Receiving a Halls Offer from Edge Hill

As some of you who are looking to come to Edge Hill get closer to Results day, you may also be waiting to learn of what accommodation you are offered and what to do next. So here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know leading up to moving in date.

Receiving your offer

I can’t say for certain but you will probably receive your offer via email on results day, but you could receive it after this date as well I imagine so don’t worry if it’s a bit later. This email will provide you with the details of your offer such as the room you have been given and the cost of said room. Once you have your offer and if you choose to accept it, you can sign your license agreement online. You will also have to pay your damage deposit for the room and set up how you are going to pay for your room, which for most people will be in installments from your student loan.

Changed your mind?

If you decide you no longer want to live in halls at all then this is best communicated to the university as soon as possible so they can offer the room to someone else. If you still want to live in halls but are unhappy with what room you have been given, you should contact the accommodation team directly to discuss.

Final steps

Once you are happy with your living arrangements, all that’s left to do is pick up your keys on Welcome Sunday which is also when you will be given your student Unicard! You might also want to check out the halls handbook because there’s loads of information in those that people always ask me. Hope this helped clear up any questions you may have had, thanks for reading!


A Guide to Living in Halls

Hello everyone, in my last blog I talked about the different types of accommodation Edge Hill offers, following on from that I thought I would give my own experience of living in said halls and some things to keep in mind if you do end up living in them.

Loud noise and dealing with it:

Nobody wants to have to listen to the block downstairs partying  or someone having a full-blown argument while you’re trying to sleep at three in the morning, but sometimes these things happen. Things like earplugs are definitely an option but if they are too loud for too long then maybe calling campus security is the best bet to get things sorted out. At the same time it’s important that you cut people some slack, sometimes other’s don’t know when there being too loud or don’t mean to be and the noise could subside within a few minutes, so in my opinion you shouldn’t have to call security unless the noise is constant. Luckily I never had to call security while in halls but that’s probably because sometimes I can sleep through anything if I’m tired enough!

Keeping the place tidy:

This one’s simple enough, while your room is your room, the kitchen has to be shared by everyone so do your best to keep the place tidy, no one likes the sinks being full of dishes and old food way past its use by, not fun. There are cleaners who come in every weekday, ours was really great and was always very pleasant, so it’s appreciated by them if you can make the effort to keep the place reasonably tidy to make their lives easier.


Designate your space:

At the start of the year everyone is buying lot’s of food and wants somewhere to store it so the fridges/freezers can get full. The best thing I can suggest is everyone decide together who get’s which space. Alternatively to that, if spaces are already filled, pick a shelf and stick to it so everyone else knows that’s where your food is going. Personally, I think another fridge would help for most blocks but I was lucky enough to share a fridge with people who didn’t eat nearly as much as me so I had all the space I needed (most of the time). If you have a mini-fridge you will probably end up using it for groceries.

I hope you enjoyed reading and this helps and till next time!




Choosing the Right Halls for You

Hi guys when looking at universities, accommodation can be an important factor to consider, price, location and overall quality come into play and in my own experience it can be tough to choose when you haven’t seen everything to offer in detail so here’s a quick guide to what Edge Hill can offer you during your time here.

Chancellors Court/South, Founders East/West, Palatine Court, Graduates Court: I have grouped all this accommodation together because of their similar pricing/interior style.  From next year all rooms in these accommodations will range from £120-to 130 a week depending on the block. The different buildings do have some differences (mainly in location) but as far as I know they aren’t major. Overall as someone who has previously lived in Chancellors Court I was really impressed with the accommodation, rooms are a nice size, kitchen is also great, big enough for multiple people at once. Then there’s other things like the mini-fridge and my personal favourite feature, the wired internet connection. There is wi-fi as well, but if you do want to use wired internet it is really fast and very reliable, something you don’t always see with any kind of accommodation. 

Main Halls, Back Halls,: These blocks are a bit more budget friendly but do offer up some major differences, mainly in that there are no en-suites something you might not be bothered about at all so happy days. Most importantly the Main Halls are self-catered so part of your hall fees will go towards credit for food on campus. Self-catered accommodation here is £76 as of next year and catered £112 per week. So if you’re looking to save money these buildings could be the choice for you.

Forest Court: I put this one on its own as it’s kind of the middle ground between the two types above, Forest Court features both shared bathrooms and en-suite rooms and is priced at around £90-102 a week for next year so is a nice middle ground if neither of the others is exactly what you are looking for.

Woodland Court: These building is specifically for 3rd year students which is why I have situated it in its own group. With prices from £122-127 as of next year it’s in a similar price range as the other new buildings talked about earlier. the main difference being as far as I know it is the only accommodation that has a washing machine in the kitchen so there’s a bonus, if your going into 3rd year and looking for somewhere to live this could be a good bet for you.

Whichever halls you do end up choosing all accommodations run on a 40 week contract and include 24/7 security as standard for piece of mind. Here’s a link to the website for more information and for pictures etc. Anyway hope this helps and thanks for reading.


My experience of student accommodation

Hey all! Hope the beginning to your week has gone well so far!

I recently uploaded a blog on the different types of accommodation, which I will link below now;

Life at Edge Hill: On-Campus Accommodation

This blog is a more general view of the accommodation that is on offer on campus at Edge Hill, so I wanted to offer a more personal view of the accommodation I was living in; the Margaret Bain (all female) Back Halls!

When applying for accommodation, you get to choose 5 different halls in which you would be happy with, in order of your first to last choice. Obviously, as a lot of students apply there’s the odd chance you might not get your first option, but they try their hardest to fit everyone where they want and both me and most of the people I know who lived on campus actually did get their first choice! I made Back Halls my first choice for a variety of reasons; it was fairly close to the centre of the campus, I didn’t mind sharing a bathroom, it was the cheapest option (so I could spend more money on food and social things!), and when I went on an accommodation tour when I auditioned for my course I loved how spacious the rooms were!

I don’t have any decent pics of my room last year, but it basically looked like this, but with the bookcase on top of the desk and the bedside cabinet at the end of the bed!

The great thing about Back Halls is that although it’s the cheapest option for on-campus accommodation, it’s not a dump! I know a lot of people worry about cheap Uni accommodation but I was more than happy with the building and even miss the homeliness of my room last year! The only real big different to the more expensive accommodation options, for example Founders Court and Chancellors Court/South, is that you share a bathroom with your cluster and you don’t get an ensuite or TV/computer in your room. Every accommodation has a shared kitchen, so that’s not any different to other buildings! The kitchens and bathrooms are maintained throughout the week by a cleaner that the Uni hire, the only time you have to keep it clean is throughout the weekend. So, it’s always clean, and to be honest I rarely even had an issue of waiting for showers or the toilet! There are also so many pros to not spending more money on accommodation:

  • You have more money for food (and Dominos… I know what you’re all thinking!)
  • You have more money for shopping and general student habits
  • You have more money to go to restaurants etc. on nice occasions
  • You have more money to go on nights out!

Another thing that I found amazing about Back Halls is that it’s the only accommodation on campus that has a proper declared common room area. There is a TV in this room that has a license paid for by the Uni and sofas for you and your flatmates to all sit and talk, get to know each other at Freshers’, and enjoy some TV together. It’s just such a wonderful atmosphere!

There are also even more perks this year than there was last year. Here are some of the new and old things I loved about its location:

  • Last year I loved the fact that Back Halls is right next to the SU bar! Not only is this good for going to the events, as it’s literally a 2 minute walk, but there is also the SU takeaway there too, the SU shop where you can buy clothes and Edge Hill merch and there’s now even a brand new Subway!
  • You just have to walk through the corridor that links all of these together and you’re right in front of the Hub. This is super useful if you want to use the computers on the top floor or drop in to get a Starbucks! It’s also a 5 minutes walk away from the library, which was useful when I’d forgotten to grab a book or two.
  • It’s just around the corner from the Durning Centre, where you collect post. Just round the corner from that there is also an exit to the Uni which takes you just outside Ruff Woods- the beautiful woods that are just outside the Uni. I loved just popping up there for a walk when I was stressed or just needed alone time.

