Exams are imminent but keep calm.

Well it’s finally May, which means exams season has arrived. Gulp! But fear not because while I have no more exams to sit (or coursework to submit for that matter) I am here to give you some tips for surviving those exams

1. Revise! Revise! Revise!

This is an obvious one, but for all exams you have coming you up you should revise in any way shape or form that works for you and your learning style. In my case this was¬†typing up my notes, making mind maps about key studies and practicing past paper questions. Also don’t leave it all to the night before – space it out over a period of time

2. Read and re-read the question(s).

You’ll probably have heard of this before, when you’re in the exam itself and you have the paper with the questions on read and re-read the question(s) very carefully. This way you’ll understand what it’s asking you better than if you just see a question you want to answer (in the case of exams where you have a choice of questions) or have to answer and launch straight into answering it without thinking about it properly

3. Spend time planning

Just as you should spend time revising for the exam, you should also spend 5-10 minutes of the exam planning your answer to the question (if it’s an essay based one). This way if you run out of time the examiner can briefly see what you would of written given more time.

4. Forget about it

Whilst you should focus on your exams before and during them, after the exam is over forget it! Don’t bog your mind down with worrying thoughts of things like “ooh I should of put that in my answer” or “Damn I knew I should of answered C instead of A”. It will do you no good.

5. Eat and sleep well

It is important to eat a balanced diets and get enough sleep regardless of whether you have exams or not, but around exam season this is particularly important. After all your mind needs the right nutrients and sufficient rest to function correctly.

Well all that’s left to say is best of luck in your exams, and remember at the end of the day all you can do is your best. Do your best, follow the above tips and exam season will be far less stressful.