• Living off Campus

    Hi guys, since we are coming to the start of a new year a lot of you may be living off campus for the first time. So here’s a few things that in my experience are different from on campus accommodation both good and bad. Having your own washing machine/drier I don’t know about you […]

  • House Hunting

    Hello everyone, today’s blog is going to be about looking for off-campus housing as a student, I know we are past when a lot of students will have been looking and hopefully a good amount of you guys have found somewhere to live by now, but this doesn’t apply for everyone, different circumstances could mean […]

  • Sharing Accommodation

    It’s one thing sharing a home with your family but it’s a whole other sharing one with complete strangers. When you first get to uni it’s most likely that you won’t know your flatmates, Edge Hill, via facebook page does tend to encourage students to get to know their flatmates before Welcome Sunday by setting […]

  • Top tips for sharing accommodation

    So, now that I’ve moved out of my student house due to placement, I’ve been thinking of some of the things that make living with others students go more smoothly. Organise nights in/out (depending on your flatmates). During freshers, you’re overwhelmed with meeting a whole load of new people from all different walks of life. However, […]

  • Real housemates of Ormskirk

    One of the most important transitions you make whilst at university is the transition from halls (or home) into a student house. For me this is transition is terrifying, am I even old enough to be renting an actual house? There is a wide range of student accommodation both in Ormskirk and in Liverpool. When […]

  • Second and Third Year Accomodation

    So it’s the time of year when every student in Year 1 and 2 is thinking about housing for the following year! You might think it’s too early to even think about next year as sometimes it’s difficult thinking about what to cook later on for tea! So where do you begin to look? Before […]

  • Settling In

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re all having a fantastic week and are looking forward to Freshers! Welcome Sunday is just one week away, so this week I’m going to be focusing on making your new accommodation more homely. I’ve just moved into a house in Ormskirk with a few friends that I met last year. It’s […]

  • Packing, Packing, Packing!

    Hey everyone! Hope you’re all doing well this week. I’ve just started packing some of my stuff up to move to our rented house in Ormskirk. I’m moving there this week, and I’m super excited to spend some time back there before university starts up again! Of course I remember this time last year, when […]

  • Halls, Homes and Houses

    Hi everyone! Looks like the sun has finally gone away, and the clouds have come out once again. Nonetheless I hope you are all having a fantastic June! This week I moved out of halls, and am finally back home for the summer. It was a bit emotional moving away from the place I called […]

  • Great Fun In Ormskirk

    Hey everyone! It’s been a while since my last post and I apologise. I was very busy with assignments and my exam, but I have officially finished my first year at university now. It has been a very fun year, but it has absolutely flown by. If you’re finishing your year at sixth form or […]