It’s the small things in life…

When it comes to being scared of things, for me, the list is endless; spiders, heights, public speaking. Literally anything you can think of, at one time or another, I was probably scared of… but nothing even comes close to my fear of needles. I don’t know whether it’s the thought of them breaking through my skin which scares me, or that I associate them with hospitals/doctors/something being wrong, but whatever it is, they are my biggest fear. Correction;

They were my biggest fear.

Last semester I was looking into ways that the RAG society (Raising and Giving) could improve people’s lives with limited funds to begin with. After looking through different fundraising websites I stumbled onto the NHS- Give Blood campaign and realised that I could help people in more ways than giving money. Anyway, I registered, went and gave blood (which is not as bad as I thought it would be) and I have recently signed up to give it again.

I found out that my blood group is O RhD positive, which I share with 37% of the population and can be given to anyone who is RhD positive (regardless of their blood group) – and that’s a staggering 83% of people. So, I may not be making scientific discoveries or changing the world, but I am proud that somewhere out there; a baby, a cancer patient, anyone, will still be alive because of me.

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in on my (very small, yet proud) accomplishment, as well as hopefully inspiring you to try it. With local blood collections happening all around the UK, you don’t have to wait until you arrive in Ormskirk to help, you can start today in your local community!

Feel free to check out


Until next time…:)


Is it too early to start talking about Christmas?

I know it’s only November, but everyone has seen the Coca Cola advert, the entire country has wept over the John Lewis penguins and I’ve already purchased my advent calendar (a standard Cadbury’s Dairy Milk one, if you’re interested) so no, I don’t think it’s too early to start talking about Christmas.

Christmas is my absolute favourite time of year. It definitely has a magical feel  to it and it’s wonderful. When I first started at university, the idea of spending the lead up to Christmas away from my family was a very strange one. For the first time in my life, I wouldn’t be at home to help decorate my house for Christmas. I hate to break traditions, but now is the time to make new ones. I decorated my halls in first year, my student house last year, and we will of course do the same again this year. Instead of spending weekends watching Christmas films with my family, I watch them with my housemates (we’ve watched a couple already…).

One of my favourite parts about Christmas in Ormskirk is the Christmas light switch on. It’s unbelievably cheesy,  but I absolutely love it. There’s normally music, food stalls, and we even had some fake snow one year. It’s events like that that really get you in the Christmas spirit. If you’re interested, this year’s Christmas light switch on is happening on Friday 28th November starting at 4.30.

Now I’m just waiting for Edge Hill to put up their giant Christmas tree in the Hub so that I can be surrounded by Christmas when I’m at uni too! Last year’s was pretty impressive…



Guardians of the Galaxy and Returning to Uni

So, I recently went to go see Guardians of the Galaxy with a few of my friends.

For those that are unaware of what Guardians of the Galaxy is, the film follows Peter Quill, who forms an uneasy alliance with a group of extraterrestrial misfits who are on the run after stealing a coveted orb.

It is from the Marvel world of films, and when it comes to comic books, it was not the most popular creation of Marvel.

However, since going to see it at my local cineworld, my view has since changed.

It is a breath taking film, bringing huge amounts of depth to a new universe of characters and giving each and every person life and depth. There are moments of joy and amusement, and then great sadness and depression.
One of the saddest moments in the movie comes from, coincidentally, the most amusing character, Groot.
I won’t spoil what happens, but all I can say is that a character like Groot can make three words utterly heart breaking.

For those of you interested in seeing the movie, please do find attached the trailer below.

— — —

On other notes, for those joining the university soon, I am aware that the paper work for housing on campus will be coming through soon.
I will also be living on campus once again, so I shall be going through again what many of you will be going through for the first time.

It will be slightly stressful, believe me, but those involved at the university will do anything they can to help you out and save you from getting stressed out.

I remember them going above and beyond to help me out.

Fingers crossed for you all being able to get the accommodation you want 🙂

— — — —

Quote of the week

“I. Am. Groot”


“What even is an ‘Ormskirk’ anyway?”

If you’ve chosen to attend Edge Hill University you’ll be studying in a small town called Ormskirk. I feel the need to make this clear for numerous reasons. Firstly, whilst intending to attend an open day here, a friend of mine made his way up here on the train and took himself to Edge Hill station. Unfortunately for him, Edge Hill University isn’t situated in Edge Hill (although I’m told it once was, hence the name). We’re in Ormskirk, and Ormskirk is not Liverpool; it’s in a different county altogether. I’m saying this because I’ve heard of quite a few people who come to Edge Hill expecting to be in Liverpool. We’re very close to Liverpool (half an hour away on the train) but we’re actually in Lancashire. And finally, when I’m at home I rarely meet anyone who actually knows where or what Ormskirk is. It probably just sounds like a funny  word to them, and I usually just end their confusion by explaining “It’s near Liverpool” (which is probably perpetuating the ‘Ormskirk is in Liverpool’ myth…).


I love Ormskirk very much. It’s pretty small, but it’s got everything I need and I think it’s cute. If you’re after more of a city lifestyle, you might perhaps be better off in Liverpool, although, as I said, it’s really close by. In terms of clothes shopping, we have a few shops like New Look and Dorothy Perkins, but there aren’t many other big name high street retailers. There are a load of charity shops here though, so if you’re after a bargain you’ll be sure to find one.

In terms of food shopping, Ormskirk has a really big Morrisons which is where I prefer to go. There’s also an Iceland, Marks and Spencer, Tesco Metro, B & M and Home Bargains.  Ormskirk also has quite a few restaurants. They’re mostly independent places, and all the ones I’ve been to are absolutely lovely, but if you’re after the big names you’ll find them in Liverpool. Ormskirk is also home to a ton of pubs; we’re really spoilt for choice. Or, if you prefer, there’s also a few clubs too.

Student Life at Edge Hill University

As I have spoken many times before, I often have many methods of winding down at university.
It is only natural that after a long tiring day at the university, or even a free day, you’ll want to take a break from work.

For me, it can be a number of things.
From filming something or doing something Doctor Who related

Or sitting there making costumes and attending conventions


There are of course many Societies that I am involved in. There is of course, the Murder Mystery Society, Doctor Who Society, Fantasy and Sci-Fi and so on

I also sometimes just like to sit with my friends in one of the booths upstairs in the hub and just relax
Our Work Space

It seems simple, but It’s something I like to enjoy

Of course from time to time, I do like to indulge in going on a night out, where upon there are many places you can go to, such as the insanely fabulous Lime Tyger in the heart of Ormskirk – a cocktail bar which now serves food!
If you would like a more foodie and healthier option, there is always Blue Juice and Java. Their smoothies are to die for!

As always, liverpool is but a mere train ride away, but as always, if all else fails there is always the comfort of the local Nom takeaway, the bar room, the Hub to relax, the nearby lake or quite simply, your nice lovely bed in your room to have a nice long nap

— Quote of the Day —

Only when you are willing to stand in the dark, are you ready to see the light


Free Time

As a student, I get a fair bit of time off from actually having to be in university. For English Literature, I have timetabled classes for 12 hours a week. The rest of the time is dedicated to assignments and that huge pile of reading I have to do. But once all that is out of the way, there’s still enough time to have some fun.

Admittedly, I spend way too much time on the internet. But whenever I can tear myself away from that, I’m generally spending some quality time with my housemates and friends. We play a lot of board games; we have a whole cupboard full of them in our house. One of my favourites is Risk, and anyone who has played it knows that it’s a very long, intense game. We have been known to play for hours on end, sometimes until 3am, only to reconvene the next afternoon when we finally get up to finish it off.

Our latest game of Risk
Our latest game of Risk

Every Wednesday night, we head to the Stanley Gate pub for their weekly quiz night. There’s not often students there because, like our house, the pub is out in the countryside away from the main town, but it has been nice getting to know the locals this year and we always have a great evening.

The Stanley Gate pub
The Stanley Gate pub

If we fancy heading out to a bar, we love to spend an evening in Lime Tyger consuming a copious number cocktails. I’ve written a blog about why I love it there which you can read here.

Because we live a fair way away from the centre of town, it’s difficult to do things on campus which is a shame. Next year I’m renting a house much closer so I’d like to take advantage of the SU Bar more because I really like the food there (and the cheap drinks prices). Hopefully I’ll also be able to go to the on campus cinema more too.

Lime Tyger

My favourite place to go on a night out in Ormskirk is Lime Tyger. It’s a cocktail bar located on the high street and it’s a really incredible place. It has a bit of a jungle theme going on, so there’s a tree inside and wooden seats.

My favourite part about Lime Tyger is the boards. Behind the bar is a board that displays a range of cocktails other than those on the permanent menu. This board changes every few months or so and is always themed. In the past there’s been themes that include the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Alice and Wonderland and Pirates of the Caribbean.

The current board at Lime Tyger
The current board at Lime Tyger

The cocktails are always delicious and of a very high quality, but still affordable on a student budget as there is a £3.50 menu. This is a bit more expensive than your average drink, but they are absolutely worth it and cheaper than cocktails in a lot of other places.

Not forgetting the really lovely staff;  they’re always polite and seem really cheery. They can also do some great tricks with cocktail shakers!  If you don’t fancy anything off the menus, they’re happy to make you whatever you want.  And if you don’t know exactly what you want, you can tell them the kind of thing you like and they’ll concoct something tasty!

I’ve never eaten there, but Lime Tyger is a restaurant too. It has an absolutely delicious-looking menu and I’ve heard amazing things about the food. The dishes are presented in really unique way – I’ve seen pictures of desserts arriving in flower pots!

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a night out with some really yummy tasting drinks. If you’re interested and want to see more of what Lime Tyger has to offer, you can visit their Facebook page here or, better  yet, pay them a visit and try their cocktails for yourself!

Places to eat in Ormskirk

This post marks my last one as a teenager because on Tuesday 14th January I’m turning 20. Yep, I’m going to be two decades old and to celebrate me and my flat mates are going to Disraeli’s pub in Ormskirk. I’ve mentioned this pub before in my Christmas themed entry (See “Christmas 2013”) as that’s where we went to have our Christmas dinner. Aside from their annual festive menu, Disraeli’s also does all your usual great pub grub at great affordable prices.

It isn’t however the only place I recommend dining out at in Ormskirk. Two other great places to eat are “The Fat Olive” (which just so happens to be directly opposite where I’m living now) and “Piri Piri”. The Fat Olive is an Italian restaurant which has recently launched a new look menu where classic Pastas and Pizzas are only £5 at lunchtimes and selected evenings during the week. They serve other foods too like Steaks and Salads if you’re trying to be a bit healthier in your diet 😉 I highly recommend eating here as students get money off the bill when they present to a valid NUS Discount Card (more on this in a later blog on budgeting) so it’s a win, win situation for your appetite and your bank account. Piri Piri meanwhile is a family run Portuguese restaurant which is very similar to the restaurant chain: Nandos. Located at the side of ‘B & M Bargains’ my family and I have eaten here twice now and will definitely be going back in the near future.

I hope this blog hasn’t made you too hungry and if you do want to check out any of above mentioned restaurants then the links to their websites are below.

The Fat Olive: