• Changes: First to Second Year

    End the end of second year, a number of things had changed since the end of first year – surprisingly, time does that. Over the course of the year, many opportunities presented themselves to me. First of all was this, the position as a student blogger! It’s been a worthwhile endeavour not only to contribute […]

  • ERASMUS+ Procedure and My Experience So Far

    ERASMUS+ Procedure and My Experience So Far

    As I’ve mentioned before, the biosciences department currently have links to a few other universities in Europe with which the ERASMUS+ program is available. They exist in Sweden, Cyprus as well as potentially Germany. I have so far completed my first week of placement at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU) in Umeå, with […]

  • Biology – Second Year Decisions

    With the summer term of second year approaching, many people have had to decide on a number of future ventures – third year modules, dissertation topics, and perhaps summer placements. So, in chronological order I present to you – the recent decisions of biosciences students. Erasmus Although not a particularly​ recent event, it does pertain […]

  • Top tips for education based placements

    As a 2nd year Primary Education student living in halls, at this time of year I find myself undertaking a lot of reflection. Watching my flatmates who are 1st year primary education students go out on placement I find myself thinking how I was in their position only a year ago and how far I […]

  • Why do a Course with a Placement?

    So if you choose a course that involves a placement you’ve made a brilliant choice as you get the best opportunity to experience the field of work you want to pursue. Depending on what course you do depends what time of year you’ll be out on placement. But regardless of the time of year… let’s […]

  • So how big is the intern pool?

    So this week has been a little stressful to say the least. In fact it’s getting to the point where no amounts of Harry Styles swooning can pick up a girl back up. For the first time in my life swimming around the dating pool has been pushed aside and I’ve attempted to dive head […]

  • 4 Months off – Whats a Girl to do?

    Now at first glance, a 4 month summer holiday sounds like complete bliss! No waking up at 7am, no all night study sessions, no to-do lists, it’s hard to believe I’m about to start complaining isn’t it! But so far I am precisely 4 days and 21 hours in and I am banging my head […]