Course Insight: Marketing Year One

As per my profile on the website, I study Marketing here at Edge Hill. Marketing has always been part of my life, from high school to college, and now University, so naturally I was always going to write a blog about the course. Right off the bat, a disclaimer that your experiences will differ from mine, timetables, module choices, and assignments change very often.

My degree is spaced over three years, though I plan to take a year out to do a sandwich placement, making it technically four. A sandwich placement is fancy phrasing for a year working in industry. This year I have studied six modules, as per the standard in the Business School in order to achieve your required credits.

These are modules I have studied:

A lot of people will be wondering how the lectures work, I know I wondered the same thing. The modules I’ve had last only one semester occurred in classroom settings with a seminar consolidating the contents of the lecture right after, this often sounds like it’d last a long time, but you often get a coffee or toilet break that sections it up nicely. My Digital Marketing and Business Start-Up lectures lasted an hour in a lecture hall, then seminars took place in a separate room, classroom style. Overall I really enjoyed this method of learning as it broke up information intake really nicely, it suits me a lot more than High School or College style. My timetable was spanned over three days, giving me Tuesdays and Fridays free!

An academic tip would be to sleep in on your days off, and then use them to do reading or pre-lecture prep’, it’s a good method of keeping on top of your studies without things feeling over baring.

My modules have all been a mix of different assignments, two having exams. Exams aren’t as stressful as any prior ones you’ll have sat, the seating arrangement is a lot more relaxed, you can leave when you’re done granted you’re in a specific timing and overall it felt like a much more comfortable process.

Overall, I really enjoy how my course’s first year has been structured. Of course, this layout will not apply for all and every degree offered by Edge Hill, but I consider this a useful resource for applicants worried about how things will be after their Fresher’s Week.


“What is Grass?” – Walt Whitman

So I titled my first post with a quote, how else do you suppose I tell you just how interesting I am without it sounding conceited and self involved?

I Jest, If I’m completely honest with you then the reason I used a quote was because I just spent the last 45 minutes searching how to title your first blog post, and a quote was on more than one list, who am I to argue?

So who am I? My name is Harrison Callen, I am a first year student at Edge Hill University (which as I am writing this has just won the THE Award for University of the Year), and while I’m here I thought it best I try and get a Degree so I decided on Marketing with Advertising.

I’m originally from Southampton, so made a fair trek to get up here, but as of yet I haven’t dropped a single vowel or T.

As this is my first blog post I don’t have a whole lot to say, so lets talk about where things are going.

I don’t really have anything planned that I’ll be writing about, but you can be sure there will be some accommodation info, and general stuff that is going on at the Uni, I’ll keep you up to date don’t you worry.

You can also always leave a comment if there is anything you want to hear about in particular, and I’ll either answer it in a message or write a whole post on it, if it’s something that would benefit a lot of people.

One thing that will be in all my posts is a playlist I’ve created, because I pride myself on my playlist making abilities, so I’ll add a new song every time I do a post, which will be about once a week.

So this weeks song is a favourite of mine its “Stronger than Ever” – Raleigh Ritchie, if you watch Game of Thrones then you will recognise this guy as Grey Worm, but he is also a darn good singer and this song is my favourite of his


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Until Next Time 🙂