My A-Z of Edge Hill University

A – Art’s Centre: The Art’s Centre hosts a wide range of entertainment available for anyone – film, theatre, and music. Currently, students can get a free membership that comes with a few free tickets.
B – Biosciences: Obviously the greatest department around, is the department of biology. The building is filled with great equipment such as the electron microscope as well as having the brand new tech hub lab next door. Of course, the department staff are as well phenomenal – the technicians, administrators and lecturers.
C – Campus: Our wonderful campus is fairly small but incredibly beautiful. With two lakes and plenty of green spaces, you will never be far from nature, yet the modern facilities are equally as stunning.
D – Ducks: If you don’t know already, you should know that the ducks on campus are essentially the mascots of our uni.
E – Edge Link: The Edge Link Bus runs from campus to Ormskirk throughout the day, roughly every 15 minutes.
F – Facilities: Many impressive facilities exist at Edge Hill, the newest of which is the Techhub. It hosts the new biotechnology lab, as well as the CAVE. Other buildings worth mentioning are Creative Edge and Sporting Edge – both being modern facilities for the computery creative and the athletic populations of Edge Hill.
G – Green: Facilities Management became the second university in the UK to gain the Green Flag Award for maintaining an attractive and welcoming campus. Our uni is also green in that it is environmentally conscious, sporting solar panels, ground source heating and thermal heat recovery.
H – History: Edge Hill College, as it was once known, was originally a women-only teaching college, until accepting men in 1959. The history of Edge HIll has links to women’s rights and the Suffragette movement.
I – International: The International office allows students the opportunity to study abroad on the ERASMUS+ program. We have links to Sweden, Cyprus, Belgium, and many more.
J – Joint Honours: Those wishing to study a joint or combined honours degree will find a number of options available to them at Edge Hill, particularly in the Humanities subjects on offer here.
K – Knowledge: Those studying at Edge Hill will gain knowledge into their degree subject that only a lecturer could give. Studying Biology at Edge Hill has presented me with many opportunities to learn that would not have been available to me otherwise.
L – Liverpool: A mere 30 minutes on the train from Liverpool, Ormskirk is nicely situated near the bustling city.
M – Money Advice Team: The Money Advice Team offer advice at drop-in sessions all throughout the term, providing support on money management as well as information regarding scholarships and the hardship fund.
N – Nightlife: There are few clubs and bars in Ormskirk, as well as the SU Bar and Quad, ensuring you will have plenty of choices if you decide on a night in town.
O – Ormskirk: A quaint market town that makes a lovely place to call your home away from home. From the clock tower to coronation park, I know I’ve come to love it.
P – PGCE: Qualifications for teaching are also available at Edge Hill, alongside other undergrad and postgrad degrees.
Q – Queer representation: Our students’ union have both an LGBT+ Officer and also the upcoming position of a Trans Officer.
R – Red Bar: The Red Bar – adjacent the Arts Centre – is the location of the Open Mic nights and serves delicious pizza! The staff are incredibly welcoming too. Also here are many board games for a nice quiet social time.
S – Societies and Sports: So! Many! Societies! Ranging from Sports clubs to liberation or recreational socs.
T – Tutors: I can speak from experience when I say that my personal tutor has been very supportive of me and has provided great support when I’ve needed it. Personal tutors definitely make an important part of the incredible student support system at Edge Hill.
U – University of the Year: Back in 2014-5, Edge Hill won the University of the Year in 10th annual Times Higher Education (THE) Awards – a title it rightfully deserves!
V – Varsity: The annual sporting competition between us and the University of Central Lancashire is a great opportunity to get involved in competitive sport. Bonus V – Vikings: The Edge Hill American football team!
W – Whatuni awards: This year, Edge Hill won top accommodation, third for student support, and placed in the top five for Courses and Lecturers and Uni Facilities.
X – Xenobiotics: One of the areas of study by our biology department is mosquitoes as a vector for human disease. A topic that accompanies this is the use of insecticides – xenobiotics – to kerb the spread of said diseases.
Y – You: Our Student’s Union values you, and is made by you. Our bar and house staff are students, as are the elected officers, president and vice presidents.
Z – Zoo: Chester zoo is not far, and was one of the trips I attended during the first few weeks of my biology degree. It was a great icebreaker and helped form bonds that would only be strengthened in Cyprus, another trip in the first term of my first term of Biology.

Where can I find students in Ormskirk?

University students aren’t difficult to find, they’ll most likely congregate on campus, around the library or the SU bar. But, believe it or not, students do actually leave campus and can be found in various places around Ormskirk, so whip our your pokedex because we’re going to have a game of ‘Edge Hill go’ (yes, I know it’s not got much of a ring to it).


It seems weirdly mundane but you can find a ridiculous amount of students in Aldi. It’s affordable selection of groceries means that students can spend less money on food and more on the things that really ma- actually no most of us spend our money on food! But nonetheless, if you want to catch a glimpse of the lesser spotted student, Aldi is a good place to start!


Wherever you go, pretty much every student town has a Wetherspoons. So what’s so special about it? It’s cheap, friendly and they do the best cocktail pitchers! The Ormskirk branch of ‘spoons can be found at Wheatsheaf Walk (Turn right at the clock and you’re on your way). Also, in keeping with the legendary ‘Ormskirk gingerbread’ when you ascend the stairs you’ll notice an army of gingerbread men on the wall! It’s a great place to go for pre-drinks or for a quick, cheap lunch – Curry Club Thursdays are always the best. Not many people know why ‘Spoons has become such a popular place for students but I can guarantee you’ll go there at least once (fair do’s to you if you can avoid it for three years).

