• Textbooks – A Business School Guide.

    Textbooks are essential if you’re a business student. More often than not, they are the key to completing your assignments due to the content being what the essay, or other assessment, is modelled around. Each module has a reading list with a plentiful array of books, some will be essential reading, some recommended reading. My […]

  • Learning New Skills: Summer Edition.

    At university, you learn many new skills. From cooking, to socialising, and then more academic skills like how to reference, cite, quote, work your way around different platforms like Blackboard. I know I certainly learnt lots of new skills in my first year. However, now as I’ve been relaxing for exactly a month since I […]

  • My mission to read over the summer.

    First year is well and truly over for me now, last assignments are in, grades are coming back, I haven’t opened Blackboard for a little while now for anything other than checking said grades. I’m in my summer, whatever summer social distancing can offer, and have begun to think about goals, what do I want […]

  • Reading Week

    Hi everyone! Hope you have all been having a great February, how is it almost the end of the month already?! An important change from college to university is the implementation of reading weeks. If you know people who already go to uni you’ve probably heard about these by now, but if not never fear! […]

  • Getting My University Work Done

    (The things I’m about to say really only come from my own experiences, we’re all different and all courses are different so please don’t assume that what I’m saying will definitely be applicable to you) The summer before I started university, I was keen to be as prepared as possible before I started my course. […]

  • My big summer read?

    So, during this summer I decided I needed to get my reading head on. During my first year I constructed a bucket list of must reads, combining a range of classics with global successes. During uni you don’t always have time to start a new book, especially with trying to balance your studies with your […]

  • So, what’s the library like?

    Books, books and even more books. Uni is all about reading. Well, to be honest it’s about a lot more, but you get the gist. I always knew that reading would be a huge factor to my course (Sociology), but I never knew just how much reading I would be doing. In the first year […]

  • Graduation, Results and Preparing for Next Year

    Although I still have a year left of my degree, graduation has been on my mind a lot lately. This week is graduation week at Edge Hill, and it’s wonderful seeing all the pictures of the graduates in their gowns. I can’t believe that in a year’s time it will (hopefully!) be my turn! It […]

  • Faye’s Blog – Home

    Yesterday I travelled back to Blackpool from Ormskirk so that I can see my family etc. I went to go and visit my nanna and her new puppy! It’s a Chihuahua crossed with a Yorkie, she’s called Sally and is so cute s although she is a bit of a bully to other dogs! Here’s […]