Up and Coming at the Arts Centre!

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Every semester there is a new programme of fantastic events at the Arts Centre, and this semester is pretty exciting! For those of you who do not know about the Arts Centre yet, the Arts Centre is both the place in which the Performing Arts courses are based, and also the home of Edge Hill’s two working theatres, which host all kinds of theatre, screenings and music throughout the year. If you wish to read my previous posts about the Arts Centre and also the FREE student membership, which allows you 4 free tickets to see shows a semester, i have linked these below:

The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore!

The Arts Centre (FREE!) Membership

The most recent brochure for Winter/Spring 2018 has just been released, showing the next few months of events that are going to be happening.

As you can see, Joel Dommett is coming to Edge Hill next month (Saturday 17th Feb. 8pm). Joel is known for Impractical Jokers, I’m a Celebrity and is now one of the hosts of I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp, as well as being a fantastic comedian. It’s definitely one of the events I’m looking forward to!

Translunar Paradise is coming to Edge Hill next Tuesday at 8pm, and is described by The Guardian as “Extraordinarily poignant… beautifully performed… packs a real emotional punch“. Translunar Paradise is a story of love, and focuses on a man who has lost his wife to old age, and is reminiscing on the fond memories they had together. You can watch the trailer below:

Frank Wurzinger, a hilarious clown will be returning to Edge Hill to perform his new show “Me! Me! Me!”. Me! Me! Me! is described as “a comedic exploration of Narcissism with a modern twist: Mobile phones, social media, selfie sticks, slapstick, and a huge ego“. You can watch the trailer for this show below:

As well as theatre shows, there are also both theatre screenings and films being shown throughout the week. On 14th February, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Twelfth Night is being screened in the Studio Theatre at Edge Hill. National Theatre’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is also being screened on 22nd February.

Most weeks there are midweek films, this semester including Dunkirk, Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade Runner 2049 and Goodbye Christopher Robin. As well as these, there is the Free Film Friday specifically for Edge Hill students. This is a great opportunity to see some fantastic films on the big screen completely free! Yesterday’s film was Justice League, and there have also been films of the likes of Bridget Jones’ Baby, IT and Beetlejuice before.

This semester also hosts some fantastic music events. As well as the Arts Centre’s own Open Mic Night, in which students can perform and get to know other musicians at Edge Hill, there are also events such as Jazz in the Red Bar and The Art of the Modern Big Bang.

So there’s so much to do and see at the Arts Centre! If you’re a fan of Theatre, Film or Music, the Arts Centre is one of the biggest assets to being a student at Edge Hill. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, but otherwise, you can check out the Arts Centre website here.

What Can I Watch in The Arts Centre?

Edge Hill’s Arts Centre has a lot of different productions and events throughout the year, from professional productions to student-run shows. They run a special membership scheme for students where you get a number of free tickets per term. Recently, I had the opportunity to watch a play written by one of my creative writing tutors called Borderland, put on by Public Burning Theatre. I really enjoyed it and I’d like to share a review of it with you to give an idea of what you can expect from the Arts Centre.


  • Lucky Sanghera as Aminah
  • Chloe McLauglin as Kayla
  • Rob Ward as Terry


Kayla, an aspiring boxer and Aminah, a muslim girl become friends after the girls end up in detention together. Kayla saved Aminah from a group of girls who were bullying her and makes it plain that she expects Aminah to be grateful, which doesn’t set them off on the right foot. However, they grow closer, despite the threat and forbidden nature of their relationship. Terry, Kayla’s uncle and boxing coach finds out about their friendship and is furious. They carry on seeing each other regardless and they finally realise they have feelings for each other. They must battle with their feelings and what they are taught is right. They then meet years later when Aminah is married, though unable to conceive children and Kayla has a partner and a daughter.


I found this play to be very powerful, it’s subject matter was so relevant and really made you think about the prejudice in the world. The character were incredible relatable, the actresses brought them through their realistic portrayals. The set design was very cleverly made use of. There was a row of lockers that held costume pieces and props that were brought out when needed – I thought that was very Brechtian (there goes my A level drama). Above all I found the play hilarious but the ending was so heart-breaking – this balance was what struck me the most as it kept me interested and wasn’t all comedy or drama but a good mixture of both. The ending had me conflicted though; from a writers point of view I thought it was very clever and very well written but from an audience point of view it tore my heart to shreds!

So, this is the kind of thing you can expect to see at The Arts Centre, but there is so much more! The Arts Centre is one of my favourite places to go on campus as it has such a huge variety of events and shows.

Until next time! 🙂

With the beast inside, there’s no where we can hide.

Imagine Dragons fans will recognize the title of this weeks entry as lyrics from the song ‘Demons’. I’ve deliberately chosen those lyrics as the title of this post because on Monday night I went to the Rose Theater to see a production of Robert Louis Stevenson’s classic sci-fi horror novel Jekyll and Hyde. The song fits the piece because Edward Hyde (the antagonist) is the inner demons of Dr Henry Jekyll bought to life.

The production I saw on Monday night was interesting because it was the story set in a futuristic steam punk style London. The synopsis was that Jekyll has created a serum (drug) to rid the world of cancer and on night he decides to use it on himself. In doing so he unleashes the darkest side of him, his evil alter ego Edward Hyde. Horrors then unfold when Jekyll becomes this human devil and over the course of the play he becomes addicted to taking the drug. Other characters in the play included Jekyll’s dear friend Utterson and his colleague Dr Lanyon.

I really liked how the play had been created and the cast of three actors were excellent (making this another example of how good a play can be, even with a small number of actors playing multiple roles as the female also played more minor characters like Jekyll’s house keeper).

I also have to say that all the plays and films I have seen at Edge Hill in the Rose and Short Cuts theatre have been well worth going to and you can find a list of what’s coming up here: