• Applying for Jobs as a Student

    Hi guys, in previous blogs I have talked about working for Edge Hill and the opportunities available, but for this blog I thought since we are coming up to the summer when most students are looking for work, I would talk about applying for part time-work to compliment your studies and a few things to […]

  • Student Finance and the Money Advice Team

    With Student Finance applications opening soon, money may be on the mind. Edge Hill University does a lot to help ease money woes and provides numerous services and opportunities. On such resource is the Money Matters website, which has useful information on loans (which I have briefly detailed below), grants, bursaries, scholarships, and more! There […]

  • Improving Your CV at EHU

    As I’m sure you’ve been told many times before, your CV is an important document, and making sure it is well fleshed out is part of what makes a good CV. Any volunteering or part time work will show commitment, as well as any skills you’ve picked up along the way. These could be specialised […]

  • Can I get a part time job whilst at uni?

    The short answer: Yes! The long answer: It’s easy to forget that you’re a full time student when you’re at uni, especially if you only have 12 hours of contact time – time in a lecture, tutorial or seminar – a week. It might seem like you have heaps and heaps of time to spend […]

  • Finding a part time job whilst at uni

    When I was at college I found a part-time job in a Bistro. When I went to uni, I maintained that job and commuted home every weekend, Friday to Sunday to work there. Until Christmas came and I had enough of trains – especially on a Sunday! Needless to say, after the Christmas break I […]