Edge Hill Is Chill

Most people experience pre-uni jitters, I know I did – a new place where I didn’t know anyone, living on my own and being the sole person responsible for myself. A step in the direction of adulthood! Something I know about myself is that I like feeling safe, and Edge Hill (and Ormskirk in general) definitely provide that feeling. The campus is a wonderful place with lights all around to keep the darkness at bay at night, as well as security that patrols and are reachable by phone as well.

In addition to actually being very safe, it feels safe too. Safe and comfortable. Once you get to know the campus, it’s small enough for you to be very familiar with the whole place. If you are a member of societies and clubs, you have a good chance of running into people from them or from your course when you pop down to McColl’s or SU Bar.

Living in halls may also bring about a sense of solidarity – almost like a second family. This becomes particularly apparent in second year, after you’ve chosen who to live with. The people who I’ve lived with throughout second year were a mixture of course mates, previous flatmates, and society members from the year above. Not everyone always saw eye to eye, but that’s to be expected when living with numerous people in close proximity. We always managed to resolve issues, however, and I think living in a student house is a very valuable experience.

In regards to the actual learning part of university (an important part), I can only speak of my experience with the biology department. All the lecturers are very approachable and provide an excellent environment to learn in – one that is very comfortable. We are treated as adults and as such are on first name basis, something I feel makes it a lot easier to speak to them when you have an issue or require assistance. Having a personal tutor who you can go to for support is also a wonderful thing that eases anxiety.

On the note of anxiety, the university provides excellent student support for numerous issues from anxiety to bereavement. All counselling services are provided at Milton House. I have used the services myself and can confirm how the staff make you feel at ease, despite it being a daunting experience for me.

I chose Edge Hill University as my first choice because it felt right. It felt comfortable and safe (as well as providing the course and teaching I required), and it has lived up to those feelings.

Support From Tutors

In Emma’s blog last week (which you can read HERE) she wrote about all the different places from which you can get support whilst studying at Edge Hill. In this blog I’m going to focus on the people who have given me the most support; the tutors.

Personal Tutors

In the first week every student is assigned a personal tutor. It is then the responsibility of the student to ensure that they meet with their tutor at key points during the year. The tutors are also available to talk to whenever needed, and a personal meeting can be set up through email. Traditionally a person’s tutor is somebody who teaches within the course that the person is studying. Whilst my personal tutor doesn’t teach any of my modules she is a Creative Writing tutor and a playwright. I went to see one of her plays in February (which I blogged about HERE) and it made me feel really reassured that I’d be able to seek advice in my studies from a writer as talented as her.

Joint Honours Students

Although people’s personal tutors are from the area that they’re studying, because I’m joint honours I don’t have a personal tutor directly associated with the Film Studies side of my course. Because of this, in my first week one of the module leaders in Film Studies assigned an unofficial personal tutor to all the joint honours students. Personal tutors are there to talk about all issues, but when the issue is specific to a subject I’ve found it really helpful to have a point of contact specialising in that subject, and I see being assigned an unnofficial personal tutor just another way in which the staff at Edge Hill ensure that we’re getting all the support that we need.

Seminar Tutors

When it comes to needing help with assignments I’ve found that the seminar tutors are the bets people to go to. There have been a couple of instances when I’ve needed help, advice, or sometimes just a confidence boost regarding an essay and I’ve found that arranging a meeting with the tutor who teaches me on that specific module is the best thing to do. The tutors have always steered me in the right direction and helped me focus on areas that need improvement, without simply telling me what to change (which would be helpful in the short-term, but I wouldn’t learn anything from!) I know that I owe my good grades not only to what the tutors have taught me, but also to the support they have given me.