Throw yourself in!

So it is more or less a month until Freshers Week has finished and the excitement of beginning your course kicks in! By now you know if you’ve got into Uni (congratulations class of 2020!) and hopefully you’ve started… maybe even finished getting your things organised.

It is an extremely exciting time for you, a whole new beginning and opportunity for you to embark on things and opportunities that may not have been presented to you before. So what are you excited for?! There’s plenty of societies to join (at Freshers Fair), people to meet in halls and on your course. There’s also plenty to explore, i.e. the whole of Ormskirk with its hidden treasures, Liverpool where there’s plenty to do at all hours of the day!

You have the opportunity to grow and develop as a person during your three years at University, broadening your horizons. Uni allows you to converse with people of similar mindsets and tutors who have handfuls of experience and love helping you out. You have to be confident enough to draw on their experience and not be afraid to ask for help if you feel you need it! You will find yourself in a network of tutors and peers of whom you can speak to and ask for support, they will help you and in return, you will help them!

Putting yourself out of your comfort zone is something you will find yourself doing a lot, may that be during your course with an assignment or task or even just speaking to new people! It sets you well when finding a job, going for interviews and most importantly equips you for your whole career! University is the place to come if you’re ready for a new adventure, exciting learning and broadening your horizons!

Good luck on your course and don’t be anxious to throw yourself out there!

Starting Uni and Making Friends

If you’re staying in halls, you’ve most likely been told by now what accommodation you’ll be staying in for first year. When I got my confirmation, I soon after joined the Facebook group for my building – which is overseen by your student advisor (SA). This is a great way to connect with people living near you, and find out who exactly you’re sharing a cluster with. This is how I met one of my hallmates before actually arriving at uni on Welcome Sunday, who I later went on to live with in second year!

I’m sure you’ve heard of how you should wedge your door open at the start of uni to initiate conversations and get to know people, and this is fair advice, but I found that talking to people in the kitchen or communal area is more effective – just maybe not first thing in the morning!

The events that take place during fresher’s week are perfect for flat bonding, going out with your new neighbours can be a great way to get to know them. Fresher’s fair is also a good shout, as you can then easily find common ground in the society and club stalls around you, which are also a great way to meet people!

I signed up for far, far too many societies during fresher’s fair, and no doubt many others did too – it’s not uncommon. Nonetheless, try and get to a few of the first meetings for these clubs, as you might find a new passion or meet someone who you inevitably click with.

Since you’re (hopefully) going to be spending a lot of time studying, then you should also get to know your coursemates, for studying purposes if nothing else! In biology, the first week is largely an introduction week. We headed to Chester Zoo which was a lovely way to get to know people in biology, but the best thing for bonding the class together was the trip to Cyprus in November.

But ultimately, you can’t force friendships! Put yourself in good situations, talk to people, and the best friendships will form naturally. Be yourself and you’ll attract similar people!

Events Across The Year

Open Days

Edge Hill University hosts many events throughout the year, the one you’ve most likely been to already is the Open Day, which I couldn’t recommend enough. Once you start studying at EHU, you might think that these would get annoying or get in the way of you just trying to live your life on campus – but I’ve found that they really don’t! If anything, they provide you with some unique opportunities (as well as free ice cream)! If you live on campus, there’s the option to open your room/corridor to visitors so that they can have a glance at what future accommodation they might be living in – this is a paid role, and you have to be present the whole time this is going on, so I would recommend it if you need a little extra cash. Students are also vital in making sure the open day runs smoothly, directing prospective students around and supplying information when needed – again, a paid causal role.

Careers Fairs

Many fairs are held at EHU, one type being the careers fair. They can be general or course-specific (ie. nursing), volunteer-focused, or aimed at future graduates. These are held by the Career’s Centre throughout the year, but some usually coincide with specific times like #NationalCareersWeek.

Fresher’s and Re-Fresher’s Fair

An iconic event, Fresher’s Fair is your introduction to the societies and sports clubs at EHU, but lesser known is Re-Freshers Fair… which is exactly what you’d expect – Fresher’s Fair 2.0. It is a useful event though – personally I signed up for far too many societies and clubs during my first fresher’s week that I couldn’t commit to; Re-Fresher’s allowed me to revisit and reassess which societies and clubs I wanted to be a part of, signing up for some new ones in the process.

Feel Good Festival

An event that took place on #UniMentalHealthDay was the Feel Good Festival (again, an event that you may have the opportunity to work during if you are keen). This was a wonderful day that featured a bouncy castle, a petting zoo, and many other activities. In the same week, the SU also had guide dogs in the QUAD as part of the StressedOutStudents campaign.

Pride Week

The very first Pride occurred at EHU this year! A week-long event, featuring different activities on each day aimed at celebrating and educating. I wrote a whole post dedicated to the week, here.

Chinese New Year

The Confucius Institute at EHU put on a street market in The Hub (including Chinese music, traditional Chinese dress and calligraphy lessons) as well as stalls in The Arts Centre and a show that included Chinese kung fu and martial arts demonstrations, folk dances and musical performances using traditional Chinese instruments.

International Women’s Day

From Edge Hill’s beginnings as England’s first women’s teacher training college to this year’s partnership with Liverpool Geek Girls, EHU celebrated International Women’s day around campus. #BeBoldForChange

Of course, this is just touching the surface! There are many more events held at Edge Hill over the year, big and small. Just keep your eyes on EHU’s social media and you’ll be in the know. Oh, and one final tip – don’t do your laundry on an Open Day, carrying your clothes through a few crowds across campus is not fun!

Freshers Fair Tips

Following on from last week’s post, today I’m focusing on Freshers fair. A Freshers or Welcome fair is an event hosted by most unis during the first week in order to welcome the new students and given them a chance to check out what the uni has to offer. At Edge Hill the fair is often held in hub, in the afternoon, mid-week. The entire hub building is taken over by stalls that represent societies and businesses. You can check out what societies Edge Hill has to offer and maybe even sign up for some of them, not to mention there are a lot of chances to grab some freebies and discounts! There’s a specific art to making the most of the fresher’s fair, so I thought I’d share with you some of my essential tips.

Get there early

You can turn up for freshers fair at whatever time you want, however, I recommend that you turn up as early as possible. This is for a few good reasons; For one, it can get incredibly busy, which will mean that you may end up having to push past a load of people to get to the stalls you want to visit. This can also be a pain as there tends to be a lot of freebies on offer and if you’re late you may end up missing out on a free slice of pizza or that coveted Edge Hill pen. Another reason to be early is to give yourself time to do everything. If you turn up five minutes before the end you will never get everything done!

Sign up for everything

See a society you like the look of? Sign up for it! You have nothing to lose after all. It isn’t contractually binding; you will only receive an email giving you details of how to join the society. Besides if you sign up for loads of societies it gives you a chance to try something new, if you go along to one session and decide you hate it then that’s perfectly fine!

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, that’s the whole point. These people are here to help you get as much information as possible about societies and the university experience. If you want to know more about something, ask for more information. You can even ask for contact details of society presidents so you can ask them questions that you think of later on. There’s no need to the scared to communicate, you may even make some new friends!

Until next time! 🙂

What’s happening on campus?

To the new students at Edge Hill, I hope you’ve had an amazing freshers week and you’re really made the most of the many activities and goings-on throughout Ormskirk! So just in case you’ve forgotten… tomorrow is Tinchy Stryder at the Quad, I cannot wait!

The events don’t stop after Freshers Week though, the SU are always planning something and there’s always something going on at the Arts Centre. Next week there is a talent show for all you talented EHU students, for more information have a read here on how to enter. However if you, like me lack a unique talent worthy of showing off, you can still go and watch for free! This is happening on Tuesday 4th October so make sure you don’t miss out! The Arts Centre on campus is also host to comics, theatre productions and films among many other events.

Some worthwhile pages to follow to keep up to date with is Edge Hill’s Facebook page here or the student union page on Facebook here. Along with hear-say and looking at posters in the Hub you’ll be certain to not miss out on a thing!

Find a summary of whats on and when here on the Edge Hill website.

Keep busy!


So what is Freshers Week?

The line up for Welcome Week aka the infamous ‘Freshers’ Week’ was announced a few weeks ago! Are you ready for mini golf, headphone discos and Scott Mills!?

So what is Freshers’ Week? Well, it’s a time to get used to uni life. By that I mean, your classes, the location/your whereabouts, the people you’ll associate with and probably newfound cooking skills! Freshers’ Week is like an induction week, where you’ll go to a few classes that give you an insight into the course you’ve chosen as well as helping you use the facilities open to you.

During Freshers’ Week, as well as introductory classes, you will experience the infamous nights out at the Student Union on campus, in Ormskirk or Liverpool! Whatever you end up doing, even if it’s a movie night in with your new flatmates it will definitely be a night to remember!

There’s also a Freshers’ Fair which is my personal highlight as there is basically a lot of freebies from lots of companies and other businesses! This is also the time where you will have the opportunity to sign up to societies, whether you’re sporty or not there’s a society for you! On the Wednesday come to the hub and have a look around, grab some freebies, talk to societies and make new friends!

Can’t wait to see you!

The low-down on Freshers’ Week

Freshers’ week is basically a transition week where you become familiar with the uni, what’s available, the people and of course…the nightlife! During freshers’ week you will attend lectures which allow you to become accustomed to your new environment and the expectation of university.

However, it isn’t all as serious as this… you’ve probably heard of the freshers’ fair, at Edge Hill this occurs in the Hub where it’s filled with freebies and information from loads of different companies, local businesses and the uni itself.

However you probably haven’t heard of the cohort of societies that recruit freshers’ during this fair, there are a whole host of societies depending on your interests, best of all you can join more than one!

There are so many I’d be here forever listing them to you, so for a look click here to have a browse on what’s on offer to you in September! If there’s nothing that takes your fancy, you can always create your own society, there is more information about this on the link above (on the left of the screen.)

The nightlife during freshers’ week is crazy, there is always something going on with a few famous faces cropping up (i.e. Basshunter and Danny Howard!), and night trips to Liverpool to the nightclub Level.

It is certainly the most amazing and craziest week of the year and not one to be missed out on!

I hope you’re just as excited as me!

Friends at Uni

At uni there are so many new doors open to you in the sense of meeting new people, new experiences and opportunities that become available to you!

Halls are a perfect opportunity to meet new people… even people that live in flats alongside, above or below you! On Welcome Sunday you will have a meeting regarding fire safety in halls. Our flat invited the rest of our building to our kitchen that night so we could all go to the first night of freshers together and get to know everyone! These people live with you so it’s vital you make an effort and the more friends you make the merrier, nobody has ever complained at having too many friends!

Your course is also a great place to talk to people who have similar interests as you do and will share the same experiences as you for the next three years! You will be able to talk to them about things on your course that your other uni friends may not be able to relate to i.e. coursework questions and essays. Course friends are also such an amazing help when it comes to study motivation and support. Also, if your course consists of group-work you want to make sure that you’re with people you get on with.

So get smiling, put your friendly head on and make an effort. They do say the friends you make at uni are your friends for life… so good luck!