Healthy meal ideas as a vegetarian student!

Hi everyone, hope you’re well and have had a good week!

Today’s blog is going to be the first in a little series of blogs, which will revolve around healthy eating and meal ideas when on a budget and maybe a slightly lazy student! For this months blogs, I will be sharing recipes and tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner. This first blog will be talking about store cupboard essentials as a student and a bit about my personal list!

I have been vegetarian, on and off for around 3 years now, with a very short lived attempt at veganism ( didn’t last as I missed cheese too much 😉 ) and I love it. I know it’s not for everyone, but personally I love healthy eating and vegetables and found that I felt better when actually taking time to think about what I am eating and that’s how my enjoyment for cooking began! As a student, I have loved having the freedom to buy and cook whatever I want, especially broccoli and cheese for pretty much every meal! But there is always the problem of budgeting and using your money wisely when cooking for yourself. My biggest tip for this is having store cupboard essentials in, either when my parents would take me for a food shop when coming to visit or when going home during the holidays. Personally my store cupboard essentials that have a great shelf life include:
– Tinned Tomatoes, baked beans, kidney beans and chickpeas for veggie chilli, pasta sauce, curry and casseroles or whatever you fancy- you can get really inventive with a tin of chickpeas with a bit of imagination! Oh and beans on toast or with a jacket potato- obviously ( a classic student meal!).
– Dried carbohydrates, so pasta, rice, tinned potatoes and noodles- literally the back bone to most student meals, add some veg and you’re good to go.
– Jars of curry powder, dried chillies, mixed herbs, salt, sugar, pepper and all-spice. can really making a boring meal interesting! As well as cooking oil, a definite essential.
– Porridge oats, tea, coffee and cereal. Oh and biscuits, definitely- my personal favourites have to be Aldi’s own dark chocolate digestives- 49p a pack! I know.  I honestly don’t feel like there’s anything that can’t be fixed with a digestive biscuit and a coffee, especially when the biscuit costs less that a penny!
Having these bits in are brilliant for making a meal when you feel like you don’t have anything in and are hiding at the back of your cupboard! In the next blog I will touch on my fridge and freezer essentials as a student as well as giving you a few of my favourite breakfast ideas!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s blog, please comment if you have any questions!
Alice 🙂

Healthy Eating at University

I’d like to start this blog by congratulating you all on passing your A-levels and getting into Edge Hill University. You will honestly love it at Edge Hill and it will get to the point where it’s like a home to you (I know I consider it a very special to place to me, even now I’ve graduated).

Anyway onto the topic of this week’s blog: healthy eating. I’ve started dieting recently to help me trim my figure down a bit and reduce the risk that I’ll get weight related issues in the future. It’s always important to have a balanced diet but that can become a challenge when you’re spending most of your time studying (as well as having some fun of course!). By far the best way to ensure you have a balanced diet whilst at university is to cook for yourself, and the majority of student accommodation (on and off campus) is self catered. Which means you can rustle up some healthy, and tasty dishes fairly cheaply (Aldi and Netto in Ormskirk are both reasonably priced for food). However, if you’re a bit of a beginner when it comes to cooking for yourself there’s still time to learn and there’s plenty of student cook books out there with recipes in to try (I’ve also addressed the topic of being a self catered student here)

Some halls on campus though are on a catered package which means the excellent catering staff at EHU will make your meals for you and all you have to do is decide on what you want, where from and pay for it with your uni card (this will be issued to you on welcome sunday when you enrol). The good thing about eating on campus is the on campus eateries like Sages (in the hub) display nutritional information on the dishes they serve and there’s always a veggie option for those vegetarians amongst you.

I hope you’ve found this entry helpful when it comes to having a balanced diet whilst at university and if you have anything you wish to ask me then please do not hesitate to drop me a comment.