My Weekend is All Booked

Hi everyone!

Hope you’re all enjoying the nice weather, I’m glad that it has decided to stick around. It’s exam season, so if you have any upcoming exams best of luck to you!

This week I’m going to talk about reading lists, and give you some tips that might save you a bit of money.

Reading lists are super important at uni, no matter what your course. That doesn’t mean that you should worry about them though.

If you like to be super prepared then you can do some reading over the summer, but this won’t be expected of you in first year – especially if you don’t receive your reading list until you enrol.

When I got my first reading list I was a bit daunted, there seemed to be so many books and I had no idea how I was going to read them all or how I was going to afford them!

Tip number one: Only buy core reading books for each module. Most course modules will have core reading books, which are the main books you will need for each subject. There may be a list of recommended secondary reading. Usually these books are for specialised topics, so you won’t need to buy them in advance.

Tip number two: Hunt around for the best deals on your books. Although Amazon
sometimes has good deals on books, other sites often have the same books for cheaper prices. A lot of universities have a start-of-year book sale, when students will sell on their used books to first years. This is a good thing to look out for, as it will usually be the cheapest and easiest way to get all your books.

Tip number three: Never underestimate the library! If you’re having trouble finding a particular book, or need a specific book for an assignment then the library is the place to go. It’s almost certain they’ll have the book that you need, and if not then there are hundreds of online journal articles that might be of use.

Last top tip: never ignore a reading list! It’s there to help you with your assignments and exams, so make sure you’re aware of it. It will make life so much easier, and it doesn’t have to be as expensive as you first think.

Quote for the day: “So many books, so little time.” -Frank Zappa

Hope you all have a good day, until next time!

-Becki 🙂

Library Facilities

The library will become your second home. It’s a sad concept, but non the less, a very real one. Especially if you actually want to get some work done. And no, don’t go trying to convince me that you ‘work better in your bedroom’, because let’s face it, you don’t and you won’t. But it’s fine, because if you’re not entirely a lazy potato, your second home will have an awful lot to offer! So it’s not all too bad I guess.

Each floor has something entirely new to offer you! So whatever you’re studying or whatever works best for you, the Edge Hill University Library will be sure to make you feel welcome and comfortable. Here are just a few of the awesome things our library has to offer to aid you with your probably not so, but somewhat studious lifestyle;

  • Staff: They’re all over the place! You can ask them just about nearly anything and they’ll be sure to try their best to assist you. If they can’t? They’ll head you in the right direction.
  • Opening EHU254 Library LearnServ095-LHours: These vary throughout the academic year. It’ll happen at least once I can assure you; you’ll finally feel as though you’ve finished that all important assignment when one of your horrendously annoying flat-mates will politely inform you that you’re missing a large chunk. In a panic you aimlessly search for any information that could help you, when you discover that the library has a book in stock that would be oh so perfect! But it’s 1:00am. Oh dear. What are you going to do? Why you’d head down the library of course to book it out with a large grin on your face because yes, you can do this during particular times of the year. Happy days!
  • Resources: Anything from DVDs to hand puppets. Yes you heard mEHU254 Library LearnServ082-Le right, hand puppets. Prospectus trainee teacher but don’t have the cash to splash out on resources? The library is here to help. It’s like the Willy Wonka Factory in there is swear.
  • Self Issue & Return: It’s never been made easier! There’s no faff. All you need is your student ID, yourself and some books and away you go! What’s better yet is that the book is yours for 2 whole weeks. After this period, if no one has requested it, it remains all yours for another 2 weeks (probably sat gaining dust on your bookshelf). If you, request a book, an e-mail will be sent to inform you when it is available for collection.
  • Books: You’ll have access to over 200,000 items. Don’t know where to look? There are catalogue PCs lyEHU254 Library LearnServ078-Ling about throughout the university to help you pinpoint a book in no time.
  • E-books: Books deemed vital for your course will be readily available, multiple copies laying about the library. But if by some miracle you’ve managed to escape the walls of your newly found second home, and oh dear, once having been told you need a specific book for that assignment that you’d forgotten about and is due in the next few days.. all the copies of that book have been booked out? What are you going to do? Track them down around campus and steal them? Pay £30 odd and hope next day delivery doesn’t come at a similar cost? No of course not. Because you go to Edge Hill University, you can just log in online, find the e-book and download it. Yes, it’s that simple! Edge Hill wins once again.
  • Photocopying, Printing & Topping Up: Like everything else, they’re scattered about throughout the library. Printing is affordable and can be topped up from yoEHU254 Library LearnServ110-Lur own bedroom!
  • Group Rooms: Wish to study in a group with your friends? There are rooms available to be booked out for this. It’s kinda helpful because otherwise, meeting up in your bedroom to study often ends up in someone collapsing on your bed and falling asleep – productivity at it’s best.
  • Silent Rooms: Available if you study best listening to absolutely nothing – absolutely nothing. And hey, you’ll have this in common with the people surrounding you in these areas so you never know, the library may also be able to supply you with books and love ay?
  • Individual Study Rooms: Study in private on your own for maximum productivity! Reading back your assignments aloud has never been made easier.
  • PCs: There are a tonne around every corner!
  • Bookends Cafe: Now there’s really no excuse! Did someone say food?
  • Stationery DispEHU027 BuildingFacilities045-Lenser: Yes. You heard me. I’d thought you could only find crazy things like this in America – apparently not.
  • Quiet Study: Areas for those that don’t like hearing only the sound of dust particles floating by, but don’t enjoy the sound of annoying humans either.


So next time your course insists you purchase multiple books for the beginning of term. Thing again, seriously. If by some 0.01% chance a book you feel you need isn’t actually available, you can request it! And the university will try their best to get it in stock and ready for you – free of charge! This is super unlikely though as all ‘compulsory’ and recommended books by your tutors will be readily available.

If this library doesn’t take your fancy or supply you with what you need, get back to me when you find one that does (hint: you wont be able to).

It’s Oh So Quiet. . .

Hello again guys! The final countdown to Christmas is here, I hope you are all in a festive mood.

In my last post I mentioned that I spent a lot of time in the library, so I thought this week I would focus on the facilities the Edge Hill University library provides for students.

The library is situated at the heart of campus, right next to the Hub and the Students Union. That means it’s super easy to get too, whether you are going there to study after class or from your accommodation on campus.

The library is the place that every student will have to visit when an essay is due in, so I suggest during freshers week you take advantage of any library tours on offer. Finding out where all the books for your course are is a must!

The great thing about Edge Hill is each subject has a specific librarian, so if you have any queries about your reading lists or can’t find a specific book they are the people to see.

The thing I love most about the library though is that no matter how you study best you will find something to suit your needs.

Currently the library is open 24 hours, which has been great since I have so many assignments due over the next few weeks. Even the normal library opening times allow for flexibility though. On weekdays the library is open from 8 am until midnight, so whether you like working in the morning or at night you have a nice, quiet place to go to study.

If you like studying in groups then the library is great! They have group study rooms (that you can book in advance) on the ground floor, which is a really relaxed way to study with other people on your course.

The first and second floor are home to all the books and journals the library have to offer, as well as quiet study areas. If you prefer to work in complete quiet there is a silent study room on the top floor too.

Not to mention the library offers access to computers and printing facilities, it really does have everything you could ever need.

Find out more about the University library here.
Quote for the day: “Libraries are our friends.” Neil Gaiman.

Hope you have a good week, until next time! 🙂

24-hour library HALLELUJAH

Hello, how are we all?

OMG guys 24 hour library is the best thing ever, yes? Well when you come to uni, it really is. Ohhhh how being a third year student has changed me.

Anyway… as you can tell I’m enjoying the 24/7 service at the library at the minute which usually happens around this time of year due to the high volume of assignments and dissertation work going on. What’s the library like? Well…

The library has three floors: ground, level one and level two. All three levels have computers and space for work, but i’ll give you the inside version of what I feel is going on, but sshhh don’t tell anyone I told you, okay?!

Ground floor – is mainly for group work, lunch meetings and has quite a loud chatty atmosphere depending on what time of the day you come. It’s really good for completing presentations and having a discussion, but if you’re looking for peace and quiet this is not the place for you. There is a small cafe area, as well as the front desk for any queries with the library. Machines for taking books out are located towards the exit doors at the front, along with ‘quick printing’ computers for when you are in a rush.

First floor – is the first floor of which the main body of books are located on. As I’m a sociology student I tend to go straight to the second floor only because my books are up there, but this floor is good for computer use, group work and studying. There are individual rooms for silent study and quiet block areas as well. Generally the higher you climb the stairs the quieter it becomes.

Third floor – my favourite. Directly in front of you as you emerge from the stairs there is quiet study, where you can plug in your laptop and make notes. On the left-hand side there is a silent room, which tends to be packed with third year students, however don’t feel like you can’t go in there – it’s for everyone! This floor is similar to the second floor, in that it has books, computers and individual rooms. Group rooms are also located on this floor.

Disabled access is available and there are stairs for evacuation. The library staff are extremely helpful and don’t mind taking time out of their day to assist you with little things like finding a book. So yeah, now you know, I’ll deny all knowledge of ever telling you so keep it to yourself. 😉

Until next time…


So the library is going to be a key part in your life for the next three years. When settling in during Freshers’ week, not only should you be taking in your surroundings and getting to know where everything is, you should be finding your level and area in the library for your course. During your first lecture you will be given key information regarding the texts you will need for your course and where to find them. When it comes to looking for a book- DON’T PANIC. Librarians are always around to help and assist you in your search.

The library had four floors, with a catering unit situated on the ground floor- which is often used for group work and discussions. The first to third floor consists of study rooms and a sufficient amount of computers, however during exam period you may find it incredibly hard to get a computer in the library. Due to this, EHU has created the LINC Building which is purely designed for computer work and doesn’t hold any books. The building is open for 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making the access easier and the times in which you choose to study flexible. When it comes to study rooms, you can book on the online Edge Hill Go, or simply ask a librarian to book one for you. Library hours usually increase around exam periods, I’ll get back to you on what times.

Happy studying!

Until next time…

Places to study.

With results day lurking around the corner, and how fast time seems to go these days, you’ll soon be getting stuck into your degree (whatever that might be). So, I thought I’d write a piece on places to study whilst at university.

The library 

All universities will have a library in some form or another and at EHU there is a three floor library. It boasts lots of books, journal articles, printers and computers to use. There are also individual study booths on the 1st and 2nd floor, these can be booked out via the ‘Go edge hill’ portal or in person at the help desks on the ground and 1st floor. I rather liked these as they felt cosy and gave me some privacy whilst I was doing work. There are also group study rooms on the ground floor and again these can be booked out in the same way, up to two weeks in advance (although they get snapped up quick around deadline time)


The LINC (or learning innovation centre) is a 24/7 study building. There are computer rooms that are accessible at any time of the day or night on the ground floor, and there are also rooms up stairs with computers in but these are mainly used for seminars and lessons. The LINC can get very busy at times but it’s a favourite amongst those who study best at night, and access is granted using your uni card after 5pm at night and at weekends.

Your study bedroom 

All of the halls of residence rooms (and indeed bedrooms in privately rented accommodation) will have desks in for you to study at. For me my room was not where I studied best in, but I did type up lecture notes and seminar notes in my bedrooms. However, you may find your room is a preferred place to study in.

Wherever you choose study/work on coursework/read set material whilst at university, it’s important to keep track of what work you have to do using an academic diary and of course takes regular breaks, as the optimum attention span of a human is around 40 minutes, so after this you may just find your mind wandering somewhat.

So, what’s the library like?

Books, books and even more books.

Uni is all about reading. Well, to be honest it’s about a lot more, but you get the gist. I always knew that reading would be a huge factor to my course (Sociology), but I never knew just how much reading I would be doing.

In the first year I thought spending money on books was the right way to go. It allowed me to annotate whenever I wanted, highlight everywhere and mark key passages. However in second year I had limited funds and couldn’t splash out £60 on a book, so I opted to go to the library and investigate what they had. To my surprise (and annoyance at my stupidity) they had every book I used in my first year… and around 5 copies of each.

EHU library!

EHU’s library is fantastic! The ground floor allows you space to complete group work, along with catering facilities to grab some lunch. First and second floor are where the main body of books are situated, with single and group study rooms available to book. On each floor there is a help desk, so if you’re like me and can never seem to find a specific book, you always have a helping hand.

If you’re looking for more subject resources the online library has a full database of texts, such as journals, electronic books and articles for everyone to read. There is also the LINC building for students to have access to even more computers.

ADVICE: Read as much as you can whenever you can.The more you know about your course subjects, the better your grade will be!

