• Up and Coming at the Arts Centre!

    Hey all, hope you are doing well 🙂 Every semester there is a new programme of fantastic events at the Arts Centre, and this semester is pretty exciting! For those of you who do not know about the Arts Centre yet, the Arts Centre is both the place in which the Performing Arts courses are […]

  • The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore!

    Hello all, hope you’re having a good end to February. I wanted to make sure you knew about one of- in my opinion at least- the best things about Edge Hill… The Arts Centre, Edge Hill’s own working theatre! Although the Arts Centre building is also a host for the Performing Arts courses, there are […]

  • Free Film Friday

    Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a great week with what ever you have been doing. Assignments and exam preparation is beginning to pick up, from drama to politics I hope everything isn’t stressing you out too much. Well, I am posting this blog a little late than usual due to the BRITAwards2016 being […]

  • Make 2016 a Year You Want to Travel Back to! 😀

    So we’re in the second week of 2016 now and I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Something which I find fascinating is how the world, in unison join together to set their year goals. This could be to lose weight, eat healthier or just try something new and out of the blue. It’s an […]

  • Easter is coming!

    Hello one and all! Well, since this is the last week before the start of the official Eostre holidays, work has been insanely chaotic. I’m having to work hard on the giant writing piece being put before me, and complete a 3000 word review diary and a 1500 word essay. Not easy, but can be […]

  • My course: BA (Hons) Media, Music and Sound

    My course, “The Bachelor of Arts Degree in: Media, Music and Sound”, has changed a lot since I started. The media building has changed, some modules have changed, and there’s now a lot more music courses at the Uni to choose from. This post is about my course, who it is for, and what you can […]

  • Return of the Open Mic Night

    Hello one and all! Many things have happened since I last blogged, chief of all the final Open Mic Night of the Season. For those of you unaware of what it is, I have previously blogged about it, but to summarize, it is an evening of entertainment put on by the Arts Center at the […]

  • Bellowhead

    On monday night I went into Liverpool, where I met up with a friend of mine because back in March we’d booked to see the Folk band Bellowhead. Bellowhead are ten piece folk band who are more popular than you might think. Anyway me and my friend were originally meant to be seeing them at […]

  • Creative Opportunities

    I don’t know how I missed these chances before. Ever since I won my High Achievers Scholarship in my first year since my entrance grades were high, I’ve been able to afford a Macbook Pro and music production software for it, hence I can make music. But so far, shockingly, I have only used it […]

  • Counting Down the Days Until Glastonbury Festival

    Now that the sun is finally starting to show its face it’s getting me in the mood for Glastonbury festival, even though it’s not until the end of June. I’ve always found it funny how a smell or temperature can provoke certain memories and feelings. The smell of winter always makes me feel really Christmas-y […]