• Public Lectures, Research Seminars and More!

    Throughout the year, Edge Hill University hosts a number of public lectures. These are can be in subjects such as my own, Biological Sciences, or others, such as Education or History. Recently, my personal tutor and department head of biology, Dr Paul Ashton, gave his inaugural lecture titled “Contemplate an Entangled Bank” after the opening […]

  • Audition Days at Edge Hill

    Hey all, I hope you’re doing well! I made a post recently about the Open Days at Edge Hill, and I thought I would shed some light on the audition days that the Performing Arts department hold for prospective students! The department do this so they can get an idea of the performers they are […]

  • Theatre in Liverpool and 96/27 Review!

    Hey all! My last few posts have been around the topic of the performances you can see on campus at the lovely Arts Centre on Campus. I will link these below: The Arts Centre Box Office and the Red Carpet Review! The Arts Centre Box Office and the Red Carpet Review! But one of the […]

  • Interview with the Red Carpet Cast: Employability and Edge Hill’s Future Opportunities

    Hey all, I hope you are doing well. The last blog I did was a review of one of the theatre shows that was on at the Arts Centre last week: The Red Carpet by Confiança Collaborative Theatre Company. It was an amazing show and if you want to read my review then I have […]

  • The Arts Centre Box Office and the Red Carpet Review!

    Hello all! I hope you’ve had a good start to October and are enjoying this spooky season (I know I am!). I am writing this after going to one of the many theatre shows that are performed within Edge Hill itself in the Arts Centre! As a Performing Arts student, I practically live within the […]

  • Aerial Fitness in Ormskirk!

    Hello all, I hope you’re having a great week and end to June! I wanted to talk about something that’s been a huge part of my University life; Aerial fitness. Some of you might not know exactly what this is, but if you’re a performer like me, or just into dance, acrobatics, or all things […]

  • Love Film?

    Hello all, hope you’re having a wonderful week! Although I’ve done a couple of posts on the Arts Centre and the wonderful things they offer, I haven’t quite let you in on all of it just yet (unbelievably!). Although the Arts Centre is a working Theatre and has both theatrical and musical events throughout the […]

  • The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore!

    Hello all, hope you’re having a good end to February. I wanted to make sure you knew about one of- in my opinion at least- the best things about Edge Hill… The Arts Centre, Edge Hill’s own working theatre! Although the Arts Centre building is also a host for the Performing Arts courses, there are […]

  • 3 Unexpected Things I’ve done on the BA(Hons) Performing Arts course!

    Hello all! Hope you had a lovely week last week, and a lovely beginning to this week. As a BA(Hons) Performing Arts student, I expected to be learning some new skills, but never realised I’d be doing some of the stuff I have done! And each of the things I’m about to list are things […]

  • Performing Arts Audition Days

    Hello all! It’s around this time of year when the University holds any interviews and auditions for courses. If you have applied for a course within the Performing Arts (click here to see my post on all things Performing Arts!), you will have been asked to attend an audition. I was in this position a year […]