Student Discounts

Hi guys, as a student money can be tight, so it’s a good job that there are a variety of discounts available if you are interested in saving money, here are a few things I use.

NUS TOTUM Card: You can purchase one of these in the on campus SU shop or online for just £12 a year. They can be used for discounts across a range of businesses throughout the UK and they can even be used within the SU shop and bar for extra sweet savings, also worth noting you save more  money on the card price overall by buying a three or two year card.

UNiDAYS: Accessible through the website or via the nifty app, UNiDAYS is completely free and only requires verification of being a student by signing in using your Edge Hill portal credentials. The app also grants you discounts across a range of things like, shops, restaurants and online retailers.

16-25 Rail Card: My personal favourite, the rail card can save you up to a 1/3 on rail prices, usually the 1/3 is more applicable if your ticket is over a tenner but savings can be made regardless of the fare. I use this all the time and would recommend it to anyone who used trains at least every now and again. It costs £30 a year but I managed to get it for free with my bank account so that’s something else to look out for.

Mobile Network Rewards: OK, this one isn’t exclusively for students but I thought it best to put here since there are some really great deals to be had through some networks own rewards for being a customer. Networks like 02, Vodafone and EE among others all have various deals, such as discounted cinema tickets, free food and priority booking for concerts.

Student Offers: Sometimes you don’t always need an extra item to avail of discounts, an Edge Hill card will get you plenty of discounts on it’s own. From  student offers in restaurants, to saving on movie going, through a student ticket.

So there’s a few ways the student can save money, hope this helped and thanks for reading.



Travel has been a big part of my university experience, and by that I don’t mean I’ve been to lots of different countries (unfortunately), I just mean that I’ve relied a heck of a lot on public transport compared to my pre-uni life.

For starters, my hometown is about 250 miles from Ormskirk, so if I ever want to visit my parents I have a long way to travel. It’s meant that I haven’t been able to visit home as much as my friends have, and obviously it can be quite expensive. If you’re planning on doing a lot of train travel, I’d definitely recommend investing in a student railcard as it really helps keep costs down.

I’ve also spent a lot of my time travelling to and from Liverpool. It’s only half an hour on the train and it’s not too expensive, and if you ask me Liverpool is definitely worth the visit. I normally go there if I need to do any clothes shopping, want to go out to eat, or want to go the cinema. Ormskirk station is really central to the town and close to the uni so it’s really easy to get to.

The Ormskirk to Liverpool train
The Ormskirk to Liverpool train

Additionally I’ve been to visit a lot of friends, whether that be friends I know from home who have gone off to different places in the country to study at university, or to visit the hometowns of friends I’ve made at Edge Hill. Again, the train is usually the method of choice here. It really helps to book tickets early if you have a trip planned because usually the earlier you book them, the cheaper they are.

And then there’s day trips, which I try to do whenever I get a chance. I’ve been to Preston a couple of times to check out the city, and the cheapest way to get there is on the bus, but there’s a train straight there from Ormskirk too. I’ve also been to Chester a few times too, because Chester Zoo is definitely worth a visit if you can afford the entry fee!

Going Back

This is the last blog post that I’m going to write before I move back up to Ormskirk this weekend and I am beyond excited! I can’t wait to see all my friends again, and I just miss the town and campus so much.

I’ve been really busy recently with packing and generally getting ready to go back. The amount of stuff that I own is really unbelievable but I’m trying to cut it down. Whilst sorting through all my things, I stumbled across all my books from last year. I can’t quite believe I read all of these books in such a short space of time.


The eagle-eyed among you may spot Twilight amongst those books – yes, it really was on my reading list! If you’re studying English Literature, there is an amazing range of texts that we get to study and it means that everyone finds at least one book (but often more) that they enjoy. And all of my class definitely enjoyed dissecting Twilight!

So on Sunday I will be doing the five or six hour drive with my parents from where I live in Kent to Ormskirk. I always worried before I moved how I would cope with travelling the long distance to get home when it came to the holidays, but once I’d figured the trains out it all became like second nature and it’s not daunting at all now. I also love the sense of independence that it gives me.

If you’re planning on doing a lot of train travel, I’d definitely recommend investing in a student railcard which gets you 1/3 off the price of your train fare. If you’re interested, you can read more about that here.