What to Bring!

Ok, so coming up to uni you’ll probably be gathering your essentials already… and if you’re lucky enough, some luxuries too! So in September you don’t want to be in a mad rush to gather your things together or get the things you’ve forgotten a few days before you’re due to arrive-  or even in Ormskirk on Welcome Sunday as you’ll be so busy!

So you will need AT LEAST the bare essentials such as:

  • Single Bedding (Quilt, pillows, bedding, mattress protector)
  • Kitchen Essentials (Cutlery, Pots/Pans, Cups, Mugs)
  • Clothes and shoes for every occasion… hopefully this is presumed!
  • Food (enough to keep you going until you find your feet)
  • Laptop and Stationery… DO NOT FORGET YOUR CHARGERS!!
  • Any Documents you may need (ID for going out, Student ID doesn’t always suffice)

Also, if you’re lucky enough to be staying in a room with a TV and you have enough room/can manage it, bring your Xbox or Playstation with you too! Home comforts are the best and if you’re living far away from home the more you have the better – you’ll definitely appreciate them.

Basically you can  bring anything to uni… except for pets *sad face*… oh well, you can always Skype them courtesy of your family, if that’s not too weird ahah! Just make sure you don’t overpack or acquire a collection of junk/things you don’t need because this will be a huge pain when you move out in June next year, especially if you don’t live nearby as multiple trips will be out of the question!

So basically… keep to only what you need – have fun deciding!