• Being Vegan or Vegetarian at Edge Hill University!

    Hey everyone! With the rise in veganism, vegetarianism and just the general rise in people eating less meat in their daily lives, I thought that I would put a simple post together on how this can be done at Edge Hill and in Ormskirk as it is a small area with a much more limited […]

  • IT Support and Student Services

    IT Support and Student Services

    In the two years I’ve been at Edge Hill University, I’ve had to use the various support systems a few times, and I’ve always had a positive response from them. The Student Services at EHU are well renowned and really are there for the benefit of the student. During first year, I went to the […]

  • How to Adult- Part 2!

    Hi guys! Hope you’ve had a great start to May and a great start to a new week. I recently made a post about some of the things that are important once you come to Uni and become a more independent young adult (click here to see that post). There was a lot I could talk about, […]

  • Support at Edge Hill

    I’ve found that the support available at Edge Hill has been incredibly useful, particularly in my second year. Last year, I didn’t find myself homesick at all; I enjoyed my newfound freedom and university was was a whole new experience. My second year is when I found myself missing home more often; I was with […]

  • Coping With University Stress

    Coping With University Stress

    Although I have found university to be a freeing and joyous experience overall, it can be a tad stressful from time to time. When you first experience stress at university varies (if you even experience it at all), it may come shortly after moving into halls; halfway through the first semester; or perhaps during one of […]

  • The Things You Don’t Think About…

    I don’t know about you, but I didn’t give a second thought as to my doctors/dentist situation before coming to uni! The first time I thought about this was when it was mentioned at freshers’ fair during the first week! At the freshers’ fair there are stalls of local doctors and dentists in Ormskirk which […]

  • Where to go for a helping hand…Part 2

    As previously promised, here is the second part in the ‘Where to go for a helping hand’ series! This will include the Heath and Wellbeing and Counselling section of the Student services team. So let’s get straight into it, first things first is Health and Wellbeing, the Student Wellbeing team provides a range of support […]