• Surviving Cold and Flu Season at Uni – Part 2

    Now, despite following all the advice from my previous post about how to best avoid getting ill throughout flu season, somehow it still managed to get through- I blame that one guy in the lecture who didn’t stop coughing the whole time. Here’s a few tips to make being ill and away from home comforts […]

  • Surviving Cold and Flu Season at Uni – Part 1

    Surviving Cold and Flu Season at Uni – Part 1

    Through the winter months, wherever you decide to go to uni (unless it’s somewhere sunny like Australia) you will inevitably come across someone with a cold, who- with just one ill times sneeze- can pass all of their germs onto you. This merry-go-round of bugs is especially heightened at uni, because you will be interacting […]

  • Looking After Yourself at Uni

    University tends to be where most people learn to become independent and start fending for themselves. However, this can be a shock to the system for some people and prove to be incredibly difficult. It is very important to keep yourself healthy and happy, especially at university as poor health can affect your participation and […]

  • Doctors and Dentists

    So mums, dads, aunties, uncles, grandmas, grandads… there are lots of family members that will be super excited and proud of you for starting uni. So that means that there are also many family members that will care for your well-being! The notorious freshers’ flu will undoubtedly do the rounds when you start uni, so you […]

  • Why do a Course with a Placement?

    So if you choose a course that involves a placement you’ve made a brilliant choice as you get the best opportunity to experience the field of work you want to pursue. Depending on what course you do depends what time of year you’ll be out on placement. But regardless of the time of year… let’s […]

  • Your Mental Wellbeing!

    I bet looking back on your GCSE’s now you’re thinking that compared to A Levels they were a piece of cake and you can’t believe you ever moaned at the stress and workload! Well uni is the same! However you’ll be glad to hear that the jump from A Levels to uni is not as great as […]

  • The Things You Don’t Think About…

    I don’t know about you, but I didn’t give a second thought as to my doctors/dentist situation before coming to uni! The first time I thought about this was when it was mentioned at freshers’ fair during the first week! At the freshers’ fair there are stalls of local doctors and dentists in Ormskirk which […]

  • Your health at university

    One thing I cannot stress enough is how important it is to register for the local health practice when you’re at university (where ever that might be)  and some universities even have their own one. Edge Hill has its own health centre on “Ruff lane” which is linked to the health practice “The Elms Practice”. […]