and Liquor
Salt and Liquor

After we’d eaten,  my friends joined us in Salt and Liquor for some cocktails, which we indulged in for the rest of the evening, getting rather merry and having the best time!

“What even is an ‘Ormskirk’ anyway?”

If you’ve chosen to attend Edge Hill University you’ll be studying in a small town called Ormskirk. I feel the need to make this clear for numerous reasons. Firstly, whilst intending to attend an open day here, a friend of mine made his way up here on the train and took himself to Edge Hill station. Unfortunately for him, Edge Hill University isn’t situated in Edge Hill (although I’m told it once was, hence the name). We’re in Ormskirk, and Ormskirk is not Liverpool; it’s in a different county altogether. I’m saying this because I’ve heard of quite a few people who come to Edge Hill expecting to be in Liverpool. We’re very close to Liverpool (half an hour away on the train) but we’re actually in Lancashire. And finally, when I’m at home I rarely meet anyone who actually knows where or what Ormskirk is. It probably just sounds like a funny  word to them, and I usually just end their confusion by explaining “It’s near Liverpool” (which is probably perpetuating the ‘Ormskirk is in Liverpool’ myth…).


I love Ormskirk very much. It’s pretty small, but it’s got everything I need and I think it’s cute. If you’re after more of a city lifestyle, you might perhaps be better off in Liverpool, although, as I said, it’s really close by. In terms of clothes shopping, we have a few shops like New Look and Dorothy Perkins, but there aren’t many other big name high street retailers. There are a load of charity shops here though, so if you’re after a bargain you’ll be sure to find one.

In terms of food shopping, Ormskirk has a really big Morrisons which is where I prefer to go. There’s also an Iceland, Marks and Spencer, Tesco Metro, B & M and Home Bargains.  Ormskirk also has quite a few restaurants. They’re mostly independent places, and all the ones I’ve been to are absolutely lovely, but if you’re after the big names you’ll find them in Liverpool. Ormskirk is also home to a ton of pubs; we’re really spoilt for choice. Or, if you prefer, there’s also a few clubs too.

A Night in the City

I recently spend an evening out in Liverpool where I went out for dinner (or ‘tea’ if you’re northern…whatever you call the last meal of the day) and then to the cinema.

For dinner I headed to Cravings, a place that I quickly became obsessed with after I was taken there at the beginning of the year. I like to consider this place one of Liverpool’s hidden gems. It’s quite popular with students, and even though it’s not the biggest place I’ve never struggled to get a table. It also does takeaways too, which is handy if you live nearby.


You can get a main meal and drink there for less than £4 which is always great news for students. What’s more, the portion sizes and taste are not at all compromised to make it cheap. I always struggle to finish my meal and everything I’ve eaten there is delicious. Cravings also do some of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. You can choose a type of sweet or chocolate from their wall and they’ll blend it in to a milkshake for you. If you’re interested in stopping by and know the area, Cravings is situated up Mount Pleasant, near Liverpool Central station.

Here's the double burger that my boyfriend ordered. I think he considers it to be his own kind of Man v. Food type challenge...
Here’s the double burger that my boyfriend always orders. I think he considers it to be his own kind of Man v. Food type challenge…

After I was finished eating, I headed over to the Odeon in Liverpool One to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (James wrote a great blog on the film which you can read here!) It was actually the second time I’d seen it but I absolutely loved it the first time and I still felt the same after seeing it again. The Liverpool One Odeon is really spacious and clean, with lots of big screens and different viewing options. I was tempted to buy a D-Box ticket, which is where the seats move in sync with what you see happening on the screen. Unfortunately my budget wouldn’t stretch that far but I am very keen to try it out at some point soon!


Places to eat in Ormskirk

This post marks my last one as a teenager because on Tuesday 14th January I’m turning 20. Yep, I’m going to be two decades old and to celebrate me and my flat mates are going to Disraeli’s pub in Ormskirk. I’ve mentioned this pub before in my Christmas themed entry (See “Christmas 2013”) as that’s where we went to have our Christmas dinner. Aside from their annual festive menu, Disraeli’s also does all your usual great pub grub at great affordable prices.

It isn’t however the only place I recommend dining out at in Ormskirk. Two other great places to eat are “The Fat Olive” (which just so happens to be directly opposite where I’m living now) and “Piri Piri”. The Fat Olive is an Italian restaurant which has recently launched a new look menu where classic Pastas and Pizzas are only £5 at lunchtimes and selected evenings during the week. They serve other foods too like Steaks and Salads if you’re trying to be a bit healthier in your diet 😉 I highly recommend eating here as students get money off the bill when they present to a valid NUS Discount Card (more on this in a later blog on budgeting) so it’s a win, win situation for your appetite and your bank account. Piri Piri meanwhile is a family run Portuguese restaurant which is very similar to the restaurant chain: Nandos. Located at the side of ‘B & M Bargains’ my family and I have eaten here twice now and will definitely be going back in the near future.

I hope this blog hasn’t made you too hungry and if you do want to check out any of above mentioned restaurants then the links to their websites are below.

The Fat Olive: