• Things to keep in mind when living with friends

    Living with your friends sounds like the ultimate dream right?! Well, it really can be, but you need to remember that you and your friends are completely different people. You don’t truly know a person until you live with them and you may have a bit of a shock when you move in. Luckily I’ve […]

  • Housing Woes

    So I’m back from France and it was so lovely to get away for a bit but at the same time it’s nice to return to normality. It’s not long now until I go back to Ormskirk and I’m so excited! That said, there is a lot that I need to sort out before I […]

  • Student House

    Moving in to a student house is really exciting. Whilst halls are a great way to get settled in to living away from home, I think living in a student house is a brilliant next step. Choosing who you live with, having more responsibility for keeping everything clean, watching how much you spend on bills; […]