Freshers – Flu, Fun, and Friendships

Freshers, formally known as ‘Welcome Week’, is a great time to settle into Uni. I had a fantastic experience, and as someone living on campus and becoming a Fresher again in the next academic year, I thought it might be fun (and helpful!) to share my experience with Freshers.


With a lot of parties and societies, Freshers can feel like American films set in college (although there’s so much more for those who don’t drink/like big groups of people). I recommend you sign up to events/societies! (My first society experience was the Marvel Society on the second night. They ran an escape room, which was great! Societies always have interesting and unique activities.) Besides, you’ll want to visit the fair for the free competitions and food.

Note: none of the above are confirmed to go ahead due to lockdown. I’ll update this blog if/when they’re announced, but Edge Hill and the SU’s social media will also update us!

My flatmates and I stayed in for the week. I can’t drink, but playing card games on the first night was a fun way to break the ice.


As well as flatmates, I also had course Induction. They introduced us to our personal academic tutors, staff, and I met my coursemates. We all got along straight away! When I moved in on the Sunday, I was dreading having a‘ lesson’ the next day; I just wanted non-stop fun! However, the two days of induction made me so excited to get stuck in, so oddly the one part of Freshers I was against the most became one of my favourite parts! I made so many friends in Freshers, and more as time passed.


It’s true; Freshers Flu is a thing. Many students, like me, felt poorly for 3 weeks. I got messages off my flatmates at 3am asking if I needed water because they heard my coughing, which was sweet of them. I had so much fun in Freshers, despite feeling unwell.

Closing Words

While my/our Freshers experience will be different due to lockdown, I’m looking forward to it. I’m very much a ‘home’ person but all the excitement helped me settle nearly straight away!


What happens in Freshers?

Edge Hill Freshers 2020 - 2021 - Home | Facebook

Freshers week is one of the many things first year students look forward to. There’s always loads going on from SU events to workshops in the HUB. From my experience Freshers is great! You get to know more people, join societies, go round Ormskirk etc. And there’s help along the way too, to help new students get their bearings round campus.

During my Freshers week, I signed up to so many societies that I think I ended up losing count. Now I’m not actually apart of any society but I’m hoping this may change for third year. This is probably one of my regrets, but it won’t be the same for everyone. Don’t feel like you have to sign up to any societies if you don’t want to.

If you like to go out, there are plenty of different events the SU and clubs in Ormskirk hold too. But beware as Freshers-flu ain’t a myth. I know because unfortunately I got it. Luckily it was quite mild, but just try to remember to keep up your fluids and always have paracetamol in your halls. It always comes in handy.

Seven card games for a pizza and games night | The Simple Things

I went out with my flat a lot during Freshers week as they were the first people I met at Uni. For a lot of you, this will probably be the same. It’s a great way to know everyone and we didn’t go out all the time. We stayed in and played Cards Against Humanity during Freshers and had snacks. It was definitely one of the best nights I had.

At the end of the day, this is only me speaking from my experiences. The likely-hood is that all of you will have a different experience to me. Just remember to enjoy it, have fun, and stay safe!

Ellis x

Business School Freshers Week 2019

I’ve spoken a fair bit about Freshers week in my blogs, but never intensely on the activities my department (The Business School) put on for my cohort. If you’re a new student reading this blog, beware everyone’s Freshers is different, and the next cohort’s Freshers week activities for the Business School may be very different. Disclaimers out the way, time to get into my first week at Edge Hill.

Day one of the week was arguably the most jam-packed. The entire Business School cohort converged on the Wilson lecture theatre for an introduction to the school, key members of the department, and other important things tied to being a Business School student at Edge Hill. From the introduction lecture, I had a smaller lecture focused on my specific degree in one of the rooms of the Business School. The smaller lecture had activities for people to mix and begin to create friendships. Yes there were icebreakers but they were enjoyable ones, well, as enjoyable as an icebreaker can be.

