[Part One] Studying in Ireland and thinking of Edge Hill? – The Leaving Cert

Irish Leaving Certificate and EHU

As someone who has experienced the Irish Leaving certificate first hand and furthered my education at Edge Hill there are a few things that can trip up the unsuspecting student. This four part guide will hopefully give you an insight into some of the points to consider when coming to Edge Hill from Ireland.

In this, part one, I want to take a look at the Irish Leaving Certificate. For refrence, I studied and completed my Leaving Cert in 2016/17 taking honours Math, English, Gaeilge, DCG, History, Geography and Physics in Deele College, Donegal.

Projects and Portfolios

Getting your projects and protfolios done during the year is important. Not only are these projects the easiest points you will get in your leaving certificate, but they actually will set you up well for university where continious assessment rules the roost.

Its worth remembering not to just submit what the teacher suggests. Do your own thing. The examiner wont want to see the same thing 200 times, so make yours stand out.

Scheduled study, and exam papers

Having a schedule for your revision is a great idea. Spread it out and never cram. I could rant on about my personal opinions in regards to the Leaving Certificate, but this isnt the place. When it comes to your exam take it how it is and make everything count.

Do exam papers. Do all of them. Every single one. One a week every week that you can possibly do them. Trust me, I dont need to explain that any more.

Relax, chill out. Sleep.

Yes the Leaving Certificate is important, and yes you should take it very seriously but you also need to take time to chill out and put work aside every now and again.

And going out partying, thats good but dont let it take over. Trust me, it’s a bad idea.

That’s everything. Take these three things and you will be praised, trust me. If you want to learn more about dealing with stress you can check out my other blog post here.

Dealing with Stress at University – Stress is like the flu, everyone usually gets it

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The Future

So this week I finished Uni. Yes I know. I actually finished my degree. If you had asked me in January whether I would have seen the end of my degree I would have thought there was no chance. It was so overwhelming to have so much to do, that I didn’t think it was possible to get it all done.

I can honestly say that it was the support I had from the tutors at Uni that made me see that it was possible. Many times I found myself panicking in the office and thinking that I couldn’t do it. It was the tutors support that helped me to get back on track and look where I am now.

Finishing Uni can be a scary time and the big bad world is a daunting place for students. however, it is reassuring to know that regardless of what happens we also have the support of Edge Hill. They are so concerned about our futures and how we will use our degrees to the best possible potential. I feel like the tutors I have worked with this year will be there for me in years to come.

They have always held the open door policy and frequently say how nice it will be to see us again after we have finished. I know it may seem like a scary thing leaving Uni and entering the ‘real world’ but the skills that I have gained from completing this degree, not just academically but also personally will help me to be as successful as possible.

The future doesn’t have to be scary it is exciting, you can show the world exactly who you are and do the job you want to do in life. Grab the future and follow your dreams and don’t let anyone else take that away from you.