Freshers Week – Reflecting back.

I have finished all my university work for my first year here at Edge Hill, and while that fact hasn’t completely dawned upon me yet, I’ve been doing some reflection on when I started Edge Hill, bringing me back to Freshers week.

I look back to Freshers week and wonder who that person was? I feel I have personally changed so much since that frantic week in September, to the point I felt empowered to write this blog today, to tell my past self some things she really should have known, or done.

First and foremost, please stop worrying about your finances, you have an interest free overdraft and plenty of security net! Every purchase I made in Freshers, I was extremely nervous about, from textbooks to cookies from M&S (Obviously I hadn’t relegated myself to just Aldi and Morrisons just yet). The reality of the situation was I had little reason to worry, I’ve been smart about money and undertaken the needed tasks to ensure that.

Another issue I faced quite often in Freshers week was spending time with my ‘course friends’, if you’re at Edge Hill now you’ll understand this, but for anyone reading this who isn’t yet, you will have two groups of friends. The people you live with in your halls or elsewhere will be ‘flat friends’ or something similar, the people on your degree and who you will spend more time with are your ‘course friends’. As of writing I am very close with my course friends so for me everything did turn out ok, but in Freshers week I should have been more flexible, spent time with more people, broadened my social circle in a sense. My key advice on this topic ultimately would be to accept every invitation to do something during Freshers week, but also create your own.

There’s so much more I could go on about for things I wish I had done differently or acted differently about during Freshers. These are my glaring two, however. Everyone’s takes on this will be different, as everyone experiences Freshers differently. For me, it was a good week that I should have done more with, for yourself it could be an amazing week that you should’ve really done less in.  


Receiving a Halls Offer from Edge Hill

As some of you who are looking to come to Edge Hill get closer to Results day, you may also be waiting to learn of what accommodation you are offered and what to do next. So here’s a quick breakdown of everything you need to know leading up to moving in date.

Receiving your offer

I can’t say for certain but you will probably receive your offer via email on results day, but you could receive it after this date as well I imagine so don’t worry if it’s a bit later. This email will provide you with the details of your offer such as the room you have been given and the cost of said room. Once you have your offer and if you choose to accept it, you can sign your license agreement online. You will also have to pay your damage deposit for the room and set up how you are going to pay for your room, which for most people will be in installments from your student loan.

Changed your mind?

If you decide you no longer want to live in halls at all then this is best communicated to the university as soon as possible so they can offer the room to someone else. If you still want to live in halls but are unhappy with what room you have been given, you should contact the accommodation team directly to discuss.

Final steps

Once you are happy with your living arrangements, all that’s left to do is pick up your keys on Welcome Sunday which is also when you will be given your student Unicard! You might also want to check out the halls handbook because there’s loads of information in those that people always ask me. Hope this helped clear up any questions you may have had, thanks for reading!


The Accommodation Team

Here at Edge Hill, everyone understands that some times things just don’t go quite as planned the first time around – especially when it comes to living space.

As written about last week, Palatine was my first choice accommodation and I was lucky enough to get it when I first arrived at Edge Hill. Despite absolutely loving my room and all the facilities it provided, being central on campus and close to my subject building and making some very good friends in the flat, I also had some disagreements with others in the building and decided over the Christmas break that I would be happier somewhere else.

The procedure was incredibly easy and simple. I emailed the Accommodation Team and they sent me a Request to Transfer form to fill out and send back. When I arrived back at Uni after the Christmas break, because I had filled out the form, I could go straight to the Student Information Centre (SIC – where many student services are housed, including Accommodation) to arrange a move.

I was offered the choice of which cluster on campus I would like to move to, if I wanted single sex or combined flat, if I wanted self-catered, and if I wanted an en suite. As my previous flat had had most of these things, I decided to stick with a similar cluster at the same price as the previous.

I managed to move the majority of my stuff over that day, with the help from some friends. I’m now in Chancellors South, which is an incredibly pretty area of the campus as it overlooks one of the lakes, the beach and several fountains- which all mean we get to see plenty of famous Edge Hill ducks! The new flatmates I live with have been incredibly welcoming and friendly, but have also managed to stay connected with friends I had made in the first few months in my old flat.





The moral of this story is that although moving in with new people as a fresher can be scary, there will always be people ready and willing to help you out with any concerns, no matter how big all small.

Halls of Residence Essentials 101

Friday 31st July was the deadline date for applying for a place in EHU’s halls of residence. For those of you who’ve applied to live in halls of residence at edge hill will find out on a-level result’s day what hall you got (I ended up in Stanley which is part of the main halls). All in all there are 6 set of halls which are divided into catered self catered packages, some with en suite bathrooms (although they’re more like wet rooms with a shower, toilet and sink in) and some with shared bathroom facilities.

Anyway now that the deadline for applying for halls has passed I’d thought I’d give you a handy guide to what to take to halls with you (similar to the one I did: here).

  1. Clothes for all weathers – The north seems to have its own microclimate and with EHU being near Southport (which is on the coast) it can get be quite windy and chilly at certain times of the year
  2. Bedding – To go on your new bed, all beds in halls of residence are single beds
  3. Towels – Tea towels and bathroom towels
  4. Books – For reading for pleasure and the core texts books for your course (although there will be copies of these in the library)
  5. Gadgets/Tech – Because students love their tech and many student have their own laptop with them at university, just make sure they’re insured if you lose them, they break or someone decides to claim your tech for their own
  6. Pillows/Cuddly Toys – This is optional but it might just make your room feel more like home whilst you’re away at university
  7. Photos of loved ones – One of the things I liked having in my accommodation at university was photos of my loved ones from back home
  8. Catering Equipment – pots, pans, knives, forks etc. Not all halls of residence at EHU are on a catered basis.
  9. Laundry Stuff – Because no-one wants to constantly wear smelly dirty clothing and edge hill has its own laundry you can use.
  10. DVDs – For entertainment in your spare time
  11. Stationery – Although you can buy this on campus it’s a good idea to take your own to start off with
  12. Important documents – Keep these very safe as you need these for enrolment and opening student bank accounts

Well I hope this entry will prove useful to you and don’t forget I’m here if you need to ask anything me anything. Just drop me a comment and I’ll reply 🙂



The Ins and Outs of Chancellors Court

I lived in Chancellors Court last year and, as the newest accommodation on campus, it was really modern, clean and, most importantly, a pleasure to live in. It’s situated next to Creative Edge and Sporting Edge; fabulous if you’re based in those buildings, but even when I wasn’t, it was only a few minutes’ walk away from the Hub and the centre of campus. I can’t tell you how thankful I was for being able to roll out of bed for a 9am lecture and only be a few minutes away from where I needed to be.  It was also close to the laundrette so I didn’t need to haul my laundry too far.

In my kitchen, everyone was given their own lockable cupboard, and there were loads of other cupboards for storage. There was also two of everything (ovens, sinks, fridges, freezers, induction hobs [we needed special induction pans for these, although one set was supplied] ). Our kitchen also had a large dining table, an area that I found to be fantastic for socialising. Another great bonus was the cleaners. They came in every weekday to clean the common areas in the flat, and were the most lovely ladies ever.

The bedrooms themselves were ideal. There were 8 rooms in my flat, and they were all really well equipped. My room came with a desk and computer, which I found really useful during busy library hours. I brought a ton of stuff with me, but there were plenty of places to keep my things. As well as the wardrobe, there were three large drawers in the desk, a big shelf and under bed storage. Also, each room had its own ensuite wet room, which meant there was no need to fight my flatmates for the bathroom in the mornings – yay!

If you would like a better idea of what Chancellors Court is like, I’d recommend attending an open day. To book your place on an open day, you can click here. I’ve also put a video tour of Chancellors Court below to give you an idea of what to expect.

Chancellors Court is really a lovely place to live, but whichever halls you choose, make sure they are right for you and your budget and you’re bound to have the best time.

Life in Campus and Off Campus Accommodation

Due to the fact I am now in my second year at Edge Hill University, I have now experienced living in both campus based and off campus based accommodation. Like most fresher’s last year I lived in on campus accommodation. At Edge Hill University the halls of residence are divided into:

  1. Main Halls
  2. Back Halls
  3. Forest Court
  4. Chancellors Court
  5. Founders and Graduates Court.

Some of these are catered, some are self-catered, some have en-suite bathrooms attached to the bedrooms and some have shared bathroom facilities. When I lived in halls of residence last year I lived in the Stanley which is part of the main (and much older) halls of residence. One of the best things about living in these halls was that I was on a catered package. This was when my university ID card allowed me to buy food and drink at the on campus catering outlets such as Sages in the Hub and the Rose Theater Bar in the Performing Arts Building (which became a favorite haunt of me and my friends in the evenings). Another great thing about my hall was that my bedroom was a lot bigger than I imagined it to be. Below is a video which shows you what the main halls are like inside. Also below is a photo of me in my room on Welcome Sunday (the day when all students living in halls of residence move in).


That was last year, I am now currently living in a flat in Ormskirk with three of my friends (two girls and a guy). My room this year comes with an en-suite bathroom (consisting of a shower, toilet and sink) which I am definitely enjoying having as last year I had to share with the thirteen other people who were on my corridor in my halls of residence. 🙂