Introductions over with, the whole cohort came together again for the delivery of the week’s task. The entire cohort was split up into groups. Each team had the same task, create a new business for the Ormskirk area. Groups could talk, throw ideas around, get a basis on everything, before heading home for the night. It was a good way to meet new people, and I know several people who formed lasting friendships through the task.

Tuesday to Thursday was centred around working on our businesses, my group came up with an escape room. On the Thursday we presented the ideas to a panel of judges, this took place in the Business School foyer for about an hour, followed by a lunch break and big awards ceremony in the Wilson building one last time as a whole cohort. My team did not win any awards, but several of my friends I made prior to starting university did, so there were celebrations to be had following the ceremony.

The poster for my team’s business.

Finally, a big barbecue outside the Business School to commemorate the end of Freshers Week!

Like I said at the start of this blog, your activities may be different come Freshers week 2020, or beyond if you’re reading this much further down the line. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t have as much fun as I did!


Getting to Know Your Flatmates!

Hey all! I hope you are well!

A couple of days ago I made a post about how you can get to know your flatmates before you get to Edge Hill (click here), but I also wanted to make a post about what you can do to ease yourself in and get to know them once you arrive too with a couple of tricks!

  • Don’t isolate yourself: seems simple, but if you can be a little shy sometimes, like me, then you might want to just hide in your room all of Freshers’ Week, But don’t! It makes it much easier to get to know your flat mates if you’re around to say hi before you all get stuck in to lessons. I took advantage of the common room that was in my Back Halls building and sat in there when I could.
  • Take advantage of Freshers’ Week: the events that are put on by the University and local businesses in Ormskirk on Freshers’ Week are meant to get you to socialise and settle in, so take advantage of them! Whether that’s going to the Freshers’ Fair and bonding over what free stuff you got (honestly, if you like free stuff like me, the Freshers’ Fair is a gold mine!) or going to the annual toga party and dancing around in a costume together, there’s so much to do with your new flatmates!
  • Go grab some food or drinks together: everyone loves going to ‘Spoons (Wetherspoons, for those who don’t know of that abbreviation, you’d be surprised how many people don’t!), so why not have your first flat ‘Spoons and get to know each other. There’s nothing quite like bonding over food or a pint of Dark Fruits (or something non-alcoholic if you don’t drink).
  • Play some silly games: there’s nothing funnier and more capable of breaking the ice with new people than Twister! I found it really made some nights go so well when meeting new people! Also, the University gave each Halls building the Edge Hill Monopoly during my first Christmas at the Uni, so there’s always board games like that too!

So those are just a few different things that I found useful when getting to know the people who I was living with for first year. It’s just nice to have some little ideas and tricks to help things along! I hope this post has helped and will help some of you reading this, but if anyone has any other ideas, I’d love to read them in the comments below!

How to be a Fresher

Hey all, hope you’re having a wonderful Summer and enjoying the warm weather when it’s happening!

In only a couple of months it’ll be Freshers’ Welcome Week at Edge Hill. This is the week that you should definitely take advantage of as a new student, as not only do you get to know the campus and your course, but you get to go to some awesome events and get some really cool student offers!

I’m going to split Freshers’ week into day and night, as there are different things happening in the daytime in comparison to what’s happening at night.


During the week, there’ll be the talks you’re expected to go to about your course so you can get to know the staff and the outline of your year, but there are also fayres the Uni put on. At these fayres, there are both stalls that are useful for independent life and social life. At the fayre last year there was a whole range of stalls by people like the Police, the Recycling team, local beauticians, driving instructors, and my personal favourite: Domino’s! And yes, there was free pizza! In fact, there were a lot of awesome free stuff, I grabbed myself some practical things such as water bottles and lots of vouchers for local businesses such as hairdressers and food places.

There were also a lot of stalls for the societies that are at Edge Hill. At these you could sign up to become a member of the societies and meet the people who run them or go to the meetings.

The course talks were also great. It made me feel a lot less nervous and also gave me a bit more information on what I would actually be doing on my course. It was a chance to meet my course mates for the first time too.


