• 6 top tips for surviving placement

    So, as my life is currently taken over by placement, here are 6 tips to keep in mind that will help your survive. Be willing to ask for advice. My behaviour management was one of my weakest areas last year on placement, partly because I refused to ask for advice. I walked into that placement, […]

  • Employability in Biology

    The biological sciences degrees at Edge Hill University – Biology, Ecology & Conservation, Genetics, Human Biology and Biotechnology (and soon to include Plant Science and Food Science) – offer a number of ways to increase your employability. Within your modules, many aspects enhance skills that will no doubt increase your employability – there are additional […]

  • Teaching Placements

    I am both so excited and so nervous for my second placement. By the time I start in April, I will have been out of the classroom for over a year and so I have increasingly mixed feelings about being back in one. Nonetheless, I had an absolutely fabulous placement last year, and that’s what […]

  • Placements!

    So many courses at Edge Hill incorporate placements to heighten and deepen your depth of experience and learning! It is definitely work asking on open days or looking at the Edge Hill prospectus to see if your desired course involves a placement! Tomorrow I am starting my last (but not least!) placement in order to become […]

  • Why do a Course with a Placement?

    So if you choose a course that involves a placement you’ve made a brilliant choice as you get the best opportunity to experience the field of work you want to pursue. Depending on what course you do depends what time of year you’ll be out on placement. But regardless of the time of year… let’s […]

  • The Nitty Gritty

    Now, I bet you’ve heard a lot more about the social life at uni than you probably have about the actual degree part! Now everybody’s course is different and I definitely recommend that you ask somebody how your course is assessed before you start uni to make sure that you are prepared for what’s instore! […]

  • It’s Placement Time!

    Currently I am on placement in a school teaching maths. If your course involves a placement then it’s something to look forward to as you can put what you’ve learned all year into practice and show what you’re made of! The most important thing that you need to know is that you shouldn’t be nervous […]

  • Primary Education – Placement

    With teaching, comes experience. An awful lot of experience. So much so, that unless given permission to do so, talking about ‘little Billie’ and his ability to add two numbers together is forbidden outside of the classroom. Seriously considering introducing an “it’s okay to talk about placement right now” coupon scheme with my flat mates. […]