Working at Edge Hill – Let’s get this bread.

Getting a job at University is important in more than the obvious ways. Sure you could look at it as just a means of getting cash but don’t. When you come to university it is important to make it worth your while and having a part time job can really help you ensure that you are getting the most out of your university experience. So here are three ways that working at Edge Hill University ensures that you are making the most out of your time.


You may have had a part time job before University and if so, that’s great. But if you haven’t that’s OK too. Getting out there and actually working is a great way to not only gain experience in the field of your work but in life. Its a common quote that ‘Everyone should work in retail for at least a month’  the idea being that when you’re on the other side of the angry person screaming about how they’re right you might appreciate the cashier the next time you walk into a shop annoyed about something you bought.

A Sense of Purpose

This one might sound silly, but hear me out. When you start university you will most likely have a lot of free time. You can fill a lot of this by meeting friends and going out but after a while you might start to find yourself looking for something to do. A job is the perfect way to fill this void. By having an outlet and a sense of purpose you will find your days go by much faster and you get all the other benefits of working.

The cash

Alright, can’t ignore it anymore. The cash. It’s the big one. Having that extra cash to do things like go on trips or maybe insure your car. Working is a great way to make that extra cash, and honestly there is nothing better than having your own money and your own independence. Knowing that you don’t have to rely on anyone and being able to spend your own money on what you want without feeling guilty is a great feeling, only topped by the feeling that your time is valuable to someone.

Hopefully this blog answered all your questions about parking on campus. If you want to read more you can check out the EHU careers center here.

If you want more free and great advice email or leave a comment below and I will get back to you. If you want to suggest something to write about or want to be interviewed leave a comment below also and I will get back to you personally!

Working at a Summer Camp

Hello everyone!

I hope you are all having a lovely summer – hopefully the weather will pick up again soon! It has been my second time working at a kids camp for 6 weeks and it has been an experience I will never forget. If you are considering applying to camps for next summer, I highly recommend it!

  1. Camp America but in England

If you are concerned about the cost for working abroad, a residential camp in England is ideal to experience camp life whilst staying in the same country! As I live in Manchester, it was nice to enjoy a more rural location for a change, filled with beautiful views and countryside.

  1. Meet people from all over the world

The best part of working at a kids camp for me, is the chance to get to know campers and fellow staff from all over the world. Campers were from other countries like Spain, Italy, Saudi Arabia… the list goes on! There are not many places with opportunities like this which I am so grateful for.

  1. It is enjoyable and beneficial to you

Not only have I had one of the best summers I have ever had (really!), it has allowed me to develop multiple skills. Part of my job was to plan and run activities for children from 6 to 17 years old. Quad bikes, fire-making, outdoor cookery and raft-building are examples of skills I didn’t know I had! The other part of my job was a more pastoral role as it involved looking after a dorm of children each week.

If you are looking for ways to add to your CV, earn money, or simply have fun, there is no better job than working at camp. Now I have had these 2 years of experience, I am hoping it will give me that extra bit of confidence when going into my third and final year of Primary Ed. Have you worked at a kids camp before?

If you have any questions, drop me a comment below!

Thanks, Anna 🙂

Budgeting as a student

Being able to budget and plan your money is incredibly important as a student. It may be your first time receiving money where you have specific things you’ve got to pay for such as rent, food, sports memberships as well as the extras such as going out with friends wherever that may be to.

You should start by working out how much money you have coming in. This could be through Student Finance or from a part-time job that you are currently working. You should then make a list of all essential outgoings such as rent, bills, travel costs, course materials, food, toiletries, clothes and insurance as well as any extra study expenses which are expected for your course.

The next step is to work out how much you can afford to spend on each of these areas. Remember to save some money for optional extras such as entertainment as well as unexpected expenses and future savings. There are also often bigger occasions to save for such as holidays, Christmas and birthdays.

You should then look for ways to make savings. This could include buying your food from a cheaper supermarket or bulk buying certain items with the other people you are living with. You could also try having no spend days which can help keep your costs down considerably. If you are paying bills, take a look to see if there is a cheaper provider for the services you are receiving. Student discounts such as student rail cards, bus passes and the NUS card can also help you to save a little extra.

Finally, you should always keep track of what you are spending and review this regularly. This will help you to know whether you can afford to make certain luxury purchases or whether you should wait. You could keep a list or use an app or programme such as Blackbullion.

If you aren’t currently working but need a little extra money, you should consider a part-time job. The careers centre at Edge Hill are incredibly friendly and helpful and can check over your application or CV to help you get a job which is suited to the skills and experience you already have. Working whilst at university helps to improve your skills such as time management and communication and can also be a great way to network with other professionals in the area you hope to study in after you graduate. The money advice team at Edge Hill are always happy to help with any questions you may have about budgeting or funding.

The Future

So this week I finished Uni. Yes I know. I actually finished my degree. If you had asked me in January whether I would have seen the end of my degree I would have thought there was no chance. It was so overwhelming to have so much to do, that I didn’t think it was possible to get it all done.

I can honestly say that it was the support I had from the tutors at Uni that made me see that it was possible. Many times I found myself panicking in the office and thinking that I couldn’t do it. It was the tutors support that helped me to get back on track and look where I am now.

Finishing Uni can be a scary time and the big bad world is a daunting place for students. however, it is reassuring to know that regardless of what happens we also have the support of Edge Hill. They are so concerned about our futures and how we will use our degrees to the best possible potential. I feel like the tutors I have worked with this year will be there for me in years to come.

They have always held the open door policy and frequently say how nice it will be to see us again after we have finished. I know it may seem like a scary thing leaving Uni and entering the ‘real world’ but the skills that I have gained from completing this degree, not just academically but also personally will help me to be as successful as possible.

The future doesn’t have to be scary it is exciting, you can show the world exactly who you are and do the job you want to do in life. Grab the future and follow your dreams and don’t let anyone else take that away from you.

Futures and Funds

So getting a job is probably the last thing on your mind right now… well a full-time job anyway! However in just over three years you’ll have nearly finished your degree and if you’re lucky enough you may have already landed yourself a job! So this is really something you need to bear in mind because the next few years will fly by and you don’t want to be panicking!

Ensuring you have a plan and you’ve chosen a degree that opens doors to a career that you will enjoy is absolutely essential! Otherwise you are wasting your precious money and time, you are best of speaking to the course leader of the course your applying for and seeing what is in store for you! Sometimes, as you might find with college, uni is tough so making sure you thoroughly enjoy the subject is vital.

Other things to look at is the money aspect of your chosen career, can you work your way up to a managerial role? Firstly though you will have to apply for Student Finance, although it is not open yet, it is worth taking a look at what you need in order to apply. The Government have provided a really useful webpage that states exactly what you need (found here), so it may be worth gathering these things now so you are prepared!

Edge Hill also provide a great resource (here) around money you may be entitled to as an undergraduate on a full-time course (bursaries, scholarships, loans), which again you need to look at to ensure you have exactly what you need to begin University on the right foot!

Best of luck, if you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Living on a Budget

Money matters, at the end of the day it’s the whole reason why you’re going to uni; to widen your horizons and open up career opportunities! Hopefully you’ve chosen a course you are interested in which will definitely motivate you throughout the next three years until you reap your rewards with your first paycheck!

However unfortunately for now… living on a budget may be different to what you’ve experienced before living at home. It can be a sharp learning curve but you’ll soon become accustomed to how much money you have and how you’re going to distribute it i.e. on food and going out.

After the first few months you may find that your student loan isn’t as big as you originally thought after your rent money for your accommodation has come out. But don’t worry, you won’t be the only one that will sometimes have to pass on nights out now and then. However this isn’t the end of the world, if you’re lucky enough to have parents that are financially able to help- GREAT! You’re one of the lucky ones, however if not there are plenty of job opportunities around uni and Ormskirk that you can venture into.

There is a fine line between being able to maintain your studies and a job, you need to make sure that your priorities are correct, that being your course that will determine your future and that you are spending A LOT of money on! Don’t waste your time and have any regrets!

Good luck, if you can get get a summer job and get saving before you come to Uni if you can- you certainly won’t regret it!

Jobs whilst you’re at uni

So summer is coming, what are you going to do!? Chill hopefully, and enjoy a summer with no work! However if you are like the many students that scrimp and save money you may be thinking about getting a summer job or a part-time job for when you get to uni!

You may feel like you’ll be the only one out of your friends to have a job, but don’t worry that will definitely not be the case! Plus, it’s totally worth it when you get your wage at the end of the month, that money you get will be your bread and butter….. Literally!

