Up and Coming at the Arts Centre!

Hey all, hope you are doing well ūüôā

Every semester there is a new programme of fantastic events at the Arts Centre, and this semester is pretty exciting! For those of you who do not know about the Arts Centre yet, the Arts Centre is both the place in which the Performing Arts courses are based, and also the home of Edge Hill’s two working theatres, which host all kinds of theatre, screenings and music throughout the year. If you wish to read my previous posts about the Arts Centre and also the FREE student membership, which allows you 4 free tickets to see shows a semester, i have linked these below:

The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore!

The Arts Centre (FREE!) Membership

The most recent brochure for Winter/Spring 2018 has just been released, showing the next few months of events that are going to be happening.

As you can see, Joel Dommett is coming to Edge Hill next month (Saturday 17th Feb. 8pm). Joel is known for Impractical Jokers, I’m a Celebrity and is now one of the hosts of I’m A Celebrity: Extra Camp, as well as being a fantastic comedian. It’s definitely one of the events I’m looking forward to!

Translunar Paradise is coming to Edge Hill next Tuesday at 8pm, and is described by The Guardian as “Extraordinarily poignant‚Ķ beautifully performed‚Ķ packs a real emotional punch“. Translunar Paradise is a story of love, and focuses on a man who has lost his wife to old age, and is reminiscing on the fond memories they had together. You can watch the trailer below:

Frank Wurzinger, a hilarious clown will be returning to Edge Hill to perform his new show “Me! Me! Me!”. Me! Me! Me! is described as “a comedic exploration of Narcissism with a modern twist: Mobile phones, social media, selfie sticks, slapstick, and a huge ego“. You can watch the trailer for this show below:

As well as theatre shows, there are also both theatre screenings and films being shown throughout the week. On 14th February, the Royal Shakespeare Company’s Twelfth Night is being screened in the Studio Theatre at Edge Hill. National Theatre’s Cat on a Hot Tin Roof is also being screened on 22nd February.

Most weeks there are midweek films, this semester including Dunkirk, Pan’s Labyrinth, Blade Runner 2049 and Goodbye Christopher Robin. As well as these, there is the Free Film Friday specifically for Edge Hill students. This is a great opportunity to see some fantastic films on the big screen completely free! Yesterday’s film was Justice League, and there have also been films of the likes of Bridget Jones’ Baby, IT and Beetlejuice before.

This semester also hosts some fantastic music events. As well as the Arts Centre’s own Open Mic Night, in which students can perform and get to know other musicians at Edge Hill, there are also events such as Jazz in the Red Bar and The Art of the Modern Big Bang.

So there’s so much to do and see at the Arts Centre! If you’re a fan of Theatre, Film or Music, the Arts Centre is one of the biggest assets to being a student at Edge Hill. If you have any questions, let me know in the comments, but otherwise, you can check out the Arts Centre website here.

The Arts Centre Box Office- Theatre Galore!

Hello all, hope you’re having a good end to February.

I wanted to make sure you knew about one of- in my opinion at least- the best things about Edge Hill… The Arts Centre, Edge Hill’s own working theatre! Although the Arts Centre building is also a host for the Performing Arts courses, there are two wonderful theatres that offer shows galore: the Rose Theatre and the Studio Theatre.

The Rose Theatre

I spoke with lovely Celia Wardle-Robinson and Gemma Roberts from the Arts Centre’s Box Office about what is on offer a short while ago so that you can get a better idea of just the kind of eclectic things are on offer for all students at Edge Hill- yes, all students! You don’t have to be on a Performing Arts course to take part in any of the events and shows put on at the Arts Centre!


The Arts Centre Box Office- the whos and the whats

The Box Office- the place where all the good stuff happens in the Arts Centre. This is the main port of call for anyone who wants tickets, brochures or a membership (click here for the post where I talk about this!). This is where you’ll be welcomed by Celia and Gemma, who have always been the most helpful people when I had any queries or wanted to book tickets. The Box Office staff are also the ones who ensure everyone is updated on shows that will be shown at Edge Hill, and coordinate with people such as the Campus Life crew to bring events such as the Open Mics, Talent Shows and Student Cook-Offs.


Open Mic Nights/Talent Shows

These are free events that take place within the Arts Centre Red Bar- the place pictured in-between the two posters above. Students are invited to show off their musical and non-musical talents at these nights in front of a great crowd of their friends. The atmosphere is always great, which makes it both fun to be in the audience and less nerve-wracking for those who want to perform.


What kind of shows are performed?

If you’re a fan of any type of theatre, you’ll find something you’ll enjoy!

Just a few of the tickets I’ve collected since September!

Edge Hill has two student dance companies that often perform at the Arts Centre, and they’ll be performing before the James Wilton Dance company as their curtain-raiser for the show Leviathan on the 28th February. Leviathan is James Wilton’s re-imagining of the novel Moby Dick and features “a cast of seven, Wilton’s trademark blend of athletic dance, martial arts, capoeira and partner-work…”.

Another show that has just been performed by the company Reckless Sleepers was Negative Space- a humorous, and slightly strange 50 minute performance revolving around a very interesting set:

A picture from the performance of Negative Space

The set began as this perfect plasterboard box, with only the actress in the blue dress onstage, but ended battered, holey and with 6 very dusty looking performers onstage. I saw this show, and although there wasn’t a single word spoken, it was a brilliant performance! The slapstick elements of the ridiculous that occurred throughout kept the audience laughing, and the things that the performers did in destroying the set- such as pushing performers through the plasterboard or jumping through it themselves- kept shocking the audience too.

On the 6th February we were lucky enough to host an evening with Julie Atherton- if you are a fan of Musical Theatre, you might have heard her name before! Julie has performed in musicals such as Fame and Mamma Mia and was even a member of the company Avenue Q who make puppet shows with an adult twist.

She performed songs from her career and shared some of her favourite stories from along the way. Click the link below if you want to check out one of her songs:


If you’re just into music rather than theatre, we have nights for you too!

Above is the poster for the music event that was hosted last Saturday, which allowed students to see some really amazing bands! The line-up included Sex Swing- a band tipped to be one of the top 50 bands of this year-, Cavalier Song and Agathe Max.


So those are just some of the wonderful things that go on in the Arts Centre and within the Box Office! I’ve uploaded a blog post that I linked above on the FREE Arts Membership I’ll be uploading a post on other events such as the Free Film Friday the Arts Centre put on just for students and theatre and film screenings!

Most of the shows are open to the local public, but are priced at ¬£5 for Edge Hill Students, one of the best things about the Arts Centre in my opinion, as I used to never attend theatre shows due to the prices at the bigger theatres around my area! If you have a membership, it’s free for you too! But more on that later…¬†For now, here’s a link to the Arts Centre’s website and the online brochure so you can have a look at what else is on through to Summer- hey, if you live close, you could even come along to one of the shows!

The Arts Centre

Free Film Friday

Hello everyone. I hope you have all had a great week with what ever you have been doing. Assignments and exam preparation is beginning to pick up, from drama to politics I hope everything isn’t stressing you out too much. Well, I am posting this blog a little late than usual due to the BRITAwards2016¬†being on last night. As a true BRIT¬†it is an exciting time in the pop culture calendar. Can we just mention how amazing Lorde‚Äôs tribute was to David Bowie? The Zealander has some amazing pipes and her stage presentation was perfect. Adele. There is nothing more to say unless I say everything. She is a beacon of happiness and for all those watching and for you students coming to university studying music and drama or a creative subject she is an inspiration. I wish you all the success you are setting out to achieve.

The great thing about Edge Hill University is the facilities it has for adventurous, creative students. From recording studios to whole stage productions, dance productions, the possibilities are endless. I myself am a business student and apart from the suits and business plans and essays on the policies of monopolistic business in the modern age I am a big fan of music, film and theatre. Every Friday there is a free film shown in the arts centre. Literally just like a cinema and how can anyone turn down a free film.

