The Student Union Bar!

Hey all, I hope you’re doing well!

One of the great things about the Edge Hill campus is that the Edge Hill Student Union have a bar on campus! There’s many a different reason why the SU Bar is fantastic; the events they put on, the food they offer and the fact it’s on campus. So I thought I’d let you know some of the things it offers.

The Food

The SU Bar serve food throughout the day, so if you ever want to grab a meal between lessons, or even fancy a little something when you’re at one of the events, you can get all kinds of fantastic food- burgers, fries, nachos, and tasters like onion rings!


The SU Bar has two pool tables to kill your time, so if you’re a fan of pool, it’s always nice to have a game against a friend or two!

The Events

The SU Bar hold a variety of events, both regular and on special occasions. The regular events include:

  • Mondays: Pub Quiz- £1 per person, and you have a shot at a huge jackpot!
  • Wednesdays: Social- an event set up especially for the Uni students at Edge Hill. You can enjoy music and dancing, and maybe a few drinks. With an NUS card, entry is £3, without entry is £4.

  • Thursdays: Frat House- Edge Hill invites the Frat House team to put on nights to remember! They usually have a fancy dress theme, which you can take part in or opt out of, but if you click going on the facebook event page, you get £3 entry before 11, and if it’s your birthday, you also get free entry!

  • Fridays: Karaoke- free to come watch or take part in!

The SU Bar has also held the 2018 SU Drag Race, Bongos Bingo, and various special events for the holidays!

And all of this happens on campus! It’s especially perfect if you live on campus but want a night out, because it means you only have to walk for 5 minutes at the most to get home!

A Night In On Campus

With University fast approaching, you might be panicked about the social side of thing. Making friends was something I worried about, but what about once you have friends – but don’t like the idea of clubbing? If you aren’t keen on going out, whether it be to Liverpool, Ormskirk or Social, but still want to socialise or do something different, here’s a bunch of options you might want to consider.

Staying in, not drinking

If you’re not a fan of drinking – don’t fret! You’re not the only one, and you’ll be sure to find others you aren’t that keen on it either; societies and the fresher’s Facebook page/group are a great resource for finding others. (Of course, maybe you do like to drink, but just not this particular night).

Why not host a movie night? Either decide on a genre or specific film beforehand or vote once everyone has gathered (try and persuade the guest with the best tv/most comfortable seats to host 😉 ). If you’re not feeling a film, you could play some board/tabletop games, nothing tests a friendship like a game of Monopoly (and did you know that Edge Hill have their very own version?) Still fancy a game but not of the board variety? Why not play a murder mystery or a DnD campaign?

Staying in, but drinking

So you ARE a fan of drinking but still don’t (feel) like clubbing. The above options still apply obviously, but if you feel like it, you could co-opt most of the above to include drinking. For example, a movie night featuring some drinking games – my

suggestions would be the Rocky Horror drinking game, a Harry Potter drinking game, or anime roulette. Many board games too can be adapted to include drinking, including chess! Outside of board games, there are always the usual drinking games (eg. Irish poker, Ring of Fire, the Picolo app), but might I bring Paranoia to your attention – it’s not a drinking game, but better played not quite sober.

Another thing to consider is a live reading drinking game – very similar to the movie drinking games, but this time with a book or my personal favourite, a fanfiction – specifically My Immortal.

(Just remember to respect your flatmates and neighbours by keeping the noise down when it gets late and following securities wishes if you get a noise complaint.)

Something else on campus

Let’s not forget that Edge Hill campus’ Art’s Centre hosts a number of events throughout the year. There’s Free Film Friday, an amazing event held almost every Friday of the academic year that I have made use of many times; Open Mic Nights, held numerous times a year; and plenty of other performances and productions held all across the year.

What’s there to do at night?!

Now everyone’s heard of the typical student night out and I bet the majority of students come to uni to experience it!

At Edge Hill I love that you have the mixture of Ormskirk which has the small clubs, pubs and bars that don’t cost an arm and a leg. But you still can venture into Liverpool for a big night out every once in a while when you fancy a blow out!

Not being a big party goer, I didn’t give nightclubs or bars a second though before I got to Uni. So as I didn’t have much knowledge on what was happening in the town centre, on the first night of Freshers I found myself at the Quad which is club on campus- it was a brilliant first night out!

There’s always something going on at the SU… karaoke, pub quizzes, socials on a Wednesday! You won’t be stuck for something to do at Edge Hill, so whether you venture to the SU or into town grab a few friends and you won’t be disappointed!

In town there’s a number of places to choose from depending on what suits you whether that’s a traditional pub (Wetherspoons), club (Alpine) or bar (Styles)- to name a few!

I hope when you come to Edge Hill you find your favourite place to go out and make some amazing memories with your friends!

Here’s a few pictures from my nights out at uni!


Drunken antics left, right and centre…

Does anyone else have a routine when it comes to nights out?

Well, we do.

When the week’s over, admittedly sometimes during the week as well, we like to drink our nights away. We usually follow a set of unwritten rules, which go something like this…

We begin with decisions: What’s everyone going to wear? Where are we going out? Liverpool? Ormskirk?.. Right Ormskirk to keep costs down. Where in Ormskirk? Mustard? Nah. Alpine? Yes.

Then we start pre-drinking, more often than not far too early. We leave one by one to get ready in our rooms, then reunite in the living room to play drinking games. These games follow an unofficial order, yet we all have the set memorised for what comes next.

Ring of fire> Over the bridge> A card game which we don’t have a name of, but it’s my favourite> Paranoid (a classic for starting arguments from meaningless comments)… Then if it’s a house party, games like ‘Never Have I Ever’ surface. This is of course just and excuse to be nosey.

People start arriving. The house is rammed with unfamiliar faces. Spillages are occurring, with what feels like every two minutes, no doubt from Morrison branded vodka. Before you know it we’ve ran out of toilet roll. Someone always seems to be crying, of which no one knows why. The music is beyond loud. Drunken chats, people falling and horrendous singing is everywhere. On some occasions the neighbours have complained, which leads us to emptying the house and heading to town.

You could literally copy and paste this for every weekend entry and very few factors would change. Oh the joys of being a student.

Until next time…:)