The Loft

As one of Ormskirk’s main nightclubs The Loft attracts a large number of students on a nightly basis. It is the newest club in Ormskirk, taking over the former building that housed Alpine. It hosts a number of events and themed nights that are posted in advance on their Facebook page. The Loft is especially popular during Edge Hill’s weekly social, every Wednesday Ormskirk is taken over by students in fancy dress, it’s hilarious to see all the different societies dressed up in their chosen ‘theme.’ The Loft is also a great and cheaper alternative to a night out in Liverpool, no need to pay extortionate amounts for taxis and you have a selection of different places to pre-drink – ‘Spoons (obviously), Junk, Styles etc – So it’s perfect for when you’re low on cash but need a good night out.


An example of how photogenic the food is.

This is by far my favourite place in Ormskirk, my friends and I have become quite the regulars over the last few years. Cobble is a charming little café that specialises in smoothies, milkshakes, coffee and the most aesthetically pleasing food you can imagine (follow them on Instagram if you don’t believe me – @cobblecoffee). Located on Church Street, this adorable café was originally a cobbler’s – hence the name – and is now run by the grandson of the couple who owned the cobbler’s. Cobble is often very busy and is a popular meeting place for students, they even now have a ‘late night Thursday’ menu including ‘twisted smoothies’ which of course attracts even more students.


I hope this post gave you an idea of the kind of places that are available to and popular with students in the Ormskirk area. Until next time! 🙂

Friends at Uni

At uni there are so many new doors open to you in the sense of meeting new people, new experiences and opportunities that become available to you!

Halls are a perfect opportunity to meet new people… even people that live in flats alongside, above or below you! On Welcome Sunday you will have a meeting regarding fire safety in halls. Our flat invited the rest of our building to our kitchen that night so we could all go to the first night of freshers together and get to know everyone! These people live with you so it’s vital you make an effort and the more friends you make the merrier, nobody has ever complained at having too many friends!

Your course is also a great place to talk to people who have similar interests as you do and will share the same experiences as you for the next three years! You will be able to talk to them about things on your course that your other uni friends may not be able to relate to i.e. coursework questions and essays. Course friends are also such an amazing help when it comes to study motivation and support. Also, if your course consists of group-work you want to make sure that you’re with people you get on with.

So get smiling, put your friendly head on and make an effort. They do say the friends you make at uni are your friends for life… so good luck!


On monday night I went into Liverpool, where I met up with a friend of mine because back in March we’d booked to see the Folk band Bellowhead. Bellowhead are ten piece folk band who are more popular than you might think. Anyway me and my friend were originally meant to be seeing them at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, however a few weeks ago they announced they would instead be playing at the University of Liverpool Guild of Students Mountford Hall on the 10th November because the Philharmonic Hall was being renovated which was where we saw them on Monday night. Me and my friend managed to get there in really good time and got the last two seats on the front row, which as ace because we were very close to the stage 😀 During the concert they played a number of a total of 22 songs (they did an encore so fans got two extra songs at the end) and these are as follows

  1. Roll Alabama Roll
  2. 10,000 miles away
  3. Cross-eyed and Chinless
  4. Betsy Baker
  5. Fine Sally
  6. Seeds of Love
  7. Jack Lintel
  8. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
  9. Gosport Nancy
  10. Let Her Run
  11. whiskey is the Life of Man
  12. Black Beetle Pies/Trip to Bucharest
  13. Captain Wedderburn
  14. Moon Kittens
  15. Greenwood Side
  16. Let Union Be
  17. Rosemary Lane
  18. London Town
  19. Dance Tunes
  20. New York Girls
  21. Roll the Woodpile (Extended)
  22. Frog’s Legs and Dragon’s Teeth

Of those everyone was on their feet dancing by London Town and they really knew how to have a good time with us. I even managed to take some photos and the best one is below 🙂 It was a great night out and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it. Also if anyone wants to listen to these then don’t hesitate to look them on YouTube/iTunes/Spotify/SoundCloud because they’re really good!

This is the best photo I got of them, you can see the two founding members (Jon Speirs & Boden) quite clearly
This is the best photo I got of them, you can see the two founding members (Jon Speirs & Boden) quite clearly

A Night in the City

I recently spend an evening out in Liverpool where I went out for dinner (or ‘tea’ if you’re northern…whatever you call the last meal of the day) and then to the cinema.

For dinner I headed to Cravings, a place that I quickly became obsessed with after I was taken there at the beginning of the year. I like to consider this place one of Liverpool’s hidden gems. It’s quite popular with students, and even though it’s not the biggest place I’ve never struggled to get a table. It also does takeaways too, which is handy if you live nearby.


You can get a main meal and drink there for less than £4 which is always great news for students. What’s more, the portion sizes and taste are not at all compromised to make it cheap. I always struggle to finish my meal and everything I’ve eaten there is delicious. Cravings also do some of the best milkshakes I’ve ever had. You can choose a type of sweet or chocolate from their wall and they’ll blend it in to a milkshake for you. If you’re interested in stopping by and know the area, Cravings is situated up Mount Pleasant, near Liverpool Central station.

Here's the double burger that my boyfriend ordered. I think he considers it to be his own kind of Man v. Food type challenge...
Here’s the double burger that my boyfriend always orders. I think he considers it to be his own kind of Man v. Food type challenge…

After I was finished eating, I headed over to the Odeon in Liverpool One to see The Amazing Spider-Man 2. (James wrote a great blog on the film which you can read here!) It was actually the second time I’d seen it but I absolutely loved it the first time and I still felt the same after seeing it again. The Liverpool One Odeon is really spacious and clean, with lots of big screens and different viewing options. I was tempted to buy a D-Box ticket, which is where the seats move in sync with what you see happening on the screen. Unfortunately my budget wouldn’t stretch that far but I am very keen to try it out at some point soon!