A theatre, a literature, an artistic expression that does not speak for its own time has no relevance.
-Dario Fo

If anyone is interested in theatre, musical performance, of any other creative course at Edge Hill, from what I have heard from my friends studying these subjects, you won’t be disappointed. I have provided a direct link to the website if you want to have a look at the course options and what is available to you.


here is some information from YouTube about dance and drama degrees here at Edge Hill


Make 2016 a Year You Want to Travel Back to! :D

So we‚Äôre in the second week of 2016 now and I hope everyone is enjoying the new year. Something which I find fascinating is how the world, in unison join together to set their year goals. This could be¬†to lose weight, eat healthier or just try something new and out of the blue. It’s an interesting time of year for everyone around the world. What goals have you set?

With the theme of the new year I have decided to come up with some things that you could try this year to ensure you have the best year imaginable.

My first suggestion, being for those who want to reminisce the whole year once its finished. Why not use an old jar and every day, fill it with a memory. When December 31st comes back around you will be able to pick out old memories from the year.


If you’re too ahead of times and prefer your technology over good old-fashioned pen and paper you could always create a second snap chat account. Using your main account send snaps to your new one. At the end of the year you will have a years worth of stories to watch.

One day, maybe in our lifetimes, time travel might be  possible. Make 2016 a year you want to travel back to.

Something that I have always wanted to do is be a representative for Camp America. This is basically travelling to America for the summer and working with different people running activities with other ‚ÄėCamp Councillors‚Äô. This, following on from last weeks blog is a perfect way of making your CV stand out from the pile and better yet you‚Äôll be making life long memories. Whether you’re a student studying at Edge Hill now or a potential student arriving in September this could be a perfect way to make that extra bit of money over the summer and have an amazing time do so.


So far this year I have finally seen the inside of a gym (it wasn’t as bad as I thought) and I guess now that I have started I am going to have to continue with it. The great thing about this university is the newly developed gym on campus, plenty of high-tech equipment and an excellent staff to help with any queries or questions. Whats stopping you from doing any of these things this year?

Why not try:

  • Writing a book
  • Joining a sports team
  • Sky diving
  • Rock climbing
  • Learning an instrument
  • Taking that 3 day holiday to Amsterdam?
  • Spending three days watching pretty little liars‚Ķ

The possibilities are endless.

So this week we lost an icon that is David Bowie. His music has inspired generation after generation, his films are recognised throughout the industry. He’s an influence to a number of musicians today and probably for many years to come so I thought I would include my favourite song of his.

I hope you all have an amazing day.

J x

Easter is coming!

Hello one and all!

Well, since this is the last week before the start of the official Eostre holidays, work has been insanely chaotic. I’m having to work hard on the giant writing piece being put before me, and complete a 3000 word review diary and a 1500 word essay.
Not easy, but can be kind of enjoyable.

On top of that I am currently working on my 3D work, making my adorable little creature, Rakator.
I am rather proud of him.

Hopefully soon I can get him fully rendered up in 3d to Show off to one and all.
I am always proud of my creations, much like many other animation students who attend Edge Hill University.

Hope to speak to you again soon!

Enjoy a Song on me from the Miracle of Sound

‚Äď — ‚Äď

Quote of the Day

‚ÄúI am lonely wherever I go. Sanctuary is all that I‚Äôve known‚ÄĚ

My course: BA (Hons) Media, Music and Sound

My course, “The Bachelor of Arts Degree in:¬†Media, Music and Sound”, has changed a lot since I started. The media building has changed, some modules have changed, and there’s now a lot more music courses at the Uni to choose from. This post is about my course, who it is for, and what you can get out of it (in my opinion).¬†

Media, Music and Sound students… including me!

My Course

My course covers (as you’ve probably guessed) three areas in creative arts, beginning with broad perspectives in the first year, with the focus becoming more and more specialised towards the end.

