All moved in and Freshers has passed

Well hello ladies and gentlemen

I have now officially moved in and can now sit and rest in the comfort of my own individual spot.
I have also watched the freshers come and arrive,  and them party their lives off.

There has been copious amounts of celebration from all the freshers and they have all had a fun time.

Freshers fair, which was last wednesday, was a lot of fun and has allowed many freshers to join many new societies, including my own led societies (Cosplay Society, Pagan Society and Murder Mystery)
And I got to dress up for it

Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe

I’m hoping to meet many new university students and hope I can help anyone in the problems and thoughts that come before them.

— —

Quote of the Day

“I wept not, so to stone inside I grew”

First week back

Well I’ve been back in Ormskirk just over a week now and what a busy week it’s been. As mentioned in my previous blog entry I spent my first night back putting up posters around campus, advertising the events Edge Hill Christian Union were putting on during Fresher’s week. Then on Tuesday I helped them to give out free popcorn in the hub (photo of it below) and did a treasure hunt around campus. Whist on Thursday night I went to their pudding meet and greet night, and took a ‘sticky toffee cheesecake’ with me. Quite a few people went and I talked to some of the ones I already know (there’s a photo below showing us setting up the table with the puddings on). Aside from Christian Union I helped out with my other society, the Edge Hill Fantasy & Sci-Fi society at Fresher’s Fayre where we got a whopping 150 people signing up for it, which was incredible! I also went to the gym that afternoon where I arranged my first personal training session for Wednesday.

Edge Hill Christian Union pudding meet & greet night
Edge Hill Christian Union- pudding meet & greet night
Free popcorn (given out by Edge Hill Christian Union)

This week see’s my return to lectures and seminars, so we shall how that goes. I still can’t believe third year has come round this quickly!

Freshers’ Flu

If you’ve heard any tales about university you might have heard of Freshers’ Flu. It is not actually, as I thought before I became a fresher, a mythical disease. Freshers’ Flu is a real thing, and apparently up to 90% of new students contract it when they start at university. Fear not though, it’s not nearly as bad a real flu. The most common symptoms are a temperature, sore throat, headache and coughing, so it’s more like a bad cold really, although it can still be annoying when you’ve just arrived at university and all you want to do is enjoy yourself.


There are quite a few things that can be responsible for Freshers’ Flu. Firstly, upon arriving at university you find yourself surrounded by a whole new group of people who come from all over the world, all of whom carry different strains of viruses etc to which you might not be immune. Also, it’s quite likely that the meals that you cook yourself at university won’t be as nutritious as those that you would normally eat at home, weakening your immune system. Unfortunately, this susceptibility to illness can also be the result of increased alcohol consumption during those wild nights out! And of course, any stress you feel as a result of starting university, moving out, the pressure of making friends, or anything else that induces stress can leave you open to contracting Freshers’ Flu by also weakening your immune system.

So how do you combat Freshers’ Flu? Well if the 90% statistic is correct, then you don’t have much chance of avoiding getting it altogether, but there are a few things you can do to make the whole ordeal a bit easier. I definitely recommend taking Vitamin C supplements if you don’t have enough in your diet, as it is really good for your immune system. Having a supply of painkillers, tissues and cough medicine is also advisable. Something I found really useful when I felt like I was overdoing it during Freshers’ week was taking a night off from going out clubbing and just having a night in. Letting your body relax for a bit really helps speed up recovery.

Despite what I’ve written, getting Freshers’ Flu really isn’t the end of the world and even if you do get it during Freshers’ week, you still have the best part of three years to enjoy your time at university so there’s really no rush!

Brace yourself: Freshers is Coming

Well it’s coming closer and closer.

Freshers Week is coming.
A week where you can get used to the university, meet people on your course and get to enjoy yourself.

There are many events taking place, and allow me to tell you about a few.

( BTW All events except Takeover Liverpool on the Tuesday night are pay on the door so make sure you get down as close to 9pm as possible to avoid disappointment.)

Sunday: The Freshers Launch Party – £4 – 9pm – 2am

Come and join Social Resident Elliott Smith as he welcomes back guest DJ Jason Fubar to the stage to officially open Edge Hill Freshers Week!

Monday: Rave of Thrones – £4 – 9pm – 2am

We are joined by one of the Biggest stars of HBO’s blockbuster series Game of Thrones as Kristian Nairn a.k.a. Hodor takes to the decks as part of his international Rave of Thrones tour. (That should definitely be worth a look-see)

Tuesday: Takeover Liverpool – £5 – 9pm – 3am

It’s one of the biggest nights of the year as thousands of Edge Hill Students head into Liverpool and invade the newest nightclub in Liverpool – Level. You can get your tickets NOW online ( or from the brand new SU Shop starting from Friday 19th September

Wednesday: Social – £3 – 9pm – 2am

Resident DJ Elliott Smith provides the tunes as you can take advantage of the great drinks offers at the Quad.

Additionally, a Freshers fair will take place in the Hub with Many Societies taking tables to show of their wares and entice you to join their society
(I’ll be around)

Thursday: Ibiza Paint Party with Judge Jules & Randy Ron – £5 – 9pm – 2am

The dance music and Ibiza legend that is Judge Jules will be joining the boys from Randy Ron on stage in The Quad in a night that is quite simply not to be missed.
And to top it all off you’ll be covered in paint in what is sure to be the messiest night of the week!!
(If you like that kind of thing)

Friday: Top Banana Comedy Club – £5 – 8pm – 11.30pm

Join some of the region’s top comics for a night of hilarity. Tickets available from the all new SU Shop.
Free after party in the bar until 3am.

Saturday: Student DJs Quad Takeover – FREE ENTRY – 9pm – 3am

For one night only we’ll be letting some of our most talented student DJs takeover The Quad as they provide the soundtrack to your first Saturday of the year. Edge Hill DJ competition winners Santiago & Dunbar will be headlining with support from runner up Manu B along with other contestants

Sunday: Dejavu – The Return of Danny Howard – £5

Radio 1’s Dance Anthems host is back to the venue in which he made his DJ debut. It is said to be one of the most energetic DJ performances that The Quad has ever seen.


— — —

“Magic. Faith. That is nature. I can show you the way, but in the end, it is up to you.”

– Psamamead

My First Day

Starting at university, and especially living away from home for the first time, can be really daunting for some people so I thought perhaps it might be interesting to write about  the day I moved into halls and everything that happened.

I arrived at Edge Hill on Welcome Sunday with my parents and we parked in our designated car park before making our way to the Health and Social Care building where I registered (lots of important documents required for this – keep an eye out for any information packs letting you know what you need to bring with you), got my student ID card and collected the keys to my flat. This process takes a little while and you do get your picture taken for your ID card so you might want to prepare yourself beforehand!

I then went to look at my flat for the first time. I was quickly introduced to the lovely cleaners who would be working in my building, and also my Student Advisor (SA) who I could go to with any questions.  I also had a quick chat with a couple of my new flatmates who were already there. My parents stayed to help me unpack and even bought me a few bits for my first food shop, but soon it was time for them to leave and I realised for the first time that I was really living on my own. But I honestly barely had time to feel sad or nostalgic; new flatmates were arriving! I spent the next few hours getting to know people in my building, grabbing some food and exploring campus. We then had a welcome talk, and once that was over, everyone started getting ready to go out for the evening.

During Freshers week there is a great range of events put on, and I think most people will probably find something to do that appeals to them. On that first evening, myself and other people from my building went to the club on campus and had a really great night.

This picture was taken in the on campus club on my very first night at Edge Hill!
This picture was taken in the on campus club on my very first night at Edge Hill!