The Great Get Together 2018

Last Friday, on the 22nd June, Edge Hill University took part in The Great Get Together, a nationwide, weekend-long event inspired by the late Jo Cox. This year marks the second annual Great Get Together, which took place from 22nd-24th June. In her first speech to parliament, Jo Cox said, “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us,” which is the founding principle that the Great Get Together draws upon. MP Seema Kennedy also gave a speech on Jo Cox’s life and work. The aim of the event is to provide a place for people who reject divisive policies to come together and unite the community.

Edge Hill University’s Great Get Together event ran from 16:00 – 20:00, overlapping with the Ormskirk ‘Picnic in the Park’ event that lasted from 15:45 – 17:30 in Coronation Park. The Edge Hill event was, of course, open to staff, students, family members and members of the local community – it’s all about unity!

Another focus of Edge Hill’s Great Get Together was that it has been 100 years since some women were given the right to vote. This is a focus of the event since Edge Hill University are currently running the Wonder Women campaign – a series of events and installations across 2018 that celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Suffragette movement. For example, Vice President Welfare 2017/18 attended and spread the word about the Edge Hill Women Speak Out Campaign.

The event on Friday featured crafts (and face-painting), live performances (including music by Edge Hill Big Band and the Tick Tock’s choir) and a free barbecue, as well as stalls hosted by university societies and campaigns as well as community groups. For example, The Rose Youth Theatre group attended and performed along with The Women’s Institute and Edge Hill students; the Sustainability and Conservation (SCon) Society (that’s Rhiannon, Katherine and I!) were also there. Plus, who could forget the bouncy castle!

Open Mic Night – An Event to enjoy!

On the ever recurring subject of what to do on an evening in edge hill, one of the many things I can recommend over and over again, and now even more so, an Open Mic Night.

If you just go as an audience member, you’ll be sure to be entertained by the finest talents of past and present Edge Hill members and talented individuals from nearby areas.
This talent can be Poetry, Acting, Circus/Mime arts and, quite obviously, singing.

Earlier in October I had the great pleasure of being able to work with a talented singer and guitarist named Simon, of which we did a fantastic set of songs, the first of which is here:

Simon is a very talented individual and I feel honored that he let me perform with him.
Anyway, Last night I was given the chance to perform once more for this Open Mic Night. We had a Harp/Ukulele player, many guitarists and singers, a comedy guitar duo, Poets, Simon returning on guitar as a solo act and I was given the opportunity to perform once more for everyone.
I managed to perform for everyone Michael Buble’s Cry me a River and Sweet Transvestite from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. The Audience were most responsive and the applause was lovely.
I can say that from a performer point of view, it was  exhilarating to be able to entertain and give joy to other peoples lives for a  few hours.
From an audience point of view I can imagine it would be a most entertaining and thrilling night, so when the next one pops up in a month or so time, I will be sure to return, and when you go to the university, I would advise not hesitating an Open Mic night, or indeed any show going on at the Art’s Centre, information for which is Everywhere in the Hub or at the Performing Arts department.
Fun for all the Family

— Thursday Thoughts —

“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. he good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice-versa, the bad things don’t necessarily spoil the good things and make them unimportant”



Festival Season 2014

It’s just a few short months until the music festival season is upon us and if you haven’t already got tickets, now is the time to make up your mind. My first music festival was Leeds Festival in 2009, and I’ve attended every year since. I’ve also been to Glastonbury and Festival Internacional De Benicàssim (or Benicassim Festival)This year I have tickets for Glastonbury and I’m very tempted by the Rock Werchter Festival line up which includes The Arctic Monkeys, Pixies, Babyshambles, The Dropkick Murphys and Kings of Leon. I’ll also probably find myself giving into the temptation of Leeds Festival which is also hosting the Arctic Monkeys this year.

My collection of festival wristbands
My collection of festival wristbands

A music festival is the perfect way to spend the last summer with your friends before you all move away to university. Here are some festivals to consider…


Date: 17th-20th July

Location: Suffolk

Line Up: Two Door Cinema Club, Damon Albarn, Tame Impala and Bombay Bicycle Club.


Isle of Wight Festival

Date: 12th-15th June

Location: Isle of Wight

Line Up: Biffy Clyro, Calvin Harris, Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kings of Leon.


Download Festival

Date: 13th-15th June

Location: Derby

Line Up: Avenged Sevenfold, Linkin Park, Aerosmith, The Offpring, Fall Out Boy and Rob Zombie.


Reading and Leeds Festival

Date: 22nd-24th August

Location: Reading and Leeds

Line Up: Blink 182, The Arctic Monkeys, The Courteeners, Jake Bugg and Of Monsters and Men.

Me and my friends at Leeds 2010
Me and my friends at Leeds 2010

Glastonbury Festival

Date: 25th-29th June

Location: Pilton

Line Up: Not yet announced.

We spotted a policeman wearing fairy wings at Glastonbury 2010
We spotted a policeman wearing fairy wings at Glastonbury 2010

Rock Werchter

Date: 3rd-6th July

Location: Belgium

Line Up: The Arctic Monkeys, Pixies, Babyshambles, The Dropkick Murphys and Kings of Leon.


Benicassim festival

Date: 17th-20th July

Location: Spain

Line Up- Not yet announced.

Taking a break from the sun under a shelter made from bin bags at Benicassim 2013
Taking a break from the sun under a shelter made from bin bags at Benicassim 2013 

I can’t wait for the summer.

The Warehouse Project, Prodigy Style

The Warehouse Project is a series of club nights within a warehouse in Manchester where a mixture of artists performs at each event. Last Friday I went for the first time and I saw The Prodigy and Jaguar Skills amongst other artists and DJs that I didn’t know but really enjoyed.


For anyone who isn’t into that kind of music I would still recommend that they give events like this a chance. In my own time I rarely listen to dance or drum and bass, preferring to listen to rock and indie, but I find that events like this aren’t just for fans of a particular genre; they’re for music fans in general.

From my experience, anybody who likes music festivals and nights out would fit in well at The Warehouse Project; everyone was really friendly, united in their love of the music, and the atmosphere was great. As we waited for each act I could feel the excitement building in the crowd. I think anyone who’s into that kind of music, thinks that they may enjoy that kind of scene, or just wants to try something new should make the trip.

Me and my best friend waiting for The Prodigy to come on
Me and my best friend waiting for The Prodigy to come on

From Ormskirk Station to Trafford Park or Deansgate it will take a little over an hour, and then a taxi will cost around £4 from either of those stations to the venue. Alternatively, if there’s a designated driver in the group it’s an easy drive. The taxi home can be quite expensive, so it might be a better idea to book a hotel and to get the train back in the morning. There is a Premier Inn a five minute walk away and a youth hostel a ten minute taxi ride away.

I really loved The Warehouse Project and hope to attend again soon. The Prodigy were incredible and really reminded me why I love live music. Unfortunately, I’m a little too short to have seen much of what was happening on stage, but I still had a brilliant time dancing and singing along. It was a really great way to end my first semester at university.