• That interview question… where do you want to be in 5 years time?

    Many of us have been in an interview where we are asked ‘where do you want to be in three or five or even ten years time?’ and so often it catches us off guard. Deciding to study at Edge Hill was part of my goal for where I see myself in five years time. […]

  • A few questions answered!

    So some things I wanted to know before I went to uni were things like when do I get my uni card, is it worth getting an NUS card, what will I need and when will I get my timetable? All these questions made me extremely excited to start uni but I would have liked […]

  • For all you thinking about Uni!

    So welcome to Edge Hill’s blog for prospective students, in four years time you will have finished college… and your degree! As you will probably agree, time flies even faster the older you get so it won’t be long before you’re in a cap and gown! You will be the class of 2020.. how futuristic! […]

  • Any Questions?

    As a pre-fresher two years ago, honestly I wasn’t really sure what I was signing up for other than a degree at the end of the three years at uni! I feel that the information I sought at the time was solely based on the academic aspect of uni, rather than the student perspective, which […]

  • Edge Hill on the web

    As many of you know by now there are a whole array of social networking platforms out there, from Facebook to Instagram. Many individuals and companies have accounts on them as a way of connecting with others and Edge Hill University is no-exception. Edge hill is on the following platforms Facebook – Pretty self-explanatory, news, events […]