The Future

So this week I finished Uni. Yes I know. I actually finished my degree. If you had asked me in January whether I would have seen the end of my degree I would have thought there was no chance. It was so overwhelming to have so much to do, that I didn’t think it was possible to get it all done.

I can honestly say that it was the support I had from the tutors at Uni that made me see that it was possible. Many times I found myself panicking in the office and thinking that I couldn’t do it. It was the tutors support that helped me to get back on track and look where I am now.

Finishing Uni can be a scary time and the big bad world is a daunting place for students. however, it is reassuring to know that regardless of what happens we also have the support of Edge Hill. They are so concerned about our futures and how we will use our degrees to the best possible potential. I feel like the tutors I have worked with this year will be there for me in years to come.

They have always held the open door policy and frequently say how nice it will be to see us again after we have finished. I know it may seem like a scary thing leaving Uni and entering the ‘real world’ but the skills that I have gained from completing this degree, not just academically but also personally will help me to be as successful as possible.

The future doesn’t have to be scary it is exciting, you can show the world exactly who you are and do the job you want to do in life. Grab the future and follow your dreams and don’t let anyone else take that away from you.

Support at Edge Hill

I’ve found that the support available at Edge Hill has been incredibly useful, particularly in my second year. Last year, I didn’t find myself homesick at all; I enjoyed my newfound freedom and university was was a whole new experience. My second year is when I found myself missing home more often; I was with completely new people in a house and the stresses of the course were just… different.

Yet I wasn’t alone.

Edge Hill has a whole host of support networks to help you out when you’re feeling down.

First and foremost is your personal tutor. This is someone who oversees both your academic and personal progress, and can help you out with any worries you may be having. My personal tutor and head of year have both been absolutely fabulous this year in help me work through my stress, including granting extensions when necessary, and helping me prioritise the work that needs to be done, over work that can wait a little longer until I’m of better health – both physical and mental.

Secondly, there is the team in the Student Information Centre who can help you with Health and Wellbeing in general. They’re based on campus, and are there for you to talk to and give you advice on where to go to next, based upon your worries. For example, if it’s money troubles you’re having, there’s someone you can speak to about that. If you’re falling behind in work because you’re ill, there’s someone you can speak to. They’re sort of a first port of call for advice.

Another great source of support are the student workshops which Edge Hill offer both on campus and over at Milton House. These range from advice on dating, to overcoming homesickness, to avoiding procrastination. Check out the link for the full range of workshops Edge Hill offers.

Finally for this list, there is counselling at Milton House, which is just behind campus on Ruff Lane. Appointments here tend to last between 6-8 sessions, unless the counsellor believes there is a need for further sessions. These can be really useful if there is a further issue that needs to be addressed, and usually you’ll be able to see someone within a week of contacting them, unlike if you go to your GP surgery.

This isn’t by any means an exhaustive list, but hopefully it highlights to you just how much support there is available here at Edge Hill and make you feel a little more comfortable about your choice to come here.

Leaving teen hood, for the first taste of adultness


I remember my best friend sending this exact quote to me when we both first started university, and `I distinctively remember identifying with it. When I went to university I really did think that this was the first taste of true adulthood, being in charge of your own life, making your own decisions about where you’re going and when and whats for dinner. Whilst this sounds rather idyllic, it did suddenly feel a bit daunting, and I did worry that there would be no one around anymore to catch me when I fall (sorry for the clich√©). But I was pleasantly surprised by how much support I found in and around the university, for a multitude of different needs, which I found highly reassuring so I thought I would share a few of those today.

Personal Tutor
I have written a post about this before, but I can’t stress enough how helpful this aspect of university is. A personal tutor is a tutor that you meet with regularly throughout the year to ensure you are on track with assignments, happy at university and help you achieve your goals. The same tutor stays with you for the full 3 years so they really get to know you, which is extremely helpful and ensures you always have someone to turn to if you have any worries, work related or otherwise.

Student Services
I cannot rate this department enough, the teams within are absolutely fantastic and so incredibly dedicated to ensuring all students are happy and getting the very best experience they can from Edge Hill University. Furthermore this is where the ‘adultier’ adult comes in, as they are there to help you if you have any concerns including things like finance, job searching, house hunting, contract reading and health and wellbeing advice. These are the experts to turn to when you’re in need of a helping hand and just goes to show that although university is about gaining independence, there is so much support available along the way.

Students’ Union
And finally the students’ union, the team of students representatives there to make sure all your wants and needs for student life are met. Whether you need a friendly face, want to make a change to the university or get involved in a society these are the guys that are there to help you out!

So you can see from this that there is so much support for students at Edge Hill and although you wont have your parents there with you, there are people around to support you and you’re not alone!


Making It Through Your Degree

In case you didn’t know already, completing your degree isn’t easy. Despite what the media and some older generations might tell you, being a student is tough. Luckily at Edge Hill there’s a lot of places you can go for support. I can’t speak for people on other courses, but I feel like the tutors in my department really are wonderful if I ever have any problems.

Although I absolutely love my course most of the time, it’s not always fun and games. From time to time it can all get a bit much and I’ve found myself in a bit of a slump or about to have some sort of breakdown over an essay more than once. ¬†Sometimes an email to, or a conversation with, a tutor is all you need to spark up your enthusiasm again, and I’ve always found my tutors happy to talk about any issues I might be having and they will always work with me to come up with a solution.

Then there’s those times where although my tutor has probably gone over it a million times, I still do not understand what that lecture was about. Feeling oblivious, it’s hard to pluck up the courage to talk to a tutor, but it’s always worth it. I’ve never been made to feel like I was stupid for asking for help, and tutors will gladly spend as much time with you as you need, and even recommend books that they think will help.

When you start university, you are assigned a personal tutor who is really there if you need any help or guidance at any point. Even if your problem isn’t exactly related to academic work, tutors will do whatever they can to help you come up with a solution or to point you in the direction of someone who can offer you even better support. I’ve always found that no matter what, there’s always someone at Edge Hill for me to turn to and that’s a really comforting feeling.