• Ace Your Assignments: Tips for Presentations

    I am back with another mini-series! Much like my money-saving tips series earlier this year, I have created a series of posts that will cover a range of tips to ‘Ace Your Assignments’. Many of you will be prospective students; these posts can be applied to your sixth form assignments or used as a handy […]

  • My First University Presentation

    Before University, I was expecting that I would be assessed on written assignments, examinations, and OSCEs. I wasn’t expecting to have to present. Although I’ve presented numerous times in the past, I felt nervous for my first University presentation, even though it was in front of only a few people – probably because I would […]

  • How to Give a Good Presentation

    Hi everyone, since we are approaching deadline time, some of you may be facing the prospect of having to deliver a presentation, either on your own or as part of a group, but don’t sweat here’s some things that will help make your life easier. 1. Delegate: If it’s a group presentation than deciding who […]

  • A Short Guide To Presentations

    Many courses at Edge Hill University require you to present as part of your coursework. I don’t particularly enjoy presenting to an audience, but then again, I doubt many people do. However, one thing about presentations I do enjoy is the creation of the visual medium you present from. Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Google Slides […]

  • Biology Semester Two Highlights

    My exams are over. Second semester is over. Second year is over. So it’s about time I take a look at my personal highlights from this term’s modules, Research Methods, Biochemistry & Metabolism, and Biogeography. Research Methods: Oddly enough, one of the highlights of research methods for me was the stats portfolio. This coursework section […]

  • Semester One Biology Highlights

    Since semester one has essentially finished (bar a few exams and reports being due), I thought I’d take this time to look back on my favourite parts of the modules I’ve experiences on the second year of my undergrad Biology degree. Life On The Edge Life On The Edge (LOTE) is the new and improved version […]

  • Exams and Coursework!

    So for all you A-Level students exams are not long away and unfortunately at Uni you may not escape this lovely past time! However some courses, like the Primary Education and Early Years course do not involve exams- just coursework, so you may be in luck! However some courses (including mine) have both exams and […]

  • Busy Busy Busy

    Like a lot of third years at this time of year I am busy..very busy. Aside from preparations for Christmas (which will be upon us before we know it) I have the following to complete and submit before going home for two weeks Applying Psychology to Lifestyle Behaviors Presentation This is an poster presentation based […]

  • Presentations

    Last week I had to do two presentations. If I’d told my year 13 self that I’d have probably cried. I loathe presentations to their very core. Standing up in front of people, trying to convince them that I know what I’m talking about, having everyone’s attention on me; it just sounds like my worst […]

  • Types of Assignments and Assessments

    As I am currently in the midst of a very busy period planning and writing assignments, I thought I’d center this particular blog on the different types of assignments that you will encounter when you’re at University. Essays The main form of assessment that is used by my psychology course (and many other courses for that […]