Hungry at Edge Hill?

It is a reasonable thought that at any given time in any day, you are going to be hungry.
Of course you have the option of having something at home if you are self catering, but what if your not? Or you just want to try something different?

Well, within the HUB, they offer a Starbucks, which serves some amazing coffee, A Grab & Go sandwich outlet with some succulent food and A traditional hot food servery offering traditional dishes, vegetarian options, live theatre cooking / cook to order, salads, soups and desserts.
There is also a McColls situated right near to the Starbucks, if you feel like just doing a bit of shopping.

Additionally, there is Bar area opposite the hub, with a shop next door similar to McColls.
Next to those three is a food outlet called Nom, which can serve you Pizza, Burgers and all manner of fast food for reasonable pricing.

The University also offers a cyber café in the Faculty of Education building which holds an excellent menu and lakeside view.

If however, none of these take your fancy, the nearby town of Ormskirk has many shopping outlets like Iceland, Tesco and Morrisons, as well as a McDonalds, Fish and Chip shops and a Dominos

So worry not, you’ll find something that will satisfy your hunger

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Places to eat in Ormskirk

This post marks my last one as a teenager because on Tuesday 14th January I’m turning 20. Yep, I’m going to be two decades old and to celebrate me and my flat mates are going to Disraeli’s pub in Ormskirk. I’ve mentioned this pub before in my Christmas themed entry (See “Christmas 2013”) as that’s where we went to have our Christmas dinner. Aside from their annual festive menu, Disraeli’s also does all your usual great pub grub at great affordable prices.

It isn’t however the only place I recommend dining out at in Ormskirk. Two other great places to eat are “The Fat Olive” (which just so happens to be directly opposite where I’m living now) and “Piri Piri”. The Fat Olive is an Italian restaurant which has recently launched a new look menu where classic Pastas and Pizzas are only £5 at lunchtimes and selected evenings during the week. They serve other foods too like Steaks and Salads if you’re trying to be a bit healthier in your diet 😉 I highly recommend eating here as students get money off the bill when they present to a valid NUS Discount Card (more on this in a later blog on budgeting) so it’s a win, win situation for your appetite and your bank account. Piri Piri meanwhile is a family run Portuguese restaurant which is very similar to the restaurant chain: Nandos. Located at the side of ‘B & M Bargains’ my family and I have eaten here twice now and will definitely be going back in the near future.

I hope this blog hasn’t made you too hungry and if you do want to check out any of above mentioned restaurants then the links to their websites are below.

The Fat Olive: