Open Days at Edge Hill University.

Hi everyone,

I hope you’re well and have had a good week! For today’s blog I’m going to talk about Open Days at Edge Hill University and a bit about what you can expect if you were to go to one as a prospective student.  When I look back to the Open Days I went to before I decided to go to Edge Hill, I think about how I knew straight away that Edge Hill was the university for me. From all the people I have spoken to, they felt exactly the same as I did – welcome and at home from the very first visit.

I first heard of Edge Hill at a university fair at the college I went to. I spoke to one of the Edge Hill team at their stand and they told me about the next Open Day that was coming up. At the time I had a few other university Open Days I planned to go to, but the first one I went to was at Edge Hill in November 2017.

I went to the Open Day with my parents and we drove the two-hour journey to get here. My incredibly positive initial impression was created by the kind and welcoming man who greeted us at the car park and showed us where to park. I remember he was very friendly – he made me and parents laugh and straight away feel comfortable in somewhere we had never been before. At registration we were told exactly where to go around the uni and I remember collecting an Edge Hill tote bag and prospectus in Main Building, which I was really happy with! My parents and I were very impressed by the beautiful campus and every student we met was extremely helpful, showing us around and answering every question we had (even quite a few obvious ones my dad had to ask!)

Without a doubt, the most helpful part of the day was speaking to my course department. It’s so important to speak to potential tutors on an Open Day because your course is a big part of university life. I remember feeling so excited and certain that this was what I wanted to do a degree in, and that is exactly what I did!

We looked around and spoke to all the different stands at the Student Experience Fair, who were giving useful information about university life at Edge Hill. As part of the Open Day we also had a campus tour and a look around all the accommodation. There were also stalls with hot drinks and food we could help ourselves to. Needless to say, me and my parents were very impressed. One thing that really jumped out at me was that we’d seen so many students who obviously cared about and enjoyed their uni so much!

We absolutely loved the day; it was brilliant to be on the incredible campus and see everything it had to offer, but for me it was the lovely people that made it. We didn’t want the day to end and I really think that that was a sign that I would be very happy at Edge Hill and it was the right uni for me!

I hope you’ve enjoyed the blog and it has given you a little insight into what an Open Day at Edge Hill is like- a brilliant day you will absolutely love. If you have any questions, please get in touch with us…

The dates of our upcoming Open Days this year:

Saturday 15th June 2019, 10am-3pm – Book Now

Saturday 17th August 2019, 10am-3pm – Book Now

Saturday 12th October 2019, 10am-3pm – Book Now

Saturday 9th November 2019, 10am-3pm – Book Now

Saturday 23rd November 2019, 10am-3pm – Book Now

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Alice : )

Firm & Insurance Decision Deadline

For many, making the final decision on UCAS of which universities are going to be your firm and insurance places is a difficult task. For some, it’s easy peasy. Others fall somewhere in between.

When I first began to look at my options for university, course content was one of the biggest aspects – I wanted to find just the right course that featured just the right modules. The BSc biology course had exactly what I was looking for – a mix of genetics and conservation – instantly making it one of a few in my shortlist. Looking back, I might’ve put less importance on the individual modules, and more on the general areas of the course – modules can change and so can your own interests and career aspirations. I switched from Biology over to Ecology & Conservation, before quickly changing to Genetics before 2nd year began.

There was another reason why Edge Hill was my firm choice, however. After attending an open day, I fell in love with the campus and felt a sense of familiarity from Ormskirk. After already strongly considering Edge Hill University, the open day cemented it in my mind that Edge Hill would be one of my two choices. Not only did the campus feel right, but the biosciences department also fulfilled my expectations – the facilities were clean and modern, and the welcome talk was… well, welcoming! Maybe you didn’t attend an open day but instead made it along to an applicant visit day? Although I didn’t make it to an applicant visit day when I was applying, I did help the biology department during one last year, so know that they are worth going to if you’re unsure in this decision.

The Biosciences building at Edge Hill University, Ormskirk campus.

These factors combined with the realistic entry requirements pulled me towards choosing Edge Hill University as my firm place. If you have received all your offers by the 31st March, then May 4th will be the date that you need to make this decision by.

Edge Hill Open Days

Hello everyone! It looks like Spring isn’t here just yet… but I have to admit I have been enjoying this Winter weather!

You may have been to an Edge Hill open day before or may have chosen the university from the prospectus. Considering I visited the uni about 3 times before starting here, I thought I would share my experiences with you! Open days are a great chance to learn more about the university and explore the campus. If you are able to travel there, I definitely recommend visiting (even if you have confirmed your place already).

Edge Hill’s open days were part of the reason why I decided to come here. The organisation of the day, the lecturers and seeing the accommodation first-hand, allowed me to experience Edge Hill in all its greatness!

The lectures – This was a good chance to sit in the place of a first year student, and ask any questions you may have.

Seeing the accommodation – Before seeing it for myself, I didn’t realise how nice the university’s student accommodation really is. All block of flats are modern with everything you need and it’s up to you to choose your 5 accommodation preferences.

The student guides – There are lots of lovely students to guide you and answer your questions throughout the day. After meeting someone also doing primary education for their course, it was really helpful to ask the specific questions I wasn’t sure who to ask!

You can find more information about open days and campus tours here. The next campus tour is the 7th of March. Hope to see you there! Thank you for reading, goodbye to February!

Anna 🙂



My university journey so far

Time has absolutely flown by over the past few months and somehow we are already at the end of January! With Christmas and the New Year feeling like forever ago I have found myself reflecting on the past few months and how much has changed since my first few days at Edge Hill. It seems like the perfect opportunity to share with you some of the things I’ve learnt in my first few months as an Early Childhood Studies student.

1. The nerves of first week quickly turn into excitement

Before starting at Edge Hill I was very nervous and wasn’t sure what to expect as a mature student. Getting my timetable for the first time helped to settle me, as did meeting lots of new people on my first day, many of which have become close friends already! There are so many events during Welcome Week, Freshers and again at the start of Semester 2 that you’ll always have opportunities to meet new people and find new interests to explore.

2. Deadlines and time management are nothing to worry about

There are so many people available to offer support and guidance about your assignments or exams that there is no need to stress or feel like you are all alone. Student Services offer a lot of advice to students around issues such as time management, stress, physical and mental health and can even help if you’re feeling a little homesick. By finding a routine which works for you it is easier to manage your time and stay on top of your workload.

3. The campus always feels safe and welcoming

Even on the darkest and coldest nights (or early mornings!) the campus always felt safe and welcoming when I’ve arrived. The lights around campus help you to feel safe and easily navigate your way to where you want to be. The library has a wonderful feeling about it in the early hours, knowing the world is sleeping around you whilst you are learning about something which interests you is an experience I would definitely recommend.

Well that’s all for now from me, if you’ve got a spare few moments why not check out the dates for the Open Days in 2018? Here’s a short video below of what happens. As always, if you’ve got any questions just pop them in the comments section below and I will get back to you 🙂

Open Days at Edge Hill

When deciding if a uni is the right choice for you, open days can be a huge contributor. Universities and their staff will go out of their way to make sure you have a great time and see everything they have to offer in just one day. At some places, this can all feel a little forced and fake, but at Edge Hill, you feel like you’re home already.

A usual Open Day at Edge Hill will consist of pre-registering before hand, and then on arrival booking in and receiving a bag full of everything you will need for the day, including times for subject and general talks, a map of the campus, and most importantly, a pen!

The general talks will take you through a little bit of history of the uni, the values Edge Hill stands for, and what the uni has to offer you. More specialised talks also take place throughout the day in different departments, and then individual subjects, which gives you a chance to meet and interact with your future tutors and ask any burning questions you may have.

Student Helpers will also be around the campus, helping you to find where you need to be going and offering Campus Tours and Accommodation tours so you can see what life at Edge Hill will be like. On the Accommodation Tours there will be current (usually first year) students in their own accommodation waiting to show you round and answer any questions that haven’t yet been answered, or questions that are student specific, things that the lecturers won’t know, such as ‘how’s the night life?’ or ‘what’s the food on campus like?’ – the answer to both is very, very good!

Speaking of food, on your open day you will be treated to free food around virtually every corner, but with the bulk of it being in the Hub- hosting a massive buffet of lunch time snacks and drinks. During the summer months, there is also usually a free ice cream van which is great for eating whilst having a stroll around one of the two campus lakes, or taking to the campus beach to sit and enjoy.

Lastly, you’ll get to say hello to the famous campus ducks, and if you’re lucky, you might just spot one of the campus cats lurking around in the trees.

That’s all for now, I hope to see you at an upcoming Open Day soon!

Open Days and UCAS Decisions

If you’re thinking about going to an open day at Edge Hill but aren’t sure, I’d really suggest going! It might be a bit of a long way for some (as it was for me), but I can’t recommend the experience enough. Going to an open day was what made me decide to choose Edge Hill as my firm choice.

Before I went to the EHU open day, I already knew the course was a good option for me – it was definitely going to be one of my top five. Having looked at the undergraduate courses available on the Edge Hill website, I knew the modules in the biological sciences degrees were practically catered to my interests. Another factor of the biosciences courses that I found particularly useful was that of the common first year – all the biosciences degrees have the same modules in first year, meaning all first year students in the department get to know each other and share classes. More importantly, I could change my degree within the department at the end of first year, which I did… Twice!

Realising at the end of first year that I wanted to specialise rather than continue with straight biology (I’m not a fan of the human body stuff), I switched to the BSc Ecology and Conservation course. Then, after further consideration, I switched to BSc Genetics before my second year began. It was lucky that I managed to fit into the modules I wanted after switching course again so late, but the fact that I was allowed at all was extremely helpful for me.

However, what really sold Edge Hill to me, was coming here in person. Seeing the campus, meeting the students, listening to the lecturers. Experiencing Edge Hill (and Ormskirk) in person gave me all the insight I needed to rank it higher than the other universities I visited. The campus felt safe, looked beautiful, and was situated close to town, which in turn was close enough via train to the city. For me, that was perfect. Students I met were friendly and spoke highly of the university. Finally, the talks given by the department showed me just how much the lecturers cared for their discipline and wanted to share that knowledge, whilst making sure the students would prosper.

If you haven’t booked an open day place yet, find information on the available dates coming up in November and December here!

Improving Your CV at EHU

As I’m sure you’ve been told many times before, your CV is an important document, and making sure it is well fleshed out is part of what makes a good CV. Any volunteering or part time work will show commitment, as well as any skills you’ve picked up along the way. These could be specialised (relating to your job, like for instance, waiting tables) or generalised (things such as teamwork and responsibility). In any case, you should have numerous opportunities to further bolster your CV throughout your time at Edge Hill University.

The Careers Centre on campus, currently located in the Student Information Centre (SIC), can provide assistance in acquiring a part-time job in the surrounding areas whilst at university, through the use of lists of availabilities; insight into the best places and websites to check for openings; and interview tips. Additionally, they can also help with finding volunteer work. For example, Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust have a centre called the Martin Mere Wetland Centre that accepts volunteers to assist with various aspects of their conservation work, from helping in the visitor centre to maintaining the grounds.

To make sure you get some basic help with CVs and future prospects, someone from the Careers Centre comes into a lecture once or twice a year, to provide that vital information. Then you can, of course, book an appointment with a Careers Advisers for a one to one, more personal, conversation about where your future is headed.

Accompanying the campus Careers Centre, there is the careers centre website. The website has many features, from “ask a question” where you can get feedback on your CV, amongst other things, to the lists of resources and opportunities – some of which are at Edge Hill themselves.

There are numerous opportunities at Edge Hill for part time work, I myself have worked for both the Money Advice Team and the Student Recruitment Team, as well as being part of the Student Casual Bank. Then there is also the chance to work on open days, applicant visit days, and giving campus tours to prospective students throughout the year.

In short, Edge Hill provides many ways to better yourself and have that show on your CV, whilst providing you with the tools to make sure your career is heading in the direction that you want it to.


Events Across The Year

Open Days

Edge Hill University hosts many events throughout the year, the one you’ve most likely been to already is the Open Day, which I couldn’t recommend enough. Once you start studying at EHU, you might think that these would get annoying or get in the way of you just trying to live your life on campus – but I’ve found that they really don’t! If anything, they provide you with some unique opportunities (as well as free ice cream)! If you live on campus, there’s the option to open your room/corridor to visitors so that they can have a glance at what future accommodation they might be living in – this is a paid role, and you have to be present the whole time this is going on, so I would recommend it if you need a little extra cash. Students are also vital in making sure the open day runs smoothly, directing prospective students around and supplying information when needed – again, a paid causal role.

Careers Fairs

Many fairs are held at EHU, one type being the careers fair. They can be general or course-specific (ie. nursing), volunteer-focused, or aimed at future graduates. These are held by the Career’s Centre throughout the year, but some usually coincide with specific times like #NationalCareersWeek.

Fresher’s and Re-Fresher’s Fair

An iconic event, Fresher’s Fair is your introduction to the societies and sports clubs at EHU, but lesser known is Re-Freshers Fair… which is exactly what you’d expect – Fresher’s Fair 2.0. It is a useful event though – personally I signed up for far too many societies and clubs during my first fresher’s week that I couldn’t commit to; Re-Fresher’s allowed me to revisit and reassess which societies and clubs I wanted to be a part of, signing up for some new ones in the process.

Feel Good Festival

An event that took place on #UniMentalHealthDay was the Feel Good Festival (again, an event that you may have the opportunity to work during if you are keen). This was a wonderful day that featured a bouncy castle, a petting zoo, and many other activities. In the same week, the SU also had guide dogs in the QUAD as part of the StressedOutStudents campaign.