There are a variety of events put on by the Student Union at night that cater to everyone. The events of last year might be slightly different to the ones that are planned for this year, but I can definitely tell you the kinds of stuff that I went to. There were a number of bar-based events, such as a UV paint party which was DJ’d by Scott Mills and another famous radio DJ and the toga fancy dress party, however there were also events such as the comedy night, which was a great laugh. The events will be advertised on the SU’s page once they’ve been organised and you can get your tickets, so keep an eye on this page.


So I’d definitely suggest you take part in as much as you can on Freshers’ week, as it will be something you think about for the rest of the year, and gives you some great opportunities, plus a chance to meet new people!

Freshers Fair Tips

Following on from last week’s post, today I’m focusing on Freshers fair. A Freshers or Welcome fair is an event hosted by most unis during the first week in order to welcome the new students and given them a chance to check out what the uni has to offer. At Edge Hill the fair is often held in hub, in the afternoon, mid-week. The entire hub building is taken over by stalls that represent societies and businesses. You can check out what societies Edge Hill has to offer and maybe even sign up for some of them, not to mention there are a lot of chances to grab some freebies and discounts! There’s a specific art to making the most of the fresher’s fair, so I thought I’d share with you some of my essential tips.

Get there early

You can turn up for freshers fair at whatever time you want, however, I recommend that you turn up as early as possible. This is for a few good reasons; For one, it can get incredibly busy, which will mean that you may end up having to push past a load of people to get to the stalls you want to visit. This can also be a pain as there tends to be a lot of freebies on offer and if you’re late you may end up missing out on a free slice of pizza or that coveted Edge Hill pen. Another reason to be early is to give yourself time to do everything. If you turn up five minutes before the end you will never get everything done!

Sign up for everything

See a society you like the look of? Sign up for it! You have nothing to lose after all. It isn’t contractually binding; you will only receive an email giving you details of how to join the society. Besides if you sign up for loads of societies it gives you a chance to try something new, if you go along to one session and decide you hate it then that’s perfectly fine!

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s the whole point. These people are here to help you get as much information as possible about societies and the university experience. If you want to know more about something, ask for more information. You can even ask for contact details of society presidents so you can ask them questions that you think of later on. There’s no need to the scared to communicate, you may even make some new friends!

Until next time! 🙂

Freshers Week Tips

Fresher’s week is the first week of University and for a lot of first years their initial taster of what university life is like. It’s one of the most exciting (and busiest) weeks in the university’s year. With all the social events and different ice-breaker sessions, it’s the best way for freshers to plunge into the big world of adulthood. With this in mind, I’ve compiled a list of tips that I have learned over the last three years that may help you first years make the most of your first week of freedom.

Facebook flatmates/people on your course

The best way to prepare yourself for uni is to start talking to the people you will be spending most of the year with before you move in. Edge Hill’s student assistants often sort out facebook groups for halls and courses so that you can get to know people before you move in, I highly recommend this so you know exactly what to expect when you arrive!

Pack medication and vitamins

Okay guys, seriously, fresher’s flu is a thing. You will get it, so stay prepared! It’s not exactly going to be a life threatening thing but this minor inconvenience may put your fresher’s plans on hold. So, make sure you pack plenty of medication and cold/flu treatments to avoid getting too ill.

Stock up on hangover supplies

Likewise, if you’re a drinker or plan on getting even remotely sloshed make sure you have plenty of supplies for the next morning. There’s nothing worse than waking up with a raging hang over and having nothing in. Get those snacks now, your hungover self will thank you!

You don’t have to go to every event

Let’s be realistic now, not every fresher’s event if going to appeal to you. The Likelihood of your uni not having that one crap event no one wants to go to is incredibly low. My advice is to talk to your friends/flatmates and organise what events you actually want to go to and then you won’t be wasting a night on something you really don’t want to be doing.

My Fresher’s Week

Chancellor’s Court – the hall’s I lived in during First Year

Despite it being almost two years ago, I do still remember my Fresher’s Week (Granted, my memories were jogged by a journal entry I wrote at the time). It was odd to be somewhere completely new, whilst knowing next to no-one. It was also odd getting used to “student living” and essentially becoming more independent. Unlike many others I’m sure, I didn’t go out a whole lot during the week, but nonetheless, it was a week of firsts and a pleasant experience to get me settled in at Edge Hill University.

Before university, I had rarely (if ever) gone clubbing before, opting for social drinks in pubs or at house parties – and that didn’t change during my Fresher’s Week, although it could have! There were a number of opportunities available, however, I just didn’t end up going for one reason or another. Most of the people I had bonded with in the first few days weren’t big into drinking and there was also the case of someone I’d planned to go out with napping through the day and missing tickets for the Level takeover happening in Liverpool.

The Quad

I did, however, end up going to the paint party in the Quad with one of my flatmates, which was a nice experience. We’d found each other one our hall’s Facebook group and had got to know each other the month before university started, so we’re already friends by the time we met at uni. We ended up playing video-games one night with another flatmate, which in my opinion was as good a night as any other that week. We also went to the fresher’s fair together the next day, where I signed up for far too many societies and clubs.

Later during the week, after meeting some coursemates and even going to the zoo with them (field trip, woo!), a few of us had some drinks in our halls. The first week’s lectures are largely informative formalities but also aim to build relationships within the group. Activities in random groups and a few silly icebreakers were much appreciated and definitely helped cement some friendships that are still strong today.

If there’s any advice I would give to prospective students it’s to put yourself out there. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be yourself, because those who appreciate your true-self are those you deserve to have as friends. On the same note of being yourself, don’t do anything you don’t want to. If you’re not the type to drink, then you don’t have to – again, those who are worth your time will understand.

Congratulations Freshers!

A big hello to all you brand new Edge Hill freshers out there! Well done for working hard and getting your place here! My three years at Edge Hill have been full of so many happy memories and now I am walking away with a fabulous degree from the University of the Year  2014! You have so many great things ahead of you and I bet you can’t wait to get started.

Before you have to get stuck in to all the hard work though there is of course Freshers Week! In case you haven’t seen it already, I’ll stick the line up below. I am especially jealous of the headphone disco on Saturday; during my freshers week we had one of those and it was such a blast! The Freshers Carnival also sounds like it will be loads of fun!

As exciting as all of that is, freshers week isn’t just about going out and drinking loads. For a lot of people, myself included, that wasn’t even really a big part. I went to a fair few freshers week events, but I spent the majority of my time meeting new people and hanging out with them. I’m not really someone who enjoys going out clubbing a lot (not that there’s anything wrong with that!) so it was nice just to take a few nights off and have an evening in at my flat with my new friends. There’s also probably a few talks that you will have to attend related to your course, as well as talks about things like finance and accommodation. You’ll get given information about these before long!

Freshers week is also a great chance to get to know the local area if you’re not familiar with it. It’s definitely worth trying out a few places in Ormskirk, and don’t leave it too long before you travel to Liverpool because there’s lots of fun to be had there!

Edge Hill University is a truly special university with an amazing campus, so I hope all of you love it just as much as I do!

All moved in and Freshers has passed

Well hello ladies and gentlemen

I have now officially moved in and can now sit and rest in the comfort of my own individual spot.
I have also watched the freshers come and arrive,  and them party their lives off.

There has been copious amounts of celebration from all the freshers and they have all had a fun time.

Freshers fair, which was last wednesday, was a lot of fun and has allowed many freshers to join many new societies, including my own led societies (Cosplay Society, Pagan Society and Murder Mystery)
And I got to dress up for it

Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe

Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe
Myself as Rabbit from Steam Powered Giraffe

I’m hoping to meet many new university students and hope I can help anyone in the problems and thoughts that come before them.

— —

Quote of the Day

“I wept not, so to stone inside I grew”