• Homesickness and how to tackle it!

    Hey everyone! As I come from Northern Ireland, the feeling of homesickness is very familiar and I especially felt it more when I returned to university after the holidays. After feeling sorry for myself for a few days and texting my mum every 5 minutes throughout the day, I decided that I would try and […]

  • Returning to Uni after Christmas

    If you are currently in your first year of study this Blog might be particularly relevant to you, although it could just as easily be important to anyone at University. It might be your first time back at home for the Christmas holiday’s, especially if you live in a different country to your study. So […]

  • Dealing with Homesickness

    Although many people will try to tell you they don’t miss home, or that they were so busy with new things they didn’t even think about it, it’s very likely that it’s not true. It’s completely normal to feel homesick at any stage of university life, whether you’ve moved across the country or just a […]

  • Homesickness 101 and how you can lessen the anxiety

    Hey all! Hope you’re having a wonderful beginning to your week. So… it’s finally September, and the week before Freshers’ and the Welcome Sunday! I’m sure many of you will agree with me that time flies fast! I remember how I felt last year, waiting for the day I’d have to break more of my […]

  • Maintaining Old Friendships in New Places

    If you decide to attend university quite far away from where you were previously based, you might be worried about how the distance will affect your current friendships. Even if you do stay “close to home,” your friends might be going off to uni and be the ones who are far away. But being physically […]

  • Things I wish I knew before university

    Here is a list compiled by some of my nearest and dearest friends of things that they wished they knew before starting university: Do not worry about making friends! You’ll find a group to slot into and you will wonder why you ever let it worry you! Don’t leave all the referencing to the end […]

  • A lesson in surviving a visit from your parents

    Now that I’m in my second year I have found my self going out more and going home less. When I was in my first year I was practically on the train home every weekend and now I find myself not even planning to go home at all. Of course this means that instead my […]

  • Combating Homesickness

    Moving away from home can be really difficult, especially if you’re moving far away. Homesickness can really affect you at any point of uni, or it may not affect you at all. But you’re not alone in this, everyone has been thrown into the same boat so there’s no need to suffer in silence. Here […]

  • Home Sickness vs Uni Sickness

    Uni sickness is something that I never thought I’d experience, having suffered so terribly with home sickness at the beginning of my first year. But as time has progressed I’ve found myself becoming increasingly fond of my lifestyle at Edge Hill and in many ways it has overtaken the home life that I used to […]

  • Going to University far from home

    Going to university far away from home definitely wasn’t on my radar. In fact I was pretty happy to stay in the 180° perimeter of my seaside home town Bognor Regis, you know the place, the one and only home of Butlins! I am a complete home girl, so moving far away from home was a […]