Bear in mind it is a Bachelor of Arts, so expect a more creative and sociological approach to music and media, compared to a more technical and scientific approach like a Bachelor of Science (BSc) or Bachelor of Engineering (BEng) Degree, and / or a more musical approach like a Bachelor of Music (BMus) Degree.

The first year has you studying the relationships between society and creative output, by studying the arts industries and academic texts on humanities, and engaging in producing music and media itself.

The second year draws on the first year’s humanities¬†and production themes, honing into¬†certain, though not too specific, areas of the two – For example, you may study Representation of Cultures, and Music Video Production.

The final year is a lot more specialised, enabling you, with the skills gained from the previous years, to do focussed projects within humanities and music production.

My Thoughts

My course in particular seems suited to those wanting to do cultural studies. While there are elements of practical production like making music and short films, these practices are mostly influenced by academic thought on culture such as Audience analysis and Marketing Strategy. So if you love the academic side of intellectual analysis then great, and an understanding of Society really helps develop a business sense if a job in arts academia is not your first ambition.

Open Days –¬†http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/study/opendays

Music Courses at Edge Hill –¬†http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/undergraduate/subjects/music/

Return of the Open Mic Night

Hello one and all!

Many things have happened since I last blogged, chief of all the final Open Mic Night of the Season.
For those of you unaware of what it is, I have previously blogged about it, but to summarize, it is an evening of entertainment put on by the Arts Center at the University comprising of Students, Faculty members and people from outside the University. There is Comedy, Poetry, Singing and at one point there was also some circus skill performances.

This Monday was the Final Open Mic Night of the season, the opening number performed by myself and another performer, Sofie, and the song was “In All My Dreams I Drown” from The Devil’s Carnival.

Later on, Myself and previous performer Nathan, ended the first act with two cover songs, Honeybee by Steam Powered Giraffe and Hurt by Johnny Cash/NIN.
You can watch both performances here –

I am hoping to return next season with some more songs up my sleeve

Maybe next year we can get some new performers out of you, Dear readers?

— —

“I like food and Sleep. If I give you my food or text you all night, you’re special to me” – Unknown


On monday night I went into Liverpool, where I met up with a friend of mine because back in March we’d booked to see the Folk band Bellowhead. Bellowhead are ten piece folk band who are more popular than you might think. Anyway me and my friend were originally meant to be seeing them at the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall, however a few weeks ago they announced they would instead be playing at the University of Liverpool Guild of Students Mountford Hall on the 10th November because the Philharmonic Hall was being renovated which was where we saw them on Monday night. Me and my friend managed to get there in really good time and got the last two seats on the front row, which as ace because we were very close to the stage ūüėÄ During the concert they played a number of a total of 22 songs (they did an encore so fans got two extra songs at the end) and these are as follows

  1. Roll Alabama Roll
  2. 10,000 miles away
  3. Cross-eyed and Chinless
  4. Betsy Baker
  5. Fine Sally
  6. Seeds of Love
  7. Jack Lintel
  8. I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight
  9. Gosport Nancy
  10. Let Her Run
  11. whiskey is the Life of Man
  12. Black Beetle Pies/Trip to Bucharest
  13. Captain Wedderburn
  14. Moon Kittens
  15. Greenwood Side
  16. Let Union Be
  17. Rosemary Lane
  18. London Town
  19. Dance Tunes
  20. New York Girls
  21. Roll the Woodpile (Extended)
  22. Frog’s Legs and Dragon’s Teeth

Of those everyone was on their feet dancing by London Town and they really knew how to have a good time with us. I even managed to take some photos and the best one is below ūüôā It was a great night out and I definitely enjoyed every minute of it. Also if anyone wants to listen to these then don’t hesitate to look them on YouTube/iTunes/Spotify/SoundCloud because they’re really good!

