What To Bring To Halls

Deciding what to take to university may seem like an overwhelming task and you may ask yourself many questions: How many socks are too many socks? Will I ever use this piece of kitchenware? Are you sure I can’t bring my dog/cat/fish/bird/etc??? The answers are: You can never have too many socks; No, you will not; I wish you could bring a pet, but we’re sure you can’t 🙁 But in all seriousness, here’s my advice, anything too big or inexpensive can be bought locally – don’t bother with the hassle of transporting an inconvenient number of things when you can just buy it from Ormskirk or even Liverpool.

Kitchenware is something that you’ll need but will undoubtedly end up having too much of. Since you’ll be sharing space with a number of other students, you could organise yourselves to buy only the right amount of cutlery, pans, etc. This is easy if you communicate and set up a groupchat on facebook via halls pages when they are set up for you in the summer. Basics here include: cutlery, kitchen knives, chopping boards, small oven tray, glasses, mugs, plates, bowls, saucepans – maybe a wok or a frying pan (both come in handy), also tupperware is useful too (but can be acquired through ordering takeout!)

A room in the Back Halls accommodation

Bedding such as your duvet, mattress protector, pillow(s), and sheets are essential. If you’re from the south then you may think you won’t be able to bear the cold winter ahead of you and be tempted to buy a high tog duvet – don’t. I found the halls to be well insulated and heated, but if you do find yourself cold, you can always buy a blanket – which will liven up your room and make you feel at home anyway! Other bedroom supplies include a doorstop (to make your time at uni just a bit more social), a laundry basket (or you could just use one of those big IKEA bags and save yourself the time it takes for you to inevitably transfer your clothes over), and a clothes horse/airer. You won’t need to bring a TV if you get into Chancellors, Graduates, Founders or Palatine, since they have TVs in the rooms (you’ll need your own TV licence for watching live shows though) but if you want to bring a TV to any other hall, don’t bring a big one – it’ll be too big for a university room anyway.

Chancellors Court

When it comes to clothes, it’s really a matter of opinion. You need casual clothes for lounging and everyday life, at least one smart outfit for formal occasions, and nice clothes for going out or if you just feel like putting extra effort in one day! The British weather is forever fickle, so be prepared, and you’ll be fine. Bring as much underwear and socks for a week, two – max. This will set how often you have to do laundry, although if you have an en-suite then you could just do them in the sink by hand – saves a lot of money and is convenient. For the bathroom, you’ll need your regular toiletries, as well as at least one towel. Again, if you have an en-suite then a small bin is useful to have too.

Finally, considering you’re going to university to study, you’ll probably need some stationery supplies too! Apart from the usual stuff, I found a binder with dividers was helpful during revision.



It’s time to move out!

When it comes to moving out you’ll probably experience a range of emotions. For most people this is their first real taste of independence and freedom, so naturally the excitement is kicking in. For others it’s a little more nerve racking, as the unknown is scary and daunting… however don’t panic, everyone is in the same boat! What you’re feeling is what thousands of people all across the country (and world) are feeling too. Take it from me, someone who has been there and done it, it’s not as bad as you think… promise! Once your parents leave the fun begins, as you get to know your new roommates and block members… but before that, what do you need?

Firstly, some quick tips:

  1. Try and pack light! You’re not moving out forever so don’t bring everything you have.
  2. DON’T go crazy and buy new expensive stuff. You’ll find cheap bedding, kitchen appliances and stationary in places like IKEA and big supermarkets.
  3. Check what the uni is providing before you buy anything…the last thing you need is wasting money on a kettle if they already have one!

Anyway, onto the checklist.. Have a look at this link for some good ideas: http://www.thestudentroom.co.uk/content.php?r=15855-what-to-take-to-university-checklist

Moving day will probably start out quite stressful and draining, but once crying mum and dad go home, the fun begins! See you soon! Happy packing…

Until next time…:)