Until next time…:)

Computers on Campus

When you start your degree, it’s more than likely that you’ll be using a computer a lot, whether that’s for research, writing essays or even just accessing emails and notifications from tutors. Edge Hill has hundreds of computers, most of which can be used whenever you need them.

Whenever I require the use of a computer on campus, the first place I normally check is the library. There are computers available on every floor, and of course working in the library is great if you also need access to books at the same time. The different floors with their different noise levels mean you can really find the right environment to suit your studying needs too.

The LINC (Learning Innovation Centre) also has a few computer rooms, and what’s especially great about the computers in the LINC is that they are accessible 24/7. This is definitely useful if you have a deadline coming up and you find yourself working really late, or if you’re just someone who likes to work during night hours.

The LINC computer room
The LINC computer room

The Hub also has its share of computers, mainly on the upper floor. However, with it being the centre of campus and where students spend a lot of time during the day, it’s always very busy in there and so not the best place to get work done if you need peace and quiet. That said, a bonus of using the computers in the Hub is that printing in there is absolutely free (thanks to the work of the SU a few years ago). Of course, you can print everywhere else on campus too and although you do have to pay it only costs a couple of pence per sheet at the most.

Most buildings around the university have their own computer rooms, although each building and department has its own rules about accessing these so it’s best to check first. Also, some of the halls on campus have rooms that come equipped with their own computers which is wonderful for getting work done in your own room.

And finally, everywhere on campus is covered by wifi so if you want to bring your own laptop to uni with you, or if you just want to access the internet on your phone, tablet etc, you can!

The Library Project (Favorite Spots on Campus Series)

I am taking part in a research project that helps the uni decide what to do should the current library be given a regeneration. This is also a chance to talk about one of my favorite spots on campus. Apparently the Edge Hill library building was meant to last for 40 or 50 years, but 20 years later there are talks of getting a new library – that’s when research into what a student (out of a few) go through when using the current library comes in handy.

Essentially, I had to detail what happened to me during a day and my feelings. I then took photos of the places within the library that have a lot of meaning to me. Whilst I can’t say what I wrote on the report, I can show you the photos!

The Group rooms are great for professional meetings. I use the Group Rooms like the one above for face to face meetings for my record label work.

I’m not complaining that the HUB is quite far from the library, but it is good that there’s a cafe downstairs to eat.

I have noticed a deceptively large amount of space around the library computers.

The music section of the library is full of fascinating academia.

This is where I go to do quick reading – the seats near reception are comfy with space around them so it’s convenient for speedy research.

So hopefully this has given everyone a break from my usual super text heavy posts. I’ll go back to my Employability themes stuff hopefully next week. The library used to be in the Main Building, then the now Student Support building… who knows what it will be next!

“Secrets” of the Library…

This year I have discovered 3 hidden gems (2 of which I discovered by talking to my tutors and 1 by accident) which have been rather useful to me, and I hope my readers may benefit from these findings if they have not been found out before…

Me in the library – Three floors of learning materials and open access computers.

First of all, the inter library loan system is a service I have used quite recently. I have an interest in Japanese Music Industry and thankfully an academic book called “Japanese Music Culture” was released earlier this year – however, that book isn’t available in the EHU library and because it’s so new it’s insanely expensive to purchase it… But a few details such as the author and ISBN into the online form and it can get delivered to the library for a small fee. My essay is saved!

Another discovery is within the online library catalogue, as there a way which it makes research so much easier. Not only does it tell you where books are in the library, but it also gives access to many, many journal articles. Before I found out about the feature, I usually looked at journals themselves (ie I’m looking for a certain essay, it’s probably in the journal of X so I’ll look through its contents and hope something is there), but now I just type in keywords into the catalogue and it finds it all for me!

The last discovery is the DVD section, which I discovered when I went looking for books on identity studies. Until then, I totally forgot how much I liked watching films! I don’t get much chance to give up two hours in a working week in the name of entertainment, but when I do, I guess it’s nice to have a refreshing break and watch a film that takes my interest. More importantly, it has also been useful when I do coursework on media – my current essay deals with how certain horror films explore class and social anxiety.

On the whole, I find the library helpful. I can concentrate more when I work in there as the whole “academic environment” makes me focus on work and not get distracted. Of course there’s a wealth of information to get my teeth into in there (inside and outside my degree subject), so hopefully by the time I leave I will be a more “well rounded” individual?

I’ll definitely update you all should I find out more discoveries in EHU!