So, lectures. What are they? What are they like? Well, when it comes to lectures your parents might come to mind, but at EHU we have lectures of a different kind. Lectures usually last between 1hr40 to 2 hours, with a ten minutes interval in the middle. A lecturer is condensing hundreds of years of knowledge into 2 hours which often makes every single sentence vital. I find that printing the lecture slides before the lecture is helpful, as you can annotate notes around them. Highlighters will be your new best friend and organising your printed off slides into separate module folders will save time and panic when it comes to exams.

During your first year you will often be in lecture theatres, like the ones you see in films, with around 200 students. By the time you get to your second and third year you will be in small lecture room with about 30 per module. Although in all of the module handbooks it states that no food of drink is allowed, most lecturers will allow you to bring you some small snacks.

Although some lectures may be harder to get through than others, just remember this is the topic that you chose and when you receive your degree you will be thankful for every minute of it. Happy lecturing!

Until next time…

Lecture, seminar, assignment… Repeat!

So what’s going on in my course recently?

(For those who have just started reading these blogs, I’m a second year Sociology (BA Hons) student.)

Well, for starters, I’m half way through a 3000 word essay- I’m so beyond stressed it’s unreal. I seem to enjoy leaving everything until the last minute to finish. I have moments of panic, waves of stress and on some rare occasions I have shed a few tears over essays (a bit dramatic or?). I do this every time to be honest. About a month before an essay is due, I have a really positive attitude. I’ve got my books all set to read, I’ve booked into my academic diary the days I’m going to dedicate to it and I’ve done my research. I’m ready…

Fast forward three weeks and I’m not even close to being ready. The positive attitude has faded and my lazy side has arrived. The books I got out three weeks ago have hardly been touched- and I forgot to renew them so I have a lovely big fine, yay. I look through my academic diary and count all the days I didn’t bother to do any work that I scheduled in and regret it instantly. But, and there’s always a but that saves me, I still have a week to fix things. So I have been reading non-stop for 7 days now. When I do stop for an hour here and there, I’m researching case studies to back up my evidence. I’ve started typing up my findings and I’m almost halfway through. Things are looking bright.

Aside from my essay stress, my course has been interesting. I’m currently doing modules covering Conflict, focusing on the troubles in Ireland. In another module I’m studying Diversity and Equality. This is my favourite topic as we cover gender, race, disability, class and education (all very interesting issues). I’m also doing a module on Sexuality and Research Methods.

So, yeah, things are busy with loads of assignments and exams coming up. LUCKY ME!

Until next time…:)