• Working at Edge Hill – Let’s get this bread.

    Getting a job at University is important in more than the obvious ways. Sure you could look at it as just a means of getting cash but don’t. When you come to university it is important to make it worth your while and having a part time job can really help you ensure that you […]

  • Living on a Budget

    Money matters, at the end of the day it’s the whole reason why you’re going to uni; to widen your horizons and open up career opportunities! Hopefully you’ve chosen a course you are interested in which will definitely motivate you throughout the next three years until you reap your rewards with your first paycheck! However […]

  • Jobs whilst you’re at uni

    So summer is coming, what are you going to do!? Chill hopefully, and enjoy a summer with no work! However if you are like the many students that scrimp and save money you may be thinking about getting a summer job or a part-time job for when you get to uni! You may feel like […]

  • Be Motivated For Summer

    Hi everyone! So it is coming up to summer now and I can imagine a lot of you are considering getting summer placements and summer jobs. Congratulations if you have already achieved one! I mean it can be helpful when it comes to writing your CV’s when you graduate. Something which I have understood from […]

  • Faye’s Blogs – The Holiday’s are Over

    So even though I don’t have lectures start until something like the 21st January I have 3 essays that need to be in on Monday. I am stressing out over them so much! Even though I feel as if I have been working on them for months!! I cannot wait to get them over and […]