Another great thing you’ll find about living in student accommodation is the friends you make! Of course, living with strangers can be nerve-wracking, and you might not be best friends with everyone, that’s just the nature of getting to know people, but you will find friends for life on campus. I’m living with two girls I was living with next year this year too, by choice, because we got so close last year! And I wouldn’t have met either of them if I wasn’t living in that building, so I’m forever grateful for the chance to meet likeminded and fun people that the on-campus accommodation and Back Halls gave me!

If you want to know any more about my experience, any questions you want, drop me a comment! I hope this has given you an idea of what it’s like and the pros of living in student accommodation!

Campus Life – Night 🌌

Life on campus during the night might start out a little daunting, living in a new place and in a new room can always be scary. But from my experience, Edge Hill campus is a very safe place to be. Also, it’s absolutely beautiful.

I’ve taken some photographs that I’m pretty fond of at night on campus. Around this time last year I took some snowy pictures of campus early one morning when it had just settled.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Yesterday, after spending the evening with a friend who lives on-campus, I went around the university again, this time with a DSLR camera instead of my phone. Excuse the blurry nature of some of the photos (although I think it does look nice with the bright blurry lights), as I’m not quite used to night photography and still don’t know the ins and outs of my camera.

We all know how early it gets dark in winter (despite it sneaking up and surprising us every year), and with the laundrette, McColls, library, and other facilities being open late, that means traversing through the cold, dark of night. Fortunately, Edge Hill University has many lamps to light your way through the night time adventures you may have. Whether it’s a late study session in the library, or a night out in the Quad, you’ll be able to find your way across campus with no trouble. Just remember where the tightrope walker sculpture is, I’ve forgotten about it far too many times and had a little jump when seeing it from the corner of my eye!

Also, if you haven’t seen these posts, they might be of use around this time of year, with final UCAS decisions and applicant days approaching. Although not relating the the first year of your studies in biological sciences, these entires are on my second year modules within the biology department:

The Ins and Outs of Chancellors Court

I lived in Chancellors Court last year and, as the newest accommodation on campus, it was really modern, clean and, most importantly, a pleasure to live in. It’s situated next to Creative Edge and Sporting Edge; fabulous if you’re based in those buildings, but even when I wasn’t, it was only a few minutes’ walk away from the Hub and the centre of campus. I can’t tell you how thankful I was for being able to roll out of bed for a 9am lecture and only be a few minutes away from where I needed to be.  It was also close to the laundrette so I didn’t need to haul my laundry too far.

In my kitchen, everyone was given their own lockable cupboard, and there were loads of other cupboards for storage. There was also two of everything (ovens, sinks, fridges, freezers, induction hobs [we needed special induction pans for these, although one set was supplied] ). Our kitchen also had a large dining table, an area that I found to be fantastic for socialising. Another great bonus was the cleaners. They came in every weekday to clean the common areas in the flat, and were the most lovely ladies ever.

The bedrooms themselves were ideal. There were 8 rooms in my flat, and they were all really well equipped. My room came with a desk and computer, which I found really useful during busy library hours. I brought a ton of stuff with me, but there were plenty of places to keep my things. As well as the wardrobe, there were three large drawers in the desk, a big shelf and under bed storage. Also, each room had its own ensuite wet room, which meant there was no need to fight my flatmates for the bathroom in the mornings – yay!

If you would like a better idea of what Chancellors Court is like, I’d recommend attending an open day. To book your place on an open day, you can click here. I’ve also put a video tour of Chancellors Court below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chancellors Court is really a lovely place to live, but whichever halls you choose, make sure they are right for you and your budget and you’re bound to have the best time.