Things I love and will miss about my experience at Edge Hill

This blog is going to be a little different, as it is my last ever blog – cry. I’ve had the best time at Edge Hill and I couldn’t recommend it more. Anyone who knows me knows that I find any excuse to big up my uni and the amazing time I’ve had there. But unfortunately, things must always end and as my graduate was five weeks ago (how has it gone that fast?!) It’s about time I entered the adult world, however reluctantly. So, before I pass the baton onto a newer, younger student, I’ll grace you with one last blog, giving you a list of all the things I have loved about my time at Edge Hill. Here it goes.

  1. First year weekly flat parties (‘Laverty Fridays’ as me and my friends would call them)
  2. The friendly lecturers – shout out to all the creative writing and English lit staff
  3. The beautiful campus
  4. Cobble (Best food/drink in Ormskirk)
  5. Liverpool nights out – even Popworld
  6. Crepes and Smoothies in the hub
  7. Drinking way too many Starbucks coffees (especially during Christmas)
  8. Making friends at the printers in the hub
  9. Froyo from Shake it up
  10. Marmaris Kebabs
  11. The ducks
  12. Chancellor’s court
  13. The swimming pool
  14. The long walks to uni in second year
  15. Living right next door to my friends in third year
  16. The arts centre
  17. Paninis from the hub
  18. Meal deals from McColl’s
  19. Karaoke night at the SU
  20. Friendly Ormskirk Taxi drivers
  21. Going for a drink in the SU whilst waiting for my clothes to wash
  22. Spoons
  23. Walking around campus late at night – because it’s actually safe!
  24. The huge kitchens in halls – the best place to practice my dance moves
  25. Being able to use ‘I’m a student’ as an excuse for most things

So, this is it. I hope you all enjoyed reading my blogs over the last few months and gained at least some knowledge from them. I’ll now leave you in the very capable hands of the other student bloggers (and hopefully some new faces come next year) as I galivant off into the sunset.

Thank you and goodbye *mic drop*



Well guys, this is my final blog! I thought I would just dedicate my last blog to reflect on my time at Edge Hill.

I came to Edge Hill in my first year as an 18-year-old young girl, who wouldn’t even think of even staying away from home for more than a week! But then, I spent months at a time away from home, at first admittedly missing my family (especially my dog!) and then by the time I was able to sit and think, it was Christmas and I had my first exam to prepare for, when I came back! My first exam at uni and I gained a 1st! Then I decided I was applying to go to America for 3 months to work in an office, with Camp Leaders. The most unforgettable experience of my life.

Then came along second year, then 19, and more life wise. Not quite as much partying as first year I have to say! Living in a house is very different to halls, this was the year I learned about bills, cleaning, and true friendships, both good and bad. Second year was extremely tough for me, a close family member was suffering from cancer, and during my exams in May it became clear that her time was coming to an end. Getting through my exams were extremely difficult, but knowing I had the support of my friends and family really got me through. I was lucky enough to have a two-week placement straight after my exams in a law firm, where that also became a challenge as during my time there, she passed away.

My third year, as a 20-year-old strong-headed woman was by far the most challenging. For me, I knew that Child and Family law was the area that I wished to specialise in. I’ve never worked so hard for my degree as I did in my final year.

I am extremely proud of my self to say that I have Graduated with a 2:1 in Law from the University of the Year, Edge Hill. I have achieved so much, and to say that I have made my family proud is one of the best feelings I have ever felt.

Good luck to all you potential Edge Hill students, do your best and make your time at Edge Hill the best it could possibly be, it will all be so worth it.

Family :)
Family 🙂