This is the best photo I got of them, you can see the two founding members (Jon Speirs & Boden) quite clearly
This is the best photo I got of them, you can see the two founding members (Jon Speirs & Boden) quite clearly

Creative Opportunities

I don’t know how I missed these chances before. Ever since I won my High Achievers Scholarship in my first year since my entrance grades were high, I’ve been able to afford a Macbook Pro and music production software for it, hence I can make music. But so far, shockingly, I have only used it for productions for Uni work and some unreleased original demos, and have never really made the most of the other opportunities in terms of music production until now…

Me in the new recording studio in Creative Edge. Here I’m just posing, not singing ūüôā

Remix competitions

This shock and horror occurred when I realised that I haven’t made a song in ages because I didn’t have access to singer and that recording vocals (in my experience) is extremely time consuming, but I found out recently that vocals are freely available from remix competitions. While I’m glad that I can now download many fully recorded vocal “stems” and do more or less whatever I want with them (in the name of¬†music production practice), I feel like I should have started participating in remix competitions a long time ago. Oh well. I’ll get over the ‘missed opportunities’ feeling in time, but for now I have many, many remixes to make and so little time.


Overcoming the barrier of having no vocals to work with, I realise with confidence that now I can create original works minus the need for vocals. With so much electronic dance music around, I suppose I don’t really need to spend ages recording vocals and just go down the instrumentals route for now, and maybe collaborate with singers in the future (never do professional projects on your own). In case you’re wondering, I have performed on my own songs before but it takes about a month to record my own vocals due to the extreme amount of recording takes I insist on. I was hesitant about doing just instrumentals as I really wanted to go down the pop song route, but I must adapt to what I have.

Songwriting contests

Finally, if I get enough contacts (like singers, instrumentalists), ideas and luck, I would like to enter songwriting contests. I have heard amazing winning songs¬†in the past, and I would like to be a part of those creative processes. What has stopped me in the past was mostly¬†the entrance fees but I can afford to pay a few now, so we’ll wait and see. I’m still a little shaky when it comes to music production; arranging I can do, but mixing everything together is a different story so more practice is needed right now.

As you can tell, I am into my music production, although I have to be realistic and not aspire to work in music full time as those opportunities are few and far between. Instead, I would like to see how far I can actually take my practice in terms of creating music and participating in competitions. Not only is it good vocational practice, but it also gives me a feel of the pressure of the competitive nature of the music industry as, let’s face it, it’s all competition. I hope this post helps other creative arts students such as myself realise that there are other opportunities outside of Academia¬†that can provide practice for any skills learned from Uni and cultural enrichment.

Counting Down the Days Until Glastonbury Festival

Now that the sun is finally starting to show its face it’s getting me in the mood for Glastonbury festival, even though it’s not until the end of June. I’ve always found it funny how a smell or temperature can provoke certain memories and feelings. The smell of winter always makes me feel really Christmas-y and now, the sunshine and the smell of cut grass is making me feel like June needs to hurry up!

To satisfy my craving for festival season I’ve been basking in the sun listening to Pixies. I’ll be seeing them at Glastonbury this year and I’m very excited as I’ve never seen them live before. I’m pretty disappointed by the Glastonbury line up, but the bands that I do want to see I’m really excited about.

In 2010 I managed to make it (very briefly) on TV behind Zane Lowe when he introduced Muse.
In 2010 I managed to make it (very briefly) on TV behind Zane Lowe when he introduced Muse.

One of the best things about Glastonbury is that it really feels like a magical place where anything can happen. When I was there, one evening we got lost looking for somewhere and found ourselves in a meditating tent. It was closed for the night but we all ended up lying on old rugs underneath multi-coloured silk drapes staring out of the gap at the stars.

It was the hottest Glastonbury on record so sunhats became essential. So did rave paint, evidently.
It was the hottest Glastonbury on record so sunhats became essential. So did rave paint, evidently.

There are lots of unannounced and secret performances as well. We went to an area specifically for charging phones just in time to see Newton Faulkner arrive and do a surprise set on a tiny stage. There were only about 100 people watching and it felt really intimate.

Newton Faulkner
Newton Faulkner

I really do find myself planning my year around music festivals. I can’t go to all the festivals that I want to- money’s tight, especially as I am a student- but even one’s enough to have an amazing time.