Plus the social side of working is brilliant to meet people of all ages from all aspects of life.

So if you’re wanting to get a job in Ormskirk I’d highly recommend you’re ready with your CV before you come so you can drop them off in shops/pubs, as they tend to advertise vacancies in their shop windows or you can submit them online. At the beginning of the year there seem to be lots of vacancies so you will hopefully be spoilt for choice!

The whole concept of having a job throughout uni will also look great to prospective employers as it shows you can successfully juggle your responsibilities and studies… Therefore your time management skills will definitely be up to scratch!

Anyway, good luck!!

Finding a Job

Now that I’ve finished my studies it’s time to find a job. Right now pretty much every single relative I have feels the need to remind me of this fact whenever they see or speak to me, in fact I’m thinking about getting ‘still unemployed’ tattooed on my forehead to save time… But luckily I have a really handy resource at my fingertips, and that is the Edge Hill Careers Centre. They are able to help me with my job search for up to three years after I graduate, which is definitely useful. They also help you find any part-time work that you may be looking for alongside your studies, any volunteer work, or a summer job to keep you entertained over the holidays. I actually used their online vacancy system to find this job a few years ago!

Pretty much me right now
Me at graduation, probably

So how can they help? Well, they have a big database of jobs that they update all the time, and you are free to browse it at your leisure. They also offer a CV checking service where they will look over your CV and let you know if there is anything you can do to improve it. I used this service and it was definitely reassuring to know that my CV wasn’t a complete disaster! The Careers Centre also offer interview advice, and you are able to book a meeting with them and they will do their best to help you prepare for anything the interviewer might throw at you.

They also offer careers advise which can also be really useful. If you’re not sure what careers your degree can open up doors for, or if you’re unsure that you’ve chosen the right course, it’s definitely worth having a chat with them, which is of course confidential. I definitely got to a point in my degree where I felt like I wasn’t really sure what I was working towards any more, and I think this would have been a lot of help.


The Careers Centre can also help you meet employers, as they are always holding events, such as careers fairs and arranging for visiting speakers to come in. These really give you the opportunity to make connections that may one day lead to employment.

If you want to find out more, you can do so on the Edge Hill website here.

Faye’s Blogs – The Holiday’s are Over

So even though I don’t have lectures start until something like the 21st January I have 3 essays that need to be in on Monday.

I am stressing out over them so much! Even though I feel as if I have been working on them for months!!

I cannot wait to get them over and done with. I think that this last semester is going to be less stressful. HOPEFULLY!! I don’t think that I have as many assignments to do. I need to check though.

But I am going to start the new assignments straight away!! Maybe in my final semester ever of university I will stick to this?

Also this week I have applied for 2 part time jobs because I really want a car so the money will be helpful and I really want to move out when I leave uni!! So I’m wanting to try and build up my savings!

Faye’s Blog – Life Plans.

The question that everyone student constantly gets asked by other students  family and friends is:

“So, what do you want to do after university?”

And from personal experience and from talking to my friends we have all agreed that it is extremely irritating as for most of the part we don’t know exactly what we want to do. I know that this doesn’t apply to 100% of people as some are well organised and know what they want to do and that is why they’re at university.

However, a lot of students are like myself and have been really undecided throughout our time here.

Throughout college I really wanted to be a Media Production teacher. But when I came to university I wasn’t so sure. Now that I am in my third year I think that it is really time to just think about life and what I want to do.

So recently I went back to my old college back at home (The Blackpool Sixth Form College) and spoke to my old tutor teacher and met the current students that are studying BTEC Media Production. Just being back there and observing the students do their work it brought back lots and lots of amazing memories and I really remembered how much I loved college and loved the course. The college has also done a fantastic job at expanding the BTEC Media Production course too so there is a lot more that the students can do. It was all really really exiting. So I asked my teacher what she thought about me becoming a teacher and she said she thought that I would be an asset and that she would love for me to work at the college.

That got me thinking about becoming a teacher again and I have started looking into it. And if there is a decent well paid job at the end of it I think that is it something to aim too. I’m pretty excited to graduate now and then hopefully go on to do my PGCE! Need to work harder than ever now.

I am also going to attend one of Edge Hill’s many career fairs next week in order to try and see what else is out there and if I can see if there is any more information that I don’t already have about the PGCE.