Pride Week

The very first Pride occurred at EHU this year! A week-long event, featuring different activities on each day aimed at celebrating and educating. I wrote a whole post dedicated to the week, here.

Chinese New Year

The Confucius Institute at EHU put on a street market in The Hub (including Chinese music, traditional Chinese dress and calligraphy lessons) as well as stalls in The Arts Centre and a show that included Chinese kung fu and martial arts demonstrations, folk dances and musical performances using traditional Chinese instruments.

International Women’s Day

From Edge Hill’s beginnings as England’s first women’s teacher training college to this year’s partnership with Liverpool Geek Girls, EHU celebrated International Women’s day around campus. #BeBoldForChange

Of course, this is just touching the surface! There are many more events held at Edge Hill over the year, big and small. Just keep your eyes on EHU’s social media and you’ll be in the know. Oh, and one final tip – don’t do your laundry on an Open Day, carrying your clothes through a few crowds across campus is not fun!

Making my final UCAS choices

Anyone applying for university this year has some quick thinking to do! I can’t tell you what is best for you individually, but I can tell you about my experiences and what was best for me, and my thoughts looking back two years later…

One thing that helped me massively when making my decision was attending different university open days. Luckily, my dad was able to either drive or accompany me on the train for a number of them. Being able to physically experience the university and the surrounding area was a huge aid in my decision making process. I visited both campus and city universities, and honestly most of the city uni’s weren’t for me. Living just outside of London for most of my life, and taking frequent excursions into the capital, had got me used to the bustle of the city. But as a place for me to study in a university setting, the cities I visited weren’t for me, and I would never have known that if I didn’t visit them personally.

Then again, some of the campus uni’s felt too secluded. Edge Hill felt like great middle ground. Despite being a campus university, it is only around 10 minutes from Ormskirk town centre (and although Ormskirk is small, it has good character) and only 30 minutes on the train from Liverpool – a city I’ve also come to love. As soon as my open day at Edge Hill was over, it already felt a tiny bit like home – I knew it had earned a place as either my firm or insurance choice.

In the end, I chose Edge Hill University as my firm, and a uni with much lower entry criteria as my insurance. Now, I don’t regret my firm choice for a second, as Edge Hill is a fantastic uni and I know I’ve already grown as a person just from my year and a half studying here. However, I do regret my insurance choice. I should’ve aimed a little higher and been more confident in myself to achieve the grades I had set out to acquire. After all, if I did end up falling below my expectations, I could’ve always looked at Clearing.
Like I said earlier, I can’t know which decision is right for you. Ultimately all I can do is wish you luck, and hope that you found some of my experiences helpful and worth reading. So with that in mind… Good luck!

What’s the Big Deal about Open Days?

Hey everyone!

Hope you’re all having a good week.

I am writing to you from behind a wall of books that I need to read so today’s post will probably be a short one, but I hope that it helps nonetheless!

If you’re applying to uni (or even if you’ve already sent off your application) then you’ve probably heard a lot of people talking about Open Days.

Your tutors have probably recommended that you attend as many as possible, you might have friends who have told you about an Open Day they went too, you may even be waiting to attend one yourself.

Either way a question a lot of people have is ‘what’s the point in an Open Day?’

It’s a valid question, and one that I had when I was applying to university. So today I’m going to give you a few tips on what I have learnt over the past couple of years, and hopefully impart some wisdom to you about what you can get from an Open Day.

Why should I go to an Open Day?
Applying to uni can be a lot of pressure. You’ve probably hunted through a stack of prospectuses trying to find the right uni for you. Even if you’ve narrowed it down to a few choices I would highly suggest visiting each uni! A prospectus gives a good overview of a university and its courses but nothing is better than visiting the uni and talking to students and tutors of your course. If you have any questions this is the quickest way to find the answer, and sometimes just getting the feel of the uni will help you decide if it’s the place for you or not.

What if I can’t go to an Open Day?
Sometimes it just isn’t possible to get to an Open Day, whether that’s because of college, work or distance. If you can’t get to an Open Day I would suggest getting in touch with the university to talk about the course you want to study, you can find information about how to contact Edge Hill here. They will answer any course specific enquiries or general enquiries about student life and the facilities at Edge Hill. Check out Edge Hill University’s Facebook as well as they upload photos and videos of the campus – the next best thing if you are unable to visit yourself.

I hope you all go to a few Open Days this year, even if you have already sent off your UCAS application. As soon as I attended the Edge Hill Open Day I knew this was the place where I wanted to study for the next three years, and I am loving every second!

Quote for the day: “It’s not hard to make decisions when you know what your values are.” – Roy Disney

Have another amazing week!

Until next time.